A Big Thank You to Priyanka Chopra !!

A post which is long due. I want to thank Priyanka Chopra, for taking time and send me Autographed CDs of her movies soundtracks. Not once, but TWICE !!! Yay!! Piggy Chops you Rock :)

btw, she sent these through a contest on Twitter. So if you want to win such goodies, just follow her - @priyankaChopra

P.S. No, I am not her new PR manager :P

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Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani : Movie Review

Expectations always kills. Some ppl told me that Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani has nothing new to offer. Its just 'another' comedy movie. I strongly felt opposite of that. OK, agree it has 'nothing new' regarding storyline. But its absolutely a delightful tell. And no, its not just 'another' comedy movie. Its special because it is a clean comedy. No double meanings, no racist jokes - just pure fun.

After 'the best' comedy ever- Andaz Apna Apna, Rajkumar Santoshi had this extra heavy burden to make a comedy, cause comparisons must be there. But I wasn't expecting that this would be as great as AAA. Cause somethings are made only once. But overall, its worth watch.

Ranbir Kapoor steals the show. In his regular avatar, with happy go lucky attitude, he makes lovable appearance. His energy throughout the movie is extremely pleasing. Not even a single joke goes wrong. Also he has done a great job with dancing. I would surely vote for him in sequel to this. [Yes, it's in the making] Katrina is, as usual, Gorgeous! She also has perfected her regular character, rather NRI or Christian. Where her accented Hindi is acceptable. She also does nice job.

What's surprising in the movie is Darshan Jariwala. His role of Ranbir's dad is really fun. Though clichéd, one can't help but laugh all the way throughout his scenes. Watch out for the scene when he is made to sing a song.

References to AAA are definitely there. Even the villain is carbon copy of Paresh Rawal's character. But yes, all references are fun. Movie loses its pace just before intermission and in starting of second half, but it is required to move the story further.

Music of Pritam which did not impressed me much, fits the movie perfectly. Ranbir on screen is a treat to watch in the songs. So is Katrina :)

So there, if you have missed the movie, wait for DVD. Cause you can not afford missing all fun and frolic moments. A must watch for rom-com lovers.

My Rating: 3.5 / 5
Favorite Scenes: Dance Party, Climax, Singing Papa, Kat's Sallu Love.