Titli (Chennai Express) : Lyrics, translation, meaning

(Tamil Poetry translation by @arr_sunil of CaughtInTheMusicalStorm)

Kondal vannanaik kovalanayvenney
Unda vayan en, Ullamkavarndhanai (x2)
Andar kon ani arangkan enamudhinaik
Andar kon ani arangkan enamudhinaik
Kanda kangal marronrinaik kanave
I have seen the One whose coloris like dark rainclouds
He is the one with the mouththat swallowed the butter of cowherds,
He is the Lord of the devas, Heis Lord Ranganatha,
He is my nectar, my life!
My eyes have seen my Lord andwill not see anything else!
Bann ke titli dil uda-uda uda hai, kahin door.
Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai, kahin door.

Far away..There goes my heart, flying like a butterfly,
Far away..While walking, it has connected to unknown fragrance..

Haadse yeh kaise, ansoone se jaise,
Choome andheron ko, koi noor.

Things happening with me, unheard, like (sweet) accidents,
(feels like) Darkness is kissed by ray of light..

Sirf keh jaaoon ya, aasmaan pe likh doon,
Teri taarifion mein, Chashmebaddoor

(Tell me) Shall I just say or write it down on the sky,
In praise of you'May God keep you away from evil eye'...

Bhoori bhoori aankhein teri,
kankhiyon se tez teer kitne chhode,
Dhaani dhaani baatein teri,
udte phirte panchhiyon ke rukh bhi mode

These greyish eyes of yours,
Teases me with their arrow-like glances,
Your talks (that are like) light green color of nature (that gives soothing feel)
Can also change the way of the flying birds in the sky

Adhoori thi zara si, main poori ho rahi hoon,
Teri saadgi mein hoke choor...

A bit incomplete I was, now complete I am,
While drooling over your simplicity...

Raatein gin ke, neendein buun ke,
Cheez kya hai khwaabdaari humnein jaani,
Tere sur ka, saaz ban ke,
Hoti kya hai raagdaari humnein jaani,

By counting nights, by even spinning sleep into the efforts (sleepless nights here)
I came to know what is the business of dreams (love)....
By becoming a chord of your tune,
I came to know what is Music....

Jo dil ko bhaa rahi hai, woh teri shayari hai,
Ya koi shayaraana hai fitoor...

What my heart likes (about you) is your poetry...
Or is it this poetic, crazy state of my mind?

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