Goliyon Ki Raasleela : Ram-Leela : Movie Review

Where Ramleela fell short is that 'intense feel' in initial parts which SLB chose to describe the rivalary and bubble-gum romance with those rhyming smses, instead . But all that makes sense while the film progresses and how ! The sizzling chemistry between the lead fueled by the interesting twist of turning the tables, while nearing the climax - Ram Leela ends up as a spectacular tale of passion amidst all the odds. 

Have always been a fan of SLB's 'colorporn', the grandeur scale, fluttering props and flowing colors in each frame - is more a treat than a distraction. When it comes to larger than life drama, set in a place you have never been to - SLB is master story teller. Despite of being unreal-he makes you part of the ongoings, call it OTT, it works ! The right mix of comedy, action, melodrama, romance and songs, studded with Sidharth-Garima's clever lines - everything goes extremely well with eye of cinematographer Ravi Varman. Each song is done perfectly. Worth mention are, Ang Laga De - sensuous at its best. And the color-splashed chorus-filled all songs. Just one - Laal Ishq left me wanting for more. How I wished that song would be.. sigh. 

And more than that, what excels in each frame is his actors. He knows them so well, even a single shot is not sleepy. Apart from being an eyecandy, Deepika burns each frame of celluloid. Be it the energetic moves in the songs, the ticklish mush or kohl-eyed scenes in finale, yet another stupendous performance she delivers. Despite of the competition, Ranveer too makes his mark. From humourous parts full of Gujju dialogues in first half, he equally shines in intense second half. And the third lead  - yes, not supporting but - Supriya Pathak literally emerge as the third lead of the tale. Power packed performance with magnetic presence, she perfectly manages to make believe how powerful the leader 'Dhankor' is. Though there wasn't much scope, would have loved to see more of Abhimanyu Singh, Richa Chaddha and Barkha. The two ladies especially spells fire in whatever short screen time they have. 

Trademark SLB movie Goliyon Ki Raasleela : Ram-Leela is. Everything is grand, but has heart at its place. Everything is  perfect - as 'cinematic experience' should be. Ram-Leela, is, a must watch for the magic of celluloid.

When I saw God, in front of me. (RahmanIshq concert - Ahmedabad)

This, was the first time ever when I was going to get blessed by God. So had left no stone unturned so that I could attend this show. And finally, the day arrived. While I was discussing about which song will be opener, while standing outside stadium (Gujarat song may be) and whoa ! The stadium speakers cried Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat ! Goosebumps already. One thing I am not going to forget about Rahmanishq - is its punctuality. How perfectly they opened gates at 5 pm ! And sharp- at 7 the sparks on stage. Bang ! Boom ! And out of darkness - that was HIM ! The God of music. A R Rahman. Uncontrollable emotions. Uncontrollable shouts and crowd. Andd... the moment he shouted Dil Se Re....... even the sky turned Rahmaniac for the next 190 minutes !

Here is the list of the songs played at the concert. Major singers were - Sukhvinder Singh, Javed Ali, Neeti Mohan, Shweta Pandit, Harshdeep Kaur, Keerti Sargathia & Hriday Gattani.

Opening mix by ARR
Dil se re
O Yuva Yuva
O Saya
Sadda haq
Infinite Love

Then, after a few seconds of darkness, stage started to lit up with familiar beats. And the audience went wild when the knew which song came up -
Taal (Sukhvinder version)
Ramta Jogi

As a break-Jiya se jiya video filler.

Then, there was the moment. Javed Ali's piercing croon moved me. By singing my most favorite lines - he opened :
Naino ke ghaat leja, naino ki naiyyaa !
Yes? Tum Tak. With fabulous dance act based on Kathak by a couple on stage.

And, it was time to get electrified. As Keba took the center stage. Paired with Ranjit Barot they gave altogether a new prelude for Nadaan Parindey ! By Rahman and Hriday. People in stadium who couldn't stop singing along the two, stood in awe when Rahman concluded the song in totally different way !

Filler : Jai ho video. Again, people went crazy though it was just a video.

Egyptian layout on stage - and Neeti Mohan entered in a royal way ! And man - she did shakes like Shakira while singing Mayya Mayya !

Cyclist's theme

God again singing Tere Bina.
Beautiful visuals in background. Accompanied by Shweta Pandit. Heavenly sargam sung by Rahman (the interlude one).

And then, the haunting - Piya milenge. Speechless experience in those thumping atmosphere.

Then the most amazing visual experience throughout the next set of songs-

How many stars
Ishq Bina (2)
Rehna Tu

That amazing concluding Continuum piece of Rehna Tu.... sigh.
And....the moment. ARR said "Some songs are special. I make many songs, sometimes you like it, sometimes you don't." (With a cheeky smile)
And boom -
The Unplugged Version of Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera !!
Mind - already blown.

Darkness and that flawless croon - Katta roo.........
Harshdeep and her fantastic Katiya Karoon !

Then, that familiar sarangi. (Again beautiful background visuals).Banarasiya by Shweta Pandit. A glitched one this was. Flute was perfect by Navin Iyer - but Ranjit Barot did add some 'hey yeah' things at interludes and conclusion. That made this pretty noisy one. Maybe cause of over amount on bass.

Next- Roja aalaap by Shweta.
And Keba and the band did make electrifying Roja Jaanemann. (Don't know who was the male singer). Wonderful flute by Navin Iyer.

Nazar laaye na- was next. Hriday and Neeti Mohan made perfect couple dancing together singing this lovely track.

And then, Neeti took over the stadium. While interacting with audience pretty cleverly - she literally rocked Jiya Re Jiya Re. (Personally I did not liked that song much, till now. But when she was singing - couldn't help but shout by lungs out !)

Filler: Jare udd ja re - video.

Annnd - the stage was set with typical Sufi ensemble. Rahman and Javed Ali dressed up in typical attire along with chorus. Harmonium, played in totally different tune by ARR, that left people guessing if this is Khwaja, Arziyaan, Piya Haji Ali or Kun Faaya Kun. But when Javed Ali crooned - the time stopped for next 15 minutes. Divine 3 songs back to back.

Arziyaan - prelude
Kun Faaya Kun
And finally, Khwaja Mere Khwaja.

What a treat to watch Rahman, connected to the forces up above. With eyes closed.

Then the credit rolled !! Everyone was shocked, relieved only after a few minutes when they realized this was just a filler.

Then, Rahman came up saying ''This one we are going to perform for the first time on the stage. Created specially for Gujarat. Here is that one"  

Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat !
The fact is - the song is not 'that' famous even in Gujarat, due to low key publicity. So people got confused at first, slow prelude. But when the main stanza came up - Jai Jai Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat ! The excitement was unimaginable !! And ended with 'once more' shouts.

Next, Raanjhanaa. As a solo this time, Javed Ali did the best he can for such tricky interludes. Full marks !

Next, filler. Pray for me brother.

Rahman came up : "You know my wife is from Gujarat. And Gujaratis are really nice people. But I can't say that about women.(smiling) The next song is a bit cheeky one".

And the green colored stage, went jazzy with piano bgm. All were sure that this is going to be Tu bole. But surprisingly he sang Aise na dekho !

The piano treat continued with 3 ladies -
Heer by Harshdeep
Nenjukkule by Neeti Mohan
Tum Ho by Shweta
a lovely version of Saans - by Shweta backed by beautiful chorus.

And the evening was getting close to conclusion. So stage is set on fire by Rahman and Navin Iyer. With Tamil version of Humma Humma.
Frenzy was uncontrollable when Chhaiya Chhaiya came up. People were jumping on their chairs ! Literally. All credits to Sukhi !

Filler : Video of Studio visit with ARR's son !

And the final set :
Tu man shudi, which did get a bit low key response by audience.
But then - the epic
Jai Ho ! Echoed throughout the stadium as the audience sing along.
And if that is not enough -

Maa Tujhe Salaam - broke all barriers. Everyone was bowing to the superpower standing in front of them. Shouting along with him till the end. Along with the fireworks.
And when it finished - every one shouted 'once more once more'.
Adorable ARR looked straight to audience. Smiling he stood there for almost two minutes. And said 'Till we meet again next time, thank you, thanks a lot'.

Overwhelmed, blessed by God. 190 minutes of sheer brilliance, joy and excitement.
Once in a lifetime this happens. When you have God - in front of you. Fulfilling wishes, one by one. Smiling, closing eyes when conected to supernatural forces - you just loose yourself and enjoy - A R Rahman.

Thank You Rahman for #RahmanIshq

Mor Bani Thanghat Kare (Ram-Leela) : Song lyrics, meaning, translation

Thanks a lot to SLB for reviving this poem by Late Zaverchand Meghani. Originally written by Rabindranath Tagore, with due respect and consent, renowned Gujarati writer Zaverchand Meghani had translated the song in his own style. And boy - what words ! Thanks a lot to this blog by Mitixa, I came to know about the original text. Without this blog, I couldn't have translated this one. Here's translation of shorter, film version of this wonderful rain song, sung by Osman Mir and Aditi Paul.

Mor bani thanghaat kare mann, Mor bani thanghaat kare..
Ghanghor jhare chahu aur maaru mann,
Mor bani thanghaat kare mann mor bani thanghaat kare...
It dances today, my heart, like a peacock it dances, it dances.
As it rains in all four directions my heart dances,
it dances, like a peacock, my heart dances.
Maaru mann, Mor bani thanghaat kare mann, Mor bani thanghaat kare..
it dances, like a peacock, my heart dances.
Ghar gharar gharar megh ghata gagane gagane garjaat kare,
ghumri ghumri garjaat bhare...
nave dhaan bhari saari seem jhule, nadiyu navjoban bhaan bhoole,
nav deen kapot ni paankh khule...
As all those dark clouds make the thunder sound,
Even the rivers, lakes gets its thunder inside them.
New crops adore the earth everywhere,
like a girl entering in her adulthood, rivers forget their shyness,
Newborns of doves / birds get their wings.
Madhra madhra malkai ne medak, neh su neh su baat kare,
gagane gagane ghumrai ne paagal, megh ghata garjaat bhare....
Frogs smile in their own sweet way, talks to each other with love,
Storm clouds roll through the sky, vaunting their thunder.
Maaru mann, Mor bani thanghaat kare mann, Mor bani thanghaat kare..
it dances, like a peacock, my heart dances.
Nav-megh tane neel aanjaniye maara gheghoor nain jhaghaat kare,
mara lochan maa mad-ghen bhare,
parchhai tale hariyali bani, maaro aatam nain bichhat kare,
sacharachar Shyamal baath dhare,
maaro praan kari pulkat gayo pathraai saari vanraai pare,
O re megh Ashadhilo aaj maare, doy nain neelanjan ghen bhare...
Rain-clouds wet my eyes with their blue collyrium,
It makes my eyes look intoxicated,
I spread out my joy on the shaded new woodlands grass,
I feel everywhere, my beloved Krishna has opened his arms to hug me,
My soul got blessed by the green blessings all around the jungle,
Oh - the rain of Ashadh* month, you made my eyes wet with your blue-addictive colors.
Maaru mann, Mor bani thanghaat kare mann, Mor bani thanghaat kare..
it dances, like a peacock, my heart dances.
* Ashadh month : 9th month in Gujarati calendar

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Ram-Leela : Music Review

Starting with (almost) real 'Daayro' sound in Gujarati, Ram Chahe Leela solely rely on Bhoomi's superb rendition of otherwise not so innovative tune. Lyrics makes it fun while the interlude 'Duha' makes it a killer combination. 

Ravanhattha sound along with Shail Hada's prelude in Lahu munh lag gaya-nothing can get more authentic than this ! Add 'Ranshinga' cry and thumping 'Be Taali' beats of drums. The track is intense. Moving on the theme of Garba, must be a treat to watch lip-lock ;) Lab se lab ye lab lab se lahu lag gayaa.. super wordplay by lyricists Siddharth-Garima.

Very typical initial lines makes you cringe in Ang Laga Le. But thankfully it doesn't go further than the initial loop. Parts of Shail Hada and Chorus, makes it more interesting. Aditi Paul does perfect job on her part for this sultry track. 

Poore Chand - 'that mandatory moon song in a SLB film', doesn't come close to moon songs Background composition reminds of Saawariya's MaashaAllah. Though the shehnai's loop is killer (at 1:51). Maybe, with repeats, and even after watching it on screen - I will love it (as it happens with SLB :) How I miss Parthiv Gohil for this song, softer voice like him could have done wonders. 

Initially, I felt Shreya was an odd choice for the upbeat 'teen taali' garba - but proved me wrong. The sequel to HDDCS's hit (but mood is totally different here), Nagada Sang Dhol goes totally different way at 2.:23 a traditional Gujarati garba (Lili Lemdi re...) makes you go goosebumps. The upbeat percussion makes it perfect Navaratri track and add conclusion by Osman Mir - Killer !

When you see Arijit Singh's name in credits - expectations go naturally high. Laal Ishq - is absolutely enchanting tune with his fantastic rendition and SG's wonderful words - this is so near to Saawariya (which I love a lot), except the color ;) That silent shehnai in conclusion-ahh. Am dying to see how SLB is going to show his 'Laal' magic on screen. The best of the album. 

After that high in music-we are thrown to ground with tacky Ishqyaaun Dhishqyaun. Though the tune is catchy (90s anyone?) and Aditya's voice is not 'bad', but still, am wondering what this song is doing here? Agree it has situational presence, still. 

Taking up traditional* folk song - Mor Bani Thanghat Kare - SLB wins over at least all Gujaratis out there. Brilliant singing by Osman Mir, backed by Aditi Paul and chorus - this is purely a 'goosebumps' stuff. Loved, loved it !  
(*Originally written by renowned Gujarati writer Zaverchand Meghani who translated Rabindranath Tagore's song)

Dhoop - Shreya's safe zone. Even SLB's too. The 'girl's song' is wonderfully composed with lilting tune. But feels surprisingly short. Finally, the loud - loud one - 'Hero's song' - Tattad Tattad, with all its 'weirdness' makes you go move your feet instantly. Aditya's voice suits all the fun here. And the loop is addictive, reminding you those mad mad southie songs. 

Overall, SLB with Monty Sharma, creates the soundtrack as colorful as the palette of RamLeela - the movie is. What I love most is how they used original, Gujarati instruments and tunes throughout the album. And reviving the tunes for the new generation. Thank You ! 

My Picks : Laal Ishq, Nagada Sang Dhol, Dhoop, Mor Bani Thanghat Kare, Tattad Tattad.

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Naan Yen Piranthen : Lyrics, meaning, translation (A R Rahman on Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3)

Poet Vaali's words comes to life when A R Rahman himself sings them on Coke Studio @ MTV S03E01. Though I found the tune very likeable from very first listen (due to touch of sound like Lucky Ali's songs). I didn't understand a single word, because the song being in Tamil. And that left me puzzled why everyone who understood the words, are in love with the song. As always, fellow Rahmaniac @madhavanrajan comes to rescue who was kind enough to post the translation on ARRFansGroup. Thanks to him, I am in love with this wonderful poem.

Pachcha karu yaavum paavakkaru alla
Neeyum naanum yaaru kuththam kora solla

All those fetuses are not sinned
Who are you and I
to find a fault in?

Poththal ulla moongilla saththamulla paattu varum

A hole in the bamboo stick
Brings out a good song

Kannangaru megam thaan
uyir vaazha payir vaazha mazhai kottuthey

Even the clouds turn dark and black
to bring the rain back
for survival of crops and
for survival of mankind!

Oru ooril oru gudisai
Nadhiyoram pachcha maram pala varisai
Kallamillaa Vellanthiyaa
Oorusanam Irunthathayya

A hut in a village
Green trees lined up by the river
And there lived people
that are Open and innocent...


Aalangaaththu Oasaiyiley
Moththa sanam thookkaththiley
Boomi Romba Thoorathiley
Yaar Arivaar Kaaranaththa?
Yen Piranthaai? Yen Piranthaai? Yen Piranthaayo??

In the sound of the banyan tree
Everyone in deep sleep
Earth is so far away
And who would know the reason?
Why are you born?  Why are you born? Why are you born?

Naan yen piranthen?
Kan yen thiranthen?
Enakkey theriyaathey

Why am I born?
Why did I open my eyes?
I do not know

O! Iraiyoan padaippil
Yethuvum azhage
Un kann ariyaathey!

In God’s creations
Anything is beautiful and
Your eyes won’t know that!

Naan yen piranthen?
Kan yen thiranthen?
Enakkey theriyaathey...

Why am I born?
Why did I open my eyes?
I do not know...

Pachcha karu yaavum paavakkaru alla
Neeyum naanum yaaru kuththam kora solla

All those fetuses are not sinned
Who are you and I,
to find a fault in?

Poththal ulla moongilla saththamulla paattu varum

A hole in the bamboo stick
Brings out a good song

Kannangaru megam thaan
uyir vaazha payir vaazha mazhai kottuthey

Even the clouds turn dark and black
But they bring the rain back
For survival of crops!
For survival of mankind!!

Naan yen piranthen?
Kan yen thiranthen?
Enakkey theriyaathey...

Why am I born?
Why did I open my eyes?
I do not know...

Yaaro yaar arivaaro?
Yenna solvaaro sol...

Who would know?
What would they say?

Yaaro yaar arivaaro?
Yenna seiyvaaro sollu...sollu...sollu...

Who would know?
What would they do?

Naan yen piranthen?
Kan yen thiranthen?
Enakkey theriyaathey....

Why am I born?
Why did I open my eyes?
I do not know....
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Chennai Express : Movie Review

To put it very straight in the first sentence itself - I loved Chennai Express ! (So that you can decide to continue reading or not). Whenever there was a talk about Rohit's movies, I used to call them 'Shitty' movies. There were many reasons for believing that. Till date the only movie I liked of him was Sunday. Bol Bachchan was after all a remake, hence it was passable because it had tried and tested storyline.
What works here in Chennai Express is its stars. Tons of material has already been written about fall of SRK by doing this 'silly' movie. But hey ! This IS after all a Bollywood movie. A super masala entertainer that doesn't go for realism, antique frames or technically perfect. It is made for entertaining the audience and it does. Then why not SRK - the biggest entertainer of the country? (And no, my Aamir-bhakti is being deviated when I am saying this ;)). He charms you yet again when wearing those shades giving hand to the girl trying to catch a train. He charms you yet again when after saying I Love You, that cheeky smile he throws and girl is flattered. He goofs about his own movies. Yes, this is what SRK is all about. And for this movie - either him or no one else. Talking about irreplaceable one - Deepika is definitely the one too in CE. Though in safe zone she is, playing a Tamil girl, but sure it must have been tough getting everything right. And she shines through each frame. From looking drop dead gorgeous, to acting perfectly to the T. At places she reminds of Geet (after all, she has become iconic for 'free girl' portrayal), but leaves her own mark. Both, together, look great on screen. I would totally vote for a love story starring them together.
Despite of being a movie about South India, thankfully Rohit Shetty has stayed away from making cheap laughs out of it. The situational fun is very valid throughout the movie. Though there are garish, loud moments (a la Shetty) but being few and far between, it doesn't harm much. No forwarded sms jokes, no homophobic jokes, no dual meaning jokes - Thank You Rohit for keeping your dialogue writer in check. Picturised beautifully in Konkan, each frame is so colorful, though overdone, everything on screen looks lovely-celebratory feel. Contemplated by a fine soundtrack by Vishal-Shekhar, songs are fun. Specifically, Titli and Kashmir Mein has FANTASTIC visuals. Loved how they are picturised. And those majestic shots of Doodhsagar falls and Rameswaram.
Love SRK? You should see this. Hate SRK? You must see this. Yes its that kind of movie which you can't miss out if you are looking for fun ride.
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Jagao Mere Des Ko : Lyrics, meaning, translation : A R Rahman on Coke Studio @ MTV

Another FANTASTIC fusion. Taking this time, the famous 'Minds without fear' by Rabindranath Tagore. Translating the same poem and making it as a second stanza, by Prasoon Joshi. Flawless classical vocals of Suchi and whoa ! Finale rap by Blaaze and Sivamani. This track, a true delight. Wait ! And bass guitar by Mohini Dey ! Killer stuff.

Here are the lyrics and translation. Note that I haven't translated the Hindi part as it is the translation of Bengali lines after all. And yes, feel free to correct me !

Thanks to this blog for original poem translation. Thank you A R Rajib on ARRFansGroup for correcting Bengali lyrics.

Chitto jetha voi shunno , Uccho jetha shir,
gyan jetha mukto , jetha griher prachir,
apon prangon tole dibos shorbori,
bosudhare rakhe nai khondo khudro kori.

Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high,
Where knowledge is free, where the world has not been broken up
into fragments by the tireless efforts of men.

jetha bakko ridoyer utsomukh hote,
ucchosia uthe, jetha nirbarito srote,
deshe deshe dishe dishe kormodhara dhai.

Where words come out from the depth of truth,
Where the currents of tireless striving
originate and flow without hindrance all over.

ojosro sohosro bidho choritarthotai,
jetha tuccho acharer morubalu rashi,
bicharer sroto poth fele nai grasi.

Where the clear stream of reason and thoughts
has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand
of lowly habits and deeds,
Where the velour is not divided in 1000 different streams,
where all the deeds, emotions are blissful given by you.

pourushere kore ni shotodha , nitto jetha,
tumi sorbo kormo chinta anonder neta,
nij hoste nirdoi aghat kori pita,
Bharotere sei sorge koro jagorito....

My father, strike the sleeping India without mercy,
so that she may awaken into such a heaven.

(Hindi Part)
Jagaao mera des, Jagaao Mera des.
Mann mein bhay ki boond bhi naa ho,
maatha ooncha lehraaye,

Gyaan mukt aazaad le saanse
dharti bant na paaye, ho..dharti bant na paaye.

Sach ki kokh se shabd janam le,
karm ki dhaara kalkal, daude registaan cheer de,
nadi vichar ki chhal chhaal

chauda seena ho abhimaan ka, naa ho tukde tukde,
Bhaav soorile bandish mein ho aur soorile mukhde,
Prahaar karo, tum prahaar karo,
Jagaao mera des..... Jagaao mera des.

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Zariya (Coke Studio at MTV Season 3) A R Rahman : Lyrics Meaning Translation

Sung by Nepalese singer Ani Choying Dolma, Jordanian Farah Siraj and a wonderful chorus, Zariya composed by A R Rahaman, is such a wonderful song, you can't stop getting goosebumps at each twist in the tune. Brilliant fusion.

Thanks to Google, here is my effort to translate the lyrics. Any correction, please do let me know.

Tu zariya, Hoon main zariya,
Aur uski kitpaa dariya dariya,
Hain jo ankhiya nirmal,
Duniya nirmal,
Chhalka chhalka, chhal chhal chhal chhal

You are the medium, So am I,
and his kindness is vast like a sea.
If your eyes are serene
the world itself will seem serene,

Ho zubaan koi bhi,
Bol dil se tu bol,
Ya misri si ho,
Ya shahad si ho.

Language might be any,
but words should come straight from the heart,
Either it should be like sweet sugar,
Or, sweet as honey.

Anti al umm,
Anti il hayaa,
Anti alhob,
Antilee alduna, anti lee aldunya.

You are the mother
You are the life
You are love,
You are the world to me, you are the world to me

Reedaha Reedaha,
Kefima reedaha,
Teflatan ya halee,
Wil asaal reegaha.

I love her, I love her,
However it may be, I love her,
She is a young beauty,
In her voice there is honey.
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Titli (Chennai Express) : Lyrics, translation, meaning

(Tamil Poetry translation by @arr_sunil of CaughtInTheMusicalStorm)

Kondal vannanaik kovalanayvenney
Unda vayan en, Ullamkavarndhanai (x2)
Andar kon ani arangkan enamudhinaik
Andar kon ani arangkan enamudhinaik
Kanda kangal marronrinaik kanave
I have seen the One whose coloris like dark rainclouds
He is the one with the mouththat swallowed the butter of cowherds,
He is the Lord of the devas, Heis Lord Ranganatha,
He is my nectar, my life!
My eyes have seen my Lord andwill not see anything else!
Bann ke titli dil uda-uda uda hai, kahin door.
Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai, kahin door.

Far away..There goes my heart, flying like a butterfly,
Far away..While walking, it has connected to unknown fragrance..

Haadse yeh kaise, ansoone se jaise,
Choome andheron ko, koi noor.

Things happening with me, unheard, like (sweet) accidents,
(feels like) Darkness is kissed by ray of light..

Sirf keh jaaoon ya, aasmaan pe likh doon,
Teri taarifion mein, Chashmebaddoor

(Tell me) Shall I just say or write it down on the sky,
In praise of you'May God keep you away from evil eye'...

Bhoori bhoori aankhein teri,
kankhiyon se tez teer kitne chhode,
Dhaani dhaani baatein teri,
udte phirte panchhiyon ke rukh bhi mode

These greyish eyes of yours,
Teases me with their arrow-like glances,
Your talks (that are like) light green color of nature (that gives soothing feel)
Can also change the way of the flying birds in the sky

Adhoori thi zara si, main poori ho rahi hoon,
Teri saadgi mein hoke choor...

A bit incomplete I was, now complete I am,
While drooling over your simplicity...

Raatein gin ke, neendein buun ke,
Cheez kya hai khwaabdaari humnein jaani,
Tere sur ka, saaz ban ke,
Hoti kya hai raagdaari humnein jaani,

By counting nights, by even spinning sleep into the efforts (sleepless nights here)
I came to know what is the business of dreams (love)....
By becoming a chord of your tune,
I came to know what is Music....

Jo dil ko bhaa rahi hai, woh teri shayari hai,
Ya koi shayaraana hai fitoor...

What my heart likes (about you) is your poetry...
Or is it this poetic, crazy state of my mind?

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani : Movie Review

Can you remember when was the last time, people went mad on just one song and rushed to the theatres only to make a movie hit? Not in recent years, right? Well, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani did exactly that. Just in first 2 days, it has racked in 40 crores. That's a big deal. And who's smiling behind these figures? Its Pritam, whose utterly commercial, dhamaka hits made this movie sell like hot cake. Otherwise, Ayan Mukerjee is a name that is not 'this' famous that can attract people to the theatre. (Though, no doubt Ranbir is there too spell his magic). In short, YJHD is clearly a Pritam movie and not Ayan's.
Why? Because this is not that Ayan who made the cuddliest movie - Wake Up Sid. At places you see sparks of his touch, but those moments are only a few in this popcorn mush. Credit surely goes to him for some wonderful moments like Deepika-Ranbir in Udaipur, the final scene between dad and his son. Also, the first half was absolute fun, where Kalki shines with her tomboyish avatar. Its only the second half, that is a bit stretched and with many deja vu moments that are by now typical in
YRF/Dharma movies. Thankfully the songs save the day in otherwise dull development of story.
Talking about acts - Ranbir is ofcourse first rate as always. He speaks with his eyes. (and oh, that tattoo on right wrist :)) And with Deepika, he looks just perfect. Even better than their first one together (BAH). Deepika seems brightened up just by presence of him. And obviously, gives a perfect performance. Though this was her regular kinda role. (just changed places which she did in Cocktail). But besides looking stunning, her act too leaves a mark. In supporting cast, Kalki is the best one. (Meh, Aditya Roy Kapur - Mr Shake-head). In tomboy avatar she steals the show in second half, despite the fact that she portrayed a short / average part in next half.
Shot wonderfully in Manali and other parts of the world, the colorful pallette throughout the movie makes it look really good on screen. Just one complaint- too much of liquor talk / scenes there that one gets fed up by first hour itself. On the other hand, music gives the movie a solid support whenever the strings of screenplay gets loosen up. Not just songs, but the background score, done by Pritam, is fantastic. (add a wonderful added short track in climax).
Overall, YJHD is definitely a watchable movie. Becuase of leads' acts, its music and Ranbir and Ranbir. Yes, everyone had big expectations and obvious that is. But well, I think in our country everyone is so obsessed with Shaadi things, one can't resist it - not even our films.
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Raanjhanaa : Music Review

Tan thirke thirke mann behke behke - Yes, that's exactly how I felt after listening to this album. After that disappointment of JTHJ, I was absolutely sure that in Raanjhanaa, ARR is going to create magic, again. Given the director's choice for music (Tanu Weds Manu), and the setup for the film - Banaras, high expectations were obvious. And all of them are fulfilled.

Dreamy prelude starts Tum Tak and once Javed Ali steps in this semi-classical number, it absorbs you in the sound of the Ganga ghaats. Manjira, dholak, tabla and shehnai creates solid earthy experience. Add brilliant climax at 3:07 and excellent wordplay penned by Irshad Kamil. Javed Ali along with Keerti Sagathia and Pooja (who sounds so much like Sadhna Sargam) are in top form making this ear worm go on loop mode.

Title track, Raanjhanaa Hua starts on low key only to get picked up so well that makes you move your feet to the sound. Fast paced dholak sound is the star of this track. Shiraz Uppal and Jaswinder Singh's is an interesting combination for this one. Both of them perfects upbeat mood of mad lover. And very easily they croon those tricky lines. Oh and that inimitable Sitar piece by Asad Khan !! Madly in love with this song already.

Borrowing few verses of Amir Khusrau, Tu Mun Shudi makes an interestingly different composition that you can't categorize. At first it easily reminds of Rang De Basanti. Rabbi powers the vocals part along with Rahman himself. A word of warning : Do not listen this on any ordinary speakers. Get a pair of nice headphones or something else.

Filled with eargasm caused by classical elements fused by flutes, tablas, sarangi, sitar - Banarasiya is a gem that only Shreya can sing this way, aptly backed by Meenal Jain and Anwesha. Prelude is amazingly worked out with Sarangi, and later by sweetest flutes and equally fantastic conclusion with Sitar. Words by Irshad, immersed in flavor of Banaras, strikes the chord instantly in the heart.

When you hear that ni ni sa sa ni ni sa sa in the prelude, and when you get goosebumps by first few seconds itself - you know its going to be a grandeur ahead. Piya Milenge takes you to that sufi trance in a way that ARR has mastered. Sung proficiently by ever dependable Sukhvinder Singh and KMMC Sufi Ensemble, the track reaches a new height at 3:38 - indescribable moment !

Another classical treat with four fabulous singers - Madhushree, Vaishali, Chinmayi and Aanchal Sethi-  Ay Sakhi is that giggling girlish tune (that reminded me of Eli Re Eli, flavor wise) sprinkled with teun teun, pe pe pe and what not. What stars here is Irshad's word, especially last paragraph. Loved the wordplay.

Dreamy Nazar Laaye has flavor of JTYJN. Filled with guitar strings, this duet by Rashid Ali and Neeti Mohan is easily a loveable one (despite of that much used word 'Mahiya'). The overall cuddly softness lingers in the mind. Another such song is Aise Na Dekho which is pretty much in league of JTYJN title track. Blame it on 'saxy' arrangements and ARR singing it for himself. But what makes this more endearing is the accordions and the whistles. Also, is it just me or mouth organ is there too?

Final one, The Land of Shiva is a wonderful ensemble of the sounds from the ghaats. Temple bells, conchs and heavy percussion. Everything is grand but too short the track is, it leaves you wanting for more.
As I told in first para, Rahman sir has blown away my speakers already, with the awesomeness of the earthy-classical-modern touch. (sorry, but in absence of proper words). Raanjhanaa is a real treat. Thank you Rahman sir. Thank you Anand L Rai for giving him this freedom.
My Picks : Tum Tak, Raanjhanaa Hua, Banarasiya, Piya Milenge, Tu Mun Shudi.
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Lootera : Music Review

Ears get filled with sugary sweetness thanks to the lovely voice of Monali Thakur in Sawaar loon. Composed in a gorgeously minimal-earthy arrangements, the lilting melody gives perfect background for words of Amitabh Bhattacharya. Use of flutes and 'thaaps' reminds those works of Salil da. Easily the best of the album, that oozes 'Bongness'. Another such track is Monta Re (Oh my heart). Sung by Swanand Kirkire, the track is wonderfully crafted from each aspect. Add a fantastic, minute long conclusion, it transfers you directly to the land of Bengal. Both of these tracks perfectly set the mood for this movie with old world charm.

On the other hand, balance four tracks has contemporary sound, which at places reminds of Udaan. Of course, because the team is very much the same. Sung by Amitabh, Ankahee shines with wonderfully penned words dashed with sorrow, pain of incompleteness. Similar mood is throughout next three tracks. Led by piercing violins, Mohan and Amitabh's Shikayatein easily gives you goosebumps with that haunting signature tune. Dark Zinda is a string-heavy one where Amit does what he's best at - singing pathos. The last one - Manmarziyaan by Amitabh and Shilpa, is not something you have never heard (or maybe it will take time) nonetheless, a lovely track with brilliantly fused sounds of violins and strings and even Santoor !
Looking at the look of the film, Lootera has perfect sounds for the film. Even without any fusion, Amit Trivedi has created gems in form of Sawaar Loon and Monta Re. Wish other tracks, though they are top class, could've been of same genre. Still, this is one 'must hear' soundtrack, that shows how versatile AT can be. 

My Picks : Sawaar Loon, Monta Re, Ankahee, Shikayatein.
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Monta Re (Lootera) Lyrics, Meaning, Translation

Kaagaz ke do pankh leke, Uda chala jaaye re
(with wings as fragile as paper, its flying)

Jahaan nahin jaana tha ye, Wahin chala haye re
(Where it shouldn't go, it goes there only)

Umar ka yeh taana baana, samajh na paaye re
(It doesn't understand those complicated rules of ages)

Zubaan pe jo moh maaya, Namak lagaye re
(Those worthless attractions, luring it)

Ke dekhe na bhale na jaane na daayre
(It doesn't look back or front, it doesn't know its limits..)

Disha hara kemon boka
Monn-ta re..

(This silly/mad heart of mine, is directionless)

Fateh kare kile saare, bhed jaaye deewarein
Prem koi sendh laage.. Sendh laage re laage

(After winning all the castles, breaking all walls (obstacles),
it still thinks 'love' is a crime)

Agar magar bari bari,
Jiya ko yoon uchhale,
Jiya nahin gend laage, gend laage re laage

(Yes, no, this and that, it confuses itself with this dilemma,
not a heart, but it looks like a ball, that way)

Maati ko ye chandan sa, maathe pe sajaye re
(Confused, it thinks this sand is sandal, and puts on forehead)

Zubaan pe jo moh maaya, namak lagaye re
(Those worthless attractions, luring it)

Ke dekhe na bhale na jaane na daayare,
(It doesn't look back or front, it doesn't know its limits..)

Disha haara kemon boka
Monn-ta re..

(This silly/mad heart of mine, is directionless)

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Tu Mun Shudi (Raanjhanaa) song lyrics : Meaning, translation

Tu mun shudi, tu mun shudi
Muntu shudam tu mun shudi

[I have become you, and you've become me]

Rangaley rangeele ne ladke bade, haan
[Vibrant, Vivacious are we boys]

Rehnde hawawan di ghodi te chadhe
[Riding High on the horses of wind]

Hai nidar dil da safar
[Fearless is the journey of our heart]

Ho nidar dil de hum safar
[Fearless should be the companion of our heart]

Rajj ke

Humse wafayein lena
[Borrow deep sincerity from us]

Taaza hawayein lena
[Borrow fresh breeze from us]

Tere layi hum chaand khareedenge
[For You I will neither buy the Moon]

Haan...Bungalow na denge
[Nor get you a luxurious bungalow]

Par chain ko la denge
[But will surely get you Bliss]

Sab aunde saanu ehoje kartab ne...
[We know of all such tricks]

Humse wafayein lena
[Borrow deep sincerity from us]

Taaza hawayein lena
[Borrow fresh breeze from us]

Tu mun shudi, tu mun shudi
Muntu shudam tu mun shudi
Tu mun shudi, tu mun shudi
Muntu shudam tu mun shudi**

(**These two lines are taken from verses written by Amir Khusrau)

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Ghanchakkar : Music Review

Sung by Amit, the title track Ghanchakkar Babu starts off the album in a perfect note for this mad film. Fused with funny 'Chinese' sounding chorus and hilarious lyrics by Amitabh, the track is addiction. The wordy riot continues throughout other three tracks as well. Richa Sharma's lazy-casual tone in Lazy Lad, backed by 'womaniya chorus' portrays absolute fun caricature of the Ghanchakkar. Ditto with Jholu Ram. The best of the lot words it has. And whoa ! Altaf Raja singing the song ! Added bits of him in standard 'shayari' style are brilliant addition. Qawwali'sque Allah Meherbaan does work after a few listens. Sung by Divya Kumar, the track seems situational but still fun while playing it.

Ghanchakkar is one soundtrack that is totally dedicated to the context of the film. Not a single track can be seperated from the film that we can feel even without watching it. After Aiyyaa, this is another such album by Amit Trivedi. Definitely, we want more of such, keep them coming AT.

My Picks : Lazy Lad, Jholu Ram
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Raanjhanaa Hua (Raanjhanaa title track) Lyrics : Translation

Aaja aaja dil ke gaaon, Raahein dekhe koi
(come to my village of heart, someone is waiting for you)

Jaagegi phir kismat sohne, Jaagegi phir kismat sohne
Thi ab tak jo soyi
(My destiny will brighten up then, which was doomed till now)

Hua chaar ore, shehnayi shor
(All the directions, are adorned in musicality)
Tu meri ore, chal nikla
(As you've begun your journey towards me)

Chadi prem lor, O dil ke chor
(I am high in the tides of love O my heart stealer)
Kar meri bhor, ab mukh dikhla
(Bring me my dawn, now unveil your face)

Raanjhanaa hua main tera, Kaun tere bin mera
(I am your Raanjhana whom do i'hv except you)
Rounakein tumhi se meri, kaun tere bin mera
(You are the reason of my celebrations, whom do I've except you)

Tera hai char chauphera, Ooo Kaun tere bin mera
(You are Omni present, whom do I've except you)

Hua chaar ore, Shehnayi shor
(All the directions, are adorned in musicality)
Tu meri ore, ab chal nikla
(As you've begun your journey towards me)
Chadi prem lor O dil ke chor
(I am high in the tides of love, O my heart stealer)
Kar meri bhor, Mukh dikhla
(Bring me my dawn unveil your face)

Tan thirke thirke, Mann behke behke
Tera kehke kehke khudko
(My body taps, My mind zaps,
With the thought that they belong to you)

Mere dil ki baat, Jaane kaiynaat
Tere dil ki khabar, Bas mujhko
(The universe knows, The secret of my heart
But whats there in yours, is known only to me)

Aaana baatein pyaar ki laana
(Come with the conversations of love)
Aana thoda pyaar jataana
(Come, exhibit your love)

Raanjhanaa hua main tera, Kaun tere bin mera....

Rang bikhra bikhra, sab nikhra nikhra,
jaaye jidhar jidhar yeh naina..
(Wherever my eyes see - colors splashed eveywhere, everything has brighten up)

Mujhe khud pe naaz hua, pagla aaj,
raha apne hi bas hoon main naa..
(Now I am proud of myself, Mad-myself, is out of its control)

Aana mujhe bas kar lena, aana jaan hans kar lenaa...
(Come, take my control oh my love, take my life as well with your smile)

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Tum Tak (Raanjhanaa) Full song lyrics

Meri har man-maani bas tum tak,
Baatein bachkani bas tum tak,
Meri nazar deewani, bas tum tak,
Mere sukh dukh aate jaate saare, tum tak....
Tum tak tum tak tum tak, Sone yaar,
tum tak tum tak tum tak sone yaar..

Tum tak tum tak arzi meri, phir aage jo marzi...
Tum tak tum tak arzi meri, phir teri jo marzi...

Meri har dushvaari bass tum tak,
Meri har hoshiyaari bas tum tak,
Meri har taiyyari bas tum tak,
Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, tum tak,
Meri ishq khumari, bas tum tak...........

Ik tak ik tak na tak
Gumsum naazuk, naazuk dil se,
hum tum, tum tum tum tum tum
Chabuk naina maaro, maaro, tum tum tum tum tum
Maro na naina tum, maro na naina tum..

Tum tak chala hoon, tum tak chalunga,
Tum tak mila hoon, tum tak miloonga,
Tum tak tum tak tum tak tum tak

Haan ukhda ukhda, mukhda mukhda,
Mukhde pe naina kaale....
Ladte ladte bade, badte badte lade,
Haan ab na sajna kabhi, sapna sajna kabhi,
Mukhde pe naina daale...

Naino ki ghaat le ja, Naino ki naiyya,
Patwaar tu hai meri, tu khevaiyaaa,
Jana hai paar tere, tu hi bhanwar hai,
Panhochegi paar kaise, naazuk si naiyyaa

Tum tak tum tak tum tak, Sone yaar,
tum tak tum tak tum tak sone yaar..
Tum tak tum tak arzi meri, phir aage jo marzi...
Tum tak tum tak arzi meri, phir teri jo marzi...
Meri har dushvaari bass tum tak,
Meri har hoshiyaari bas tum tak,
Meri har taiyyari bas tum tak,
Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, tum tak,
Meri ishq khumari bas tum tak,

Meri akal deewani tum tak,
Meri sakal jawaani tum tak,
Meri khatam kahaani tum tak,
Meri khatam kahaani bas tum tak....
tum tak tum tak tum tak tum tak.........

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Sangeet mein hai aisi fuhaar, patjhad mein bhi jo laaye bahaar..(Music is a sweet rain, that turns autumn into spring)Sangeet mein hai Allah-o-Raam, Sangeet mein hai duniya tamaam..(Music has in it both Allah and Ram, Music is there, in all creations)
Stealing some words here, aptly put in a song from Mission Kashmir. What life, where music is not there, could be? Talking about me - life without music, is un-imaginable. Music is something I can not live without at all. Take away my books, social network, TV  movies but - no, not the music. The precious little collection I have. Often I have nightmares about losing my music collection. Scary. Since childhood the collection has kept only increasing. Count in precious cassettes too. Even thought the fact is that my first ever beloved walkman is no more ;)

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani : Music Review

Led by funky brass bands, Badtameez Dil is a total riot. Both on screen and off. Thanks to Benny Dayal's energy in vocals, aptly supported by  Shefali Alvares. Equally rioting is next desi track - Balam Pichkari. This is that one thing that drags you from couch to the floor. Vishal and Shalmali are in top form playing totally desi holi. The high that those two songs gave, instantly goes down with next one - Dilliwali Girlfriend. A tiresome track where nothing works, despite of having fun, tricky lyrics.

Next Kabira has impressive line-up of vocals in two versions. First one, by Rekha Bhardwaj and Tochi Raina has a sound similar to Yaariyaan (Cocktail). Nice one, but the earthy version by Arijit and Harshdeep scores over the former one. (Man, Arijit - can make any song - sound good !). The sound of children chorus in Ilahi, makes it sound lovely. Brilliantly infused chorus in pacey strings, this one ends up as my most favorite number from the album. Both versions, by Arijit and Mohit, are perfect for those long journeys with wonderful lyrics by Amitabh. While the rest of the lot - having standard template that you have heard n times before. Subhanallah is nicely sung by Sreeram, but Salim-Suleiman kinda template makes it lacking that freshness. And (much anticipated, Madhuri Item Number !!) Ghagra is just right for some on-screen fun. Presence of Rekha Bhardwaj and Vishal Dadlani doesn't help much.

Pritam's score for this fun film, is definitely good if not 'overall' rocking. (but that expectation is out of place here). Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is that colorful, live soundtrack that works with occasional glitch (3 tracks).

My Picks : Ilahi, Badtameez Dil, Balam Pichkari.

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Bombay Talkies : Music Review

Give it up for Bachchan : Bachchan-pooja of the industry reaches a new height with this song penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Very neat composition using Rubab and dholak and first class singing by Sukhvinder, the song is peppy and foot tapping, but just an above average tribute-kind of song. Sprinkled with Big B's dialogues (just like the remixes we had in late 90s), it is very easy to 'give up' listening to this track after repeats.

Akkad Bakkad (Movie Madari) : Swanand Kirkire's words bring that wide grin easily, when Mohit Chauhan croons this endearing song about our beloved movies. (despite the cringe-worthy awesome-mausam). Having similarity with Dhak Dhuk (with added shehnais) this one is a really good song for movie lovers, if not 'epic song for 100 years of cinema'.

Murabba (Duet) : After Gubbare, Amit and Amitabh comes together with another metaphor to describe life - Murabba ! Kavita Seth mesmerizes with her unusual voice with brilliantly done low key singing by Amit himself. A typical 'AT' arrangement in background and with Lovely lyrics (Kal se bhi zyada aaj tar lagta hai, kal phir khana, behtar lagta hai) this track lingers for long even after you push the stop button.

Bombay Talkies (Duet) : Another one about movies, another one by Swanand. This one sung by Kailash Kher and Richa Sharma picks up effectively with the chorus singing 'Bombay Talkies', that by the end u join in with them. Best thing about this track, - Richa Sharma's singing. Going almost 'Faruqabaadi (LSTCK)' during interludes, this dedication to 'Bombay' film industry, is worth listening to.

Murabba (Solo) : This one, sung by Javed Bashir, reminds me of a track from Ra.One !! Maybe its because of its 'train like' sounds. Only the name is similar to earlier Murabba. Fast paced singing of Javed is excellent, but overall, it doesn't impress you despite of Amitabh's welll written lyrics. Everything sounds forced and the 3:41 long song feels too long.

Bombay Talkies (Various) : Starting on a perfect note with the music piece taken from Papa Kehte hain (QSQT) and opening lines sung by Udit Narayan - Jeena Yahaan, Marna Yahaan. The track promises a fabulous ride ahead, with line up of Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shaan and Mohit Chauhan. Lines sung by them, all with their super hit songs' tunes in background. But strangely, it ends soon, very soon. And the ride stops too early unfortunately. This could have been a really fabulous if the idea was extended to some more singers and more 'remade' lines. But ah, well.

Not a bad soundtrack at all. But yes, when you are tagging the movie as a 'Tribute to 100 years of cinema', 'Celebrate the spirit of cinema' and blah blah. The expectations go huge. And definitely, Amit Trivedi's score, in that way, falls short to satisfy to meet them. Still, with 4 wonderful tracks out of 6, Bombay Talkies is a Good album, that just falls short to meet the standards set by Amit himself.

My Picks : Akkad Bakkad, Murabba, Bombay Talkies.

Tags : Amit Trivedi, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Kavita Seth, Richa Sharma, Bachchan in Bombay Talkies, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar, Karan Johar, 100 years of indian Cinema, Rani Mukerjee, Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bombay Talkies movie review, music review.

Bachchan (Bombay Talkies) : Lyrics

Sitaaron ki shaan hai jo ....woh..Bachchan

Cinema ka imaan hai jo....woh..Bachchan
Milon se dilon tak
Aaya re aaya re chaaya re
Chaaya re..

Amitabh bachchan se milna hai

Bacha bacha gaaye from bachpan bachpan
Bachchan bachchan bachchan
Woh hai bachchan bachchan

Bacha bacha gaaye from bachpan bachpan
Bachchan bachchan bachchan
Woh hai bachchan bachchan

Naam hi superhit ki chaap hai
Joh bhi hai yeh aaj apne aap hai
Bhare padhe hai tamaam hero
Rishtey mein yeh sabke baap hai

Give it up for Bachchan
Give it up for Bachchan

Saari duniya ka dil pighal gaya
Jalwa mein inke woh taap hai
Bhare padhe hai tamaam hero
Rishtey mein yeh sabke baap hai

Give it up for Bachchan
Give it up for Bachchan

(Aur bhia miley amitabh bachchan se)

Bacha bacha gaaye from bachpan bachpan
Bachchan bachchan bachchan
Woh hai bachchan bachchan

Sitaaron ki shaan....Cinema ka imaan...........Aaya re aaya re chaaya re

Lyrics : Amitabh Bhattacharya

Tags : The Bachchan song lyrics, bachchan special song for bombay talkies, bachchan to star in bombay talkies, Amitabh Bhattacharya, anurag kashyap, karan johar

Khoon Choos Le (Go Goa Gone) : Song Lyrics

Aye Le, phir aa gaya tu, Face utha ke,
Dum lega kya, meri jaan khake, 
Khoon Choosne tu aaya, khoon choosne, 
Bloody khooni Monday, kyun aaya khoon choosne, 
Tu jaa re jaa, kabootar jaa,

main nahi jaana, bistar ko chhod ke
Khoon choos le tu mera khoon chooos le, 
Bloody khooni Monday tu mera Khoon choos le. 

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr

Hey maana tere naam mein hai mann ek baar 
to tu mann ki karega, kya bey Monday, 
Kaahe bhaaye na karaar, jab tak tu na yaar 
gaade Sunday ki kabar par jhandey, 
Sukun ke shikari, Somvaar, 

main nahi jaana, bistar ko chhod ke
Khoon choos le tu mera khoon chooos le, 
Bloody khooni Monday tu mera Khoon choos le. 

Sunday hai dildaar, deke maiyya ka pyaar, 
Mujhe loriyaan gaa ke jo sulaaye, 
Par tera hai vichaar, ke main shankh hoon yaar, 
poore power se mujhko bajaaye,
Sukun ke shikari, Somvaar, 

Kaan khujana, kaan khujana, 
kaan khujana, Ungli ghusod ke

Khoon choos le tu mera khoon chooos le, 
Bloody khooni Monday tu mera Khoon choos le.
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr

Lyrics by : Priya Panchaal

Tags : Khoon choos le lyrics, meaning, go goa gone, monday song, monday hate anthem, sachin, jigar

Go Goa Gone : Music Review

Bloody heady Slowly Slowly is something you can't help but repeat endlessly.   Don't know why I thought so, but at first I thought its Amit. But whoa ! Its Sachin-Jigar. Sung by Jigar and Talia Bentson, this one is a killer. And if the first one is a killer - next Khoon Choos Le literally does that - to Monday. Yes, a very first 'Anti-Monday Anthem'. (Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya) Fabulous lyrics that cribs about going to office on a Monday. The trio Arjun Kanungo, Suraj Jagan & Priya Panchal rocks the scene totally. 

Far more hilarious is next one - Babaji Ki Booti. Sung by the composer duo, this track makes to go ROFL with its crackling lyrics (Superman? nah, that's Babaji !). Though somewhere it reminds of their own 'Chandu Ki Girlfriend', but maybe, just because of similar genre. After all these, composers surprise you with chilled out, lovely Khushamdeed sung by Shreya Ghoshal. Wonder where this one be used in the movie, absolutely charming this one is. Last one, I Keel Dead Peepal - is a carousel of dialogues. Dub-steps  ahem, yes with those fab lines you already have heard in the trailer - sets perfect mood for the zombie outing. (Delhi se hoon ***beeep****)
Go Goa Gone - is insane bloody mad soundtrack, thanks to the composer duo Sachin-Jigar and the lyricists. A zom-com movie can't ask for better soundtrack. Killer zombies se bhara album ! Just go for it !
My Picks : Slowly Slowly, Khoon Choos Le, Babaji Ki Booti, Khushamdeed, I Keel Dead Peepal (!!!)
Tags : Go Goa Gone lyrics, khoon choos le lyrics, raat hai ek whore, slowley slowley, babaji ke booti, sachin jigar, sachin sanghvi, jigar saraiya, music review, movie review

Aashiqui 2 : Music Review

Tum Hi Ho strikes the chord from first listen itself. Riding high on recent successful tracks - Arijit Singh yet again impresses with his flawless rendition. The only tune composed by Mithoon for this album, is best of the lot easily. Repeats as a duet Meri Aashiqui, with competent support by Palak Muchhal. Arijit continues to shine in next, Ankit Tiwari composed Sunn Raha Hai. Written by Sandeep Nath, the track is pretty absorbing. It repeats as an overtly sweet version by Shreya. 

Chahun Main Ya Naa - starts as Jeet Ganguly's starter for the main course. Irshad Kamil's wonderful words can't help a typical tune here. Hum Mar Jayenge 'actually' sounds pretty good if you 'minus' the lead singer here - Tulsi Kumar. The moment Arijit enters the scene, is absolutely charming though. Again, wonderfully written by Irshad. Piya Aaye Na has surprisingly different sounding KK in rather an okayish tune.

Mustafa Zahid's Bhula Dena's strings are something, worth listening the track for. Though Aasan Nahin Yahaan has that (by now after n number of such songs) annoying 'whoa whoa whoooa whoaa', making it an average one. Last one by Arijit, Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi works perfectly with Irshad's words. Brilliant guitars and vocals of Arijit, this actually sounds good. 

No doubt, this is not the 'original' Aashiqui - the epic soundtrack that defined 90s. Barring the similar name, a lot was expected from this soundtrack. But in the end, it has ended up as just a 'nice, Bhatt Bros soundtrack'. Wish they could have said 'No' to Tulsi Kumar and said 'Yes' to more tunes by Mithoon. 

My Picks : Tum Hi Ho, Sunn Raha Hai, Milne Hai Mujhse

Tags : Aashiqui remake, shradhdha kapoor, shakti kapoor, aaditya kapoor, irshad kamil, aashiqui review

I Love NY (New Year) : Music Review

Welcome our guest blogger @Rohwit (of Almost a review) who is here with his take on music of I Love NY (New Year). Yes, yes, he did write this review exclusively for this blog. Lets read, what he has to tell about this 'Pritam' (!) & Falak Shabir's soundtrack.

Aaja meri jaan - Mauli dave starts this rehash of a once popular (only on radio) song. Treated with a foxtrot-ish setting and a lovely accordion in between, the song, dare I say is much better than the original one from which it drives inspiration (Nautanki sala makers, please note). Not just the opening, but the entire song is quite a good listen. Never trying too hard to sound sexy, yet doing it in style! Excellent new lyrics by Mayur puri, totally deserve a mention (and a clap). Excellent start! 

Gud naal ishq mitha - Hard kaur starts the song with the typical Hard kaur-ish ‘O Yo’ and some such. Sukhwinder then leads the vocals and gives us a very bass heavy version of this song that was an anthem in parties, not so long ago. This version falls flat in comparison to the ‘original’ one because the composers haven’t given the ‘stop and resume’ feel in the song. It is not a song that is to be treated with a constant tempo. Passable. 

Gud Naal Ishq mitha (2) - Starting similarly like the previous one, Tochi gets a shot at the microphone and even though the treatment is fairly similar, Tochi does a tad better job with the song than Sukhwinder, however that is not saying much overall.

Halki Halki - Shaan starts the song and you feel you have heard this tune may be somewhere in 2000s. Don’t strain yourself too much that’s his typical way of start. The song however is plain ordinary with Tulsi Kumar doing up the female lead vocals. Back up singers part celebrating with ‘hai hai hai’ and the rest singing Hindi and the remaining doing up English words. A tune that is good but only till the time singers start singing, beyond that? Plain ordinary.

Jaane na kyu - Sonu nigam uff Sonu nigam! A seemingly 90's treatment with double track sound (or whatever it is called), Sonu nigam clearly dominates the song that leaves you wishing for more. Tulsi kumar partners with Sonu and sounds pretty much the same like she does in every song of hers. Not hummable, still deserves a listen.

Judaai - starts with Sarangi and then the arrangement follows. You can’t help but feel that there are too many arrangements that interfere with the singer. Falak has a voice that needs a good playground to be thrown at. Intense lyrics are just an icing on the top. Excellent feel! I wish there was an unplugged version of this song. Oh Wait! there is one. Lets listen to that. (The fantastic sarangi play is a treat, really)

Judaai - Unplugged - Flute and piano and a voice that pierces the soul. This is more like it! A perennial negativity of emotions..sure to be a hit with ‘failed lovers’ and not so failed ones, easily the song of the album is here! Falak shabir is a find no doubt and I am happy that an unplugged version is included in the album. Does justice to his voice and gives him the right stage to own it up and he does it!

A mix match of an album that relies partly on remixing and re-presenting (a new trend) songs which we have heard long ago. Not a bad album, but certainly not a superlative album by any means.

My picks : Aaja meri jaan, Judaai (unplugged) and Gud naal ishq mitha (Tochi)
Tags : Bally sagoo, R D Burman, Pancham, pritam, mauli dave, music review i love ny, new year, sunny deol, kangna ranaut

Aatma : Movie Review

Starting off on a very positive note, Aatma promises a goose-bumpy ride ahead. But soon, you realize that there is hardly anything there in the script to keep you hooked to. That intense feeling, is missing. The moments that shocks you to the toe, are few are far between. Director Suparn Verma's first horror outing, is sleek though. There are no hiccups on technical side, neither on deja vu. Everything seems pretty 'in the place' with no typical make-ups or characters. And, phew, no songs, apart from a brilliant lullaby as opening credits.

Performances are definitely a plus point. After all, you have an experienced 'horror' star - Bipasha ;) and Nawaz on board. But the supporting cast leaves no mark despite of having Shernaz Patel, Darshan Jariwala and Jaideep Ahlawat on board. The girl, Doyel Dhawan looks pretty and acts her part as she should. (except the giggles which, towards the end of the movie, starts to annoy you).

Thankfully, the apart from few goosebump moments, the best part of Aatma is its length. At 95 minutes flat, it doesn't harm you while watching it (if you are watching the discounted morning shows). Being a fan of the genre, this pretty disappointed me (no Chudail, no Aghori baba, no back story that dates to 50yrs back) sigh. On a serious note, Aatma has that potential to make a decent (!) horror flick, but lack of tension in script kills it. Can definitely bet on Suparn's next one, if he is making. Surely look forward to his another horror outing. 

My rating : 2.5 / 5

Tags : Bipasha Basu another horror film, nawazuddin siddiqui, jaideep ahlawat, suparn verma, 2013 horror films, bollywood, movie review, aatma

Chilli, Chicks and Heart Attacks : Book Review

At first, when I read summary of this book, written by Sanjaya Senanayake (phew... such a difficult spelling I tell you), I was confused whether to read it or not. May be that's because of its name (that sounded like a 'chick book') or the backdrop of the story - Medical, or even the rather confusing name of the writer (don't mind). But still, I decided to read because of the much needed change (from mythological epics and thriller **wink wink**). So there, I got the book in my hand (thanks to Blogadda).

The very first surprise for me was - Dr Manjula (as written on cover) was not a lady !! Yes, the story is about a 'guy' whose name was Manjula. (Because his roots are in Sri Lanka, hence). Leaving that PJ of mine apart, the style of writing quickly pushes you inside the world of a guy, afresh from medical school, going to be an intern at one of Australia's top public hospital. As desperate to get laid (just like you and me) as desperate to be a successful intern (just like you and me), -mis-adventures of Dr Manju Mendis, seems roller-coaster ride from the very first chapter. (Don't look back in anger...la la la)

Though the set-up was new to me, it easily grown onto me that I could almost smell those disinfectant in the air while reading about medical procedures. Ah well.. All the characters are interestingly written. You have Guitar loving rockstar Dr Alternaria, full of life Peter from Russia, mysterious girl Lucky King, beautiful Delilah and our hero Manju. Together they enjoy, learn, plan and execute the most interesting things a hospital can ever get. Oh, and the celebrity doctor - Dr Spyder ! (this part is the one I enjoyed the most. All things that happen in 'Celebrity ward' of the hospital).

More over, you get to see some utterly hilarious while some absorbing cases in the hospital that adds more 'chilli' spice in the tale. Some of them, which led to heart attacks (to whom, read the book). Writer Sanjaya is skilled enough to develop a rosey romance around otherwise iodine/dettol filled life of interns. Description of the lady, Sundari makes you want to see her too. Witty encounters between the two are fun to read. Even, the hangout places (and some characters too) are named so, that is enough to make you chuckle. Fabulus Hipz, host of The Morning Show ! Or The Nuclear Cafe that serves Mushroom Cloud and Nuclear Fallout Soup !!! Oh, and did I forget those fab songs sung by Alternaria?

There is no single dull moment throughout 320 pages. Sanjaya makes sure you enjoy reading diary of Dr Manju. Despite being predictable at places (that, oh, he is 'hero' of the book, everything will be fair with him in the end - but hey - its a fiction !) - you still enjoy it. Chilli, Chicks & Heart Attacks - is one book that guarantees you have a great time reading it on a weekend.

p.s. : Contains talks about sex, and a very interestingly described sex scene. Avoid if you are offended

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3G : Music Review

Ever dependable KK croons Kaise Bataaoon alongwith Sonal Chauhan (her debut!). This calm duet works well on all departments. It repeats as an acapella like version (Cantabile) with almost no music in background, sung by Abhishek Nailwal, a lovely reprise. Shilpa Rao starts off brilliant Khalbali, later picked up by Arijit Singh and Tochi Raina. Addictive tune, absolutely. Punjabi version, sounds a bit high pitched (to me atleast) compared to previous one, sung by Tochi Raina not a bad one either. Bulbulliya has superb composition, mix of instruments. This dark track is perfectly voiced by Adnan Sami. 

Don't know why Mithoon Sharma does not get much projects. He has his own style that works most of the times. Like here, for a supernatural thriller, 3G serves more than the expectations. 

My Picks : Khalbali, Kaise Bataaoon
Tags : 3G, Mithoon, sonal chauhan, kk, arijit singh, neil nitin mukesh. 

Nautanki Saala : Music Review

Composed and sung by Falak Shabir, Mera Mann hits the chord instantly. Despite of its identical to Atif's songs. Maybe because of the origin. Lovely track. Next one by the hit pair, Ayushmann Khurrana and Rochak Kohli, alongwith Neeti Mohan - Saadi Galli Aaja is absolutely charming like their first song last year. Especially, how the song transforms  after 2:50 with dreamy guitars while Neeti enters. Unplugged version is as good as the original. Composed by Rashid Khan, Sapna Mera Toota starts as any other RFAK song, and overall has same feel. But still, its a bit down in tone and subtle composition makes a good listen. 

Its Mikey McCleary next with reinvented (!!!) version of Dhak Dhak Karne Laga (Beta). It has interesting mix with pacey beats but the mocking vocals are annoying, the novelty is fading that sounded 'awesome' in past for all  Mikey's works. Similar is the case with So Gaya Yeh Jahaan. Thankfully, the vocals are left intact but too much is going on the mixing, I think the track will work best on screen but not on speakers. Still, with his original tunes, Mikey makes this album totally worth it. Dil Ki Toh Lag Gayi with all its quirky wordplay crooned by Saba Azad, gets you addicted. Similarly, middle-eastern laid back feel is there to get you addicted to Tu Hi Tu, another one sung by Ayushmann. Lilting tune and first class singing. Loved it. And oh, after those two, a full on fun track - Dramebaaz is there too. Sung by Geet Sagar, it perfectly suits the mood of all nautanki of the film.

Getting 4 composers for a soundtrack, isn't a bad idea it seems. Many cooks has served a great broath together. Just like Sippy's last one, Bluffmaster, Nautanki Saala again has a brilliant mix of tracks just right for the film. Absolutely recommended. 

My Picks : Saadi Galli Aaja, Dramebaaz, Tu Hi Tu, Mera Mann, Dil Ki Toh Lag Gayi

Tags : Aayushman, ayushmann khurrana, khurana, Sippy, mikey mccleary, mike macleary, nautanki sala review, music review, songs.