Best of 2008 – U should not have missed...

Finally, here is my list of the movies – which you should never ever miss. A must watch movies from the year 2008. Each of them, offers creativity at its best. Fresh stories. Great acts. Tight screenplays. Full on laughs. Goody goody friendship moments. Forever Love. Great music.

Its all here. Cause its Bollywood. So rush to your dvd store, and pick any of the following if you have missed any of them. [I would not like to rate these movies from 1 to 10 and so on...Cause they are so good, I just can’t rate them].

Dil Se Ab Kaam Lo – NDTV’s new song for Mumbai

After paying tribute to Mumbai massacre's affected people, by the song 'Ek Lau iss tarah' by movie 'Aamir'; NDTV has come up with another song. This time, specially made for the channel. A song by Shilpa Rao, again. Songs name is 'Dil Se Ab Kaam Lo'. Beautiful words are by Neelesh Misra and soothing music, mostly guitar, is by Anurag Naidu. Shilpa's voice is so really good, I loved the feel of soothness in it.

Here are the lyrics of the same. And for 'Ek lau iss tarah' lyrics – click here. Also Ek Lau video is – here.

Reth mein sar kiye, yun hi baitha raha,

Socha Mushkil meri, Aise tal jaayegi,

Aur meri tarah, Sab hi baithe rahe,

Haath se ab, yeh duniya nikal Jaayegi.
Dil se ab kaam lo, Daud kar thaam lo,
Zindgi jo bachi hai, fisal jaayegi.....
Thodi si dhoop hai, aasmaano mein ab..
Aankhen kholo, nahi toh yeh bhar jaayegi.
Aankhen moonden hai, chhoo lo in ko zara...
Nabz phir, zindagi ki ye chal jaaegi....  [****]
Dil se ab kaam lo, Daud kar thaam lo,Zindgi jo bachi hai, fisal jaayegi.....
****Thanks a lot to Lyricist himself, for correcting this line. Here is his blog, Worth visiting. 

Movies I watched in 2008

Movies I watched in 2008

in order of most recent watch...

Sorry Bhai
Shrek The Third
Perfect Stranger
Scream 2
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Transporter 3
Evan Almighty
Eastern Promises
Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!
A Mighty Heart
Kaagaz Ke Phool
The Ring:2
Golmaal Returns
No Smoking
Exorcism of Emily Rose
Roadside Romeo
Wrong Turn 2
The X Files
Mumbai Meri Jaan
Exorcist : The Beginning
Schindler's List
A Wednesday
Singh is Kinng
Rock On !
Hero [Manderin Language]
Bachna Ae Haseeno
The Mummy: Dragon Emperor's Tomb
Ugly aur Pagli
Mission Istanbul
Lovestory 2050
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa
Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic
Sarkar Raj
Indiana Jones & the kingdom of Crystal Skull
Vantage Point
Chronicles of Narnia : The lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe
Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian
Monster House
U Me Aur Hum
Happy Feet
Krazzy 4
Charlotte's Web
The Abyss
Bas Ek Pal
Date Movie
10,000 B.C.
30 Days of Night
Jodhaa Akbar
Halla Bol
National Treasure : Book of Secrets
Golden Compass
My name is Anthony Gonsalves
I am a legend

Girls of 2008

Finally, the Year, is coming to an end. And this, is my most favorite time of the year. Always I used to read annual issues of magazines, TV programs showing Best of....specials. And grand finale on 31st dec. So there, Now I also would like to try my hand at it. Since last four years, I was thinking of doing something like this on my blog.

Finally, I am doing it now. So here I present you Best and Worst of 2008. A series of blog posts on topics like, Girls of 2008, Music of 2008, Average and Bad movies of 2008, Good Movies of 2008 and finally Best Movies of 2008. Also to mention, Movies which I missed out watching in 2008 [which deserves a watch]. One appendix will also be there, on other movies I have seen which are not released in 2008.

Okay, this seems a big assignment for me. Let's see how much can I complete. So lazy I i fear will this be completed or not.............till then..........celebrate life.
Year 2008, witnessed interesting new generation of actress on Hindi cinema screen. Some were damn good, some were average and some who shined in 2007, lost their way [kareena anyone?] There, my list goes below, THE Girls, I found..........

Girl, whom I liked : Ayesha Takia. For the movie Sunday. Why? Its her smile, and her style of talking, that I really liked it. OK, she is chubby, way more then a normal actress. Who cares?

Girl, who rocked :
Shahana Goswami. To balance married life, as well as part of a rock band once, both roles are so seamlessly performed by this great newbie in movie Rock On. Totally, Rocked the screens, between powerhouse performances by others as well.

Girl, who surprised :Prachi Desai. Again one from Rock on ! I just couldn't believe, when I saw her silent but firm performance in the movie. I was thinking this would only be okay performance cause she is coming from 'K' serials. But seriously, she did wonders.

Girl, who disappointed : Minissha Lamba, in movie Shaurya, she did fab job. Equally in popcorn Bachna Ae Haseeno, she was comendable of them all. But where she disappointed me, was Kidnap. What was the need to be sexy when you are not good at it? You even don't have good height to carry off hotness. Awful that was. Disappointment.

Girls, who sizzled :
On the other hand, there are girls who set screen on fire in this year.
To start off with, Neha Dhupia. In the film, Mithya. She is so underrated. She did amazing act in this movie, as far as I think. And oozed hotness everywhere on the screen. Playing a struggling actress, she dressed so good, she looked sizzling.

Next is Mugdha Godse, in the movie Fashion. Even supermodel didn't looked the way she was in the movie. Superb.

As a supermodel, I didn't liked Piggy chops. Priyanka looked absolutely stunning in each frame of Dostana. Rather then in Fashion, here she looked more independent and surprisingly slimmer. Add hotness of Miami to this...finally you get sweat all over.

Girl, who lightened up screen: Anushka Sharma, reminded me of Kajol. OK, its a big comparison. But still the way she presented herself in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, she totally looked gorgeous. One could not keep his eye off the screen when she was around.

Girl, who made me flattered : Asin. I felt flattered after watching her in Ghajini. Absolutely amazing screen presence. I think, even Aamir must be fearing of not getting overshadowed by her. Amazing comic timing, superb emotions - watch out everyone. She is here.

Girl, whom I just Loved :Genelia D'Souza, Jaane tu............Yaaa....jaaanee naaaa....Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi...................What to say? She is SO SO SO good, I can't keep my eyes off her in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa. The way she speaks, The way she smiles [Aditi hans de hans de]. The way she fights [Fattoo...tu ...teri maa....tera poora khandan fattooo....]. I JUST LOVED HER.

Hey Hey Hey, One last is there.
Girl, who did Jaw Dropping act: This is fun. But seriously, Aparna Kumar, did shockingly Jaw dropping Vamp Act in Yuvvraaj. I just couldn't resist her dressup. See for yourself. The only thing to SEE in the movie.

Ghajini - And its aftereffects [to all and to me]

After 3 viewings of the Great Revenge Saga, ever - Ghajini - is all over around me.

Yes, it must sound crazy, but I have completed my 3 viewings today. In this another two viewings, I was so keen on seeing reactions of audience. First time when I went to halls, I was totally into the movie, that I can't see any reactions. But this time I noted all. So I chose, another cinema hall, nereby where I live. There, the movie was having its First day, Last show. So public response shall be notable, I thought.

People, Laughed, Cried, felt pity of Asin, and felt adrenaline rush in their veins. Starting from start, when Aamir Enters, people went out of control. Shouting and shouting. Another when he removes his t shirt. Man everyone go crazy. Then when Asin came, [whistle………………..]. Aamir looks at her for the first time – the background music starts [starting piece of 'guzarish'-croon by Javed Ali] – everyone got mad. They thought the songs will come now – but they had to wait untill second half – though. Asin's funny scenes are totally hit. She is so confortable with it that audience totally relate themselves to her, and involve in fun world around her. Even a single one-liner, didn't went wrong. Everyone could catch that line.

Ghajini, Enters. Maybe after Mogambo, here comes a villain, who gets whistles for his dialogues. Wow.

Second half, is most engaging, in terms of audience reactions. Two great songs. 'Guzaarish' got all applaud it deserves. And People went emotional even in 'Kaise mujhe' song. I think it's the MOST PERFECT moment in the movie.I just loved that portion. Everyone in audience got SO SO SO emotional at that time [even the masses, seriously]. The moment is NOT THAT MUCH emotional in terms of Bollywood emotional moments goes. Like, couple is parting their ways or they are separated – those were the moments in Hindi cinema when people cried in songs. BUT THIS IS SIMPLY AWESOME. Showing true love, Asin wins all over.

Even greater thrilling moments. I can see people sitting on edge of seats. When Asin hides in her own home, I can listen to heartbeats of people around me [SERIOUSLY]. Pin drop silence. Everyone felt – poor girl. Everyone felt pity of her again, when Sanjay forgot his mobile in his car. When Sanjay goes back, Asin says 'mat jaao…mat jaao…'. Man, since Rang De Basanti, I have never seen such silence in hall. When her cell rings back, and the baddies come back to chase her, everyone felt 'ohhhhh…no..'. And When Sanjay-Kalpana gets hit by Ghajini, everyone was so Shocked, no one uttered a single word. Everyone was so emotional, I felt like its happening live in front of us. When the scene got over, I ran my eyes all over the hall, people were trying to get back from trauma. So upset everyone was.

And finally when, Sanjay gets his deal, Ghajini. He gives punch by punch treatment to everyone. Non stop shouting and whistling was all over. And at last, when he hits with Rod, people started clapping. So am I. Amazing experience, that was. Again I would like to use term, MIND BLOWING………………………….

Now, the aftereffects, to me.

  1. I now have post it notes, all over my PC, at home and at office.
  2. Going and coming back from work, listening to Ghajini on iPod.
  3. Discussions between me and my colleague, Ghajini-Aamir and Asin.
  4. 'Aise maaroonga ke Naakhun bhi nahi bachega' at fun fights amongst friends.
  5. Passing remark '15 minute ka memory loss' every time, when someone forgets something.
  6. Asin's pictures as my Nokia phone's theme.
  7. Aamir's biceps as screensaver of mobile.
  8. Kaise Mujhe – video as Ringtone mobile.
  9. Ofcourse, Ghajini movie wallpapers and screensaver on pc.
  10. Searching for Tamil Ghajini.
  11. Posting reviews just everywhere around wide wide Web.
  12. Discussing with friends, who are far away from me, about the movie, long long time.
  13. And last but not the least………..writing mad posts on the movie itself……………………….

Mind Blowing Experience - Ghajini Movie Review

Awesome…awesome..awesome….faublous…fabulous….fabulous……amazing…..stupendous…….clap clap clap……yahoo………….yippeee…….hurray……………wah wah wah…….Aai La…..

This is all I m feeling after watching the YEAR’S MOST AWAITED movie, Ghajini. First of all, thanks thanks a lot, God, for making it releasing today itself, after all the fuss about court’s stay. I was at theatre to find out whether its ON or not. And calming down my heartbeats, I found that its ON !!!!

At first look, I quite DID NOT liked the movie’s starting. The very first, title graphics is straight lift of the movie, Perfect Stranger. [may be it’s the same theme which leads to that]. And very first is Jiah Khan. That scene too, was underdeveloped. Then, Enter AK himself. BANG !!!! [I shouted out, wooooooo] There, I got so much excited. The scene was damn, action scene. Cruel, Sanjay Singhania, making his way to find Ghajini. From that scene, I didn’t find any single scene, which is un-necessary or over the top.

I was so much in dizzy, that I would not like the ‘southern style’ of action. The flying men, or one punch and do it all, kind of things. But A R Murgadoss, the director, makes us drink bitter medicine, with so style that we drink it and swallow it all. After I came out of cinema, I didn’t find anything un-usual.

Movie goes into flashback, after a couple of scenes. And Lovely, love story starts. Enter, Kalpana [Asin]. With the song ‘Aye Bachchu’ She is simply SUPERB. SUPERB. I just loved the way her role is shaped up. It has many shade, then just one of happy go lucky girl. Half an hour with her, is totally fun. My sides were aching by the funny moments she shared with Aamir and in other scenes. She is so natural. So confident. Never I did feel that she is first timer in Hindi cinema. Her death scene was so so so good.
Come back into the present. Jiah khan further investigates, and meanwhile *****************spoilers ahead*************** Ghajini [Pradeep Singh Rawat, fantastic job man] finds out who is searching for him. Thanks to Jiah [who by mistake does so]. And there starts interesting turn in the movie. Ghajini played by Pradeep, is so so so good. After so long time, a typical Masala movie villain, is on screen. He has his own hiding place, guarded by his own man, and typical look of hindi cinema villain. spoilers end***************

Again in Second half, the movie goes back to another BEAUTIFUL flashback, with songs I just love, Guzaarish and Kaise Mujhe. And some really moving scenes.
As I mentioned earlier somewhere, Kaise mujhe will surely bring tears to me. It DID. Yes, the song came at really beautiful moment, that I could easily shed some tears to. And to my another guess, the Shreya ghoshal portion came, at such a moment, where I easily wept.

Action is in top gear. Yes, its kind of little hard to believe. But this is style, nothing else. Killing and crunching bones, cracking necks, rods and hockeys and much more. This movie is not for faint hearted people, who easily gets disturbed by such scenes. Even the first scene itself, is so brutal. It gives you sign of further development of the movie.

Aamir, what can I say ??!! I don’t have words to describe his performance. At one moment, he is so busy fighting off bad guys, flying them in air, killing them in a snap, and then, in the other moment, he just forgets it all and trying to remember where he is !!!!! FAB FAB…BRAVO !!!! Marvelous act, one of the best [as usual]. Even in Romantic scenes, he is just superb. Reminded me of his earlier days. Interesting connection to LAGAAN, here I found. In Sanjay and Kalpana’s lovestory, where sanjay insist on being a common man to Kalpana, if that is the way Kalpana loves him, then he would tell her that he is so rich and famous. Remember, the story behind Lagaan?? Spirit of Lagaan describes the same principle. ‘’if you believe in script, rather then Aamir is acting in it…then only you can be a part of this creation’.
[P.S.: How cool is to have same jacket as Aamir is wearing throughout the movie?? see below-thats mine....ok..almost same...but its about a year old...]
But Yes, I have a complaint. Jiah Khan is under used. She is barely there. OK, she didn’t have much to do in this so busy busy story, but given some good scene would be enough.

I just don’t have any complain for the music department. Unlike earlier offering of Rehman, this movie featured good videos to his great music. All songs are just great. From Aye bachchu, to Lattooo. From colorful Behka to soulful Kaise Mujhe. And best picturised ‘Guzaarish’. Great Great.

This movie really fulfilled all my expectations with it. So much hype, all paid. Simply a paisa vasooool. A must watch. A great example of Hindi cinema’s Song, Dance, Drama, Action – dose. Go ……….run to the halls……..

I would easily rate this one of the BEST of Aamir's movie, and of 2008.

Thats 4.5 /5 stars for Ghajini.

New Promos - I just love some.....

Its treat for me...such a big lot is coming. Each channel is showing, Exlucsive First Looks of new movies. I just love love it....being exclusive.....
See my this Youtube Playlist.....

I just loved Delhi 6 [amazing music, must be Rahman?!!][from the makers of...RDB]
New York also seems promising. [Nicki, here is John for you]
Aashayein is what i am waiting since long. ....[John again, and Nagesh]
Luck By chance [Shankar Ehsaan] [also Farhan, koko, Juhi...]
Billo Barber [Irrrrrrfan Khan, and Laraaaaa....hummmmm][checkout those girls along with 'star' SRK]
vICTORY [Harman ???!!!! nahiiinnnnnn...looks like Cricket Chak DE??!!]

Oye ! Its Friday... And Jiah Khan ignored !

Oye its friday, the chat show in line with Kofee with Karan, by Farhan Akhtar is finally on air.

Chek out its website. which also features Farhan's blog too.

Its total fun. I assure its worth visit. The show itself is rockin. Just not chat, its stand up comedy and good dance performances. First epi was with Hrithik. Now second was with Aamir. (i missd it, ;-( but wil watch re-telecast.)

Ignored by Aamir.
Yes, the news piece on Headlines Today tells the same. [I couldn't find that online] When interviewed askd abt being left out, she told 'Asin is senior then me, and i admire the publicity stuff. I m kool abt it'. But her face told it all.

And there too.. She was doing promotions - Alone. Poor girl....

Ghajini-Spoiled by AAMIR (but no spoilers here)

Yes, after so many sms roaming in mobile phone circuit, about story of Ghajini. And instantly deleting them without reading, my GHAJINI is spoiled by none other then Aamir himself.

Yes, in a recent press conference, mr.perfect spilled beans about the climax itself. By mistake ofcourse.

Oh god! And my bad luck is, i read that article in newspaper. Hard luck always follows me whenever i try to keep surprises of movies away from me before watching it. I hope the climax would not be like that, what Aamir told.

Lagaan – History Revisited

Note: Click on pictures to get enlarged view.

meanwhile you can see all of this pics and more of them in my THIS album.

After so many posts by theBollywoodFan [I think the biggest fan of Lagaan, I have ever met], I thought I should try my hand at this great flick too. [I know I can't write SUCH good words, like he does]. Also Lagaan being my most favorite movie.

When I commented in tBF's blog, he was so glad to know that I had visited the location of shoot where Lagaan did happen. So I decided to visit the place Again, and this time with a camera [which I forgot last time, and I din't have camera phone too]. And voila, tBF's Birthday was recently. So here, is my birthday gift for you.

So, there, I was. At Mandvi, a very remote place in Kutchh region of Gujarat state of India. Many parts of the shoot was done over here. While the main set of village Champaner was about 50kms away from here, Village Kuneria near district headquarter Bhuj. These days I am working at nearby place. So last weekend, I just packed my bag and alone went to the place. Listening to the songs of nothing but Lagaan and other songs by A R Rehman. Due to security warnings on coastal area [cause Pakistan border is very near], I chose not to go by my vehicle, and went by a bus.

Here, when my iPod started 'Rang de basanti', and at the same time scene outside my window was this -

Then I reached the place, Mandvi, which once upon a time, was a big port. When wooden ships were ruling the seas. Still they are made here
That reminded me of recently watched flick – Evan Almighty –

Then I reached THE place. The Vijay Vilas Palace – 5 kms away from main city. I felt really crazy. Really happy….and so on. I was visiting the place for second time – still the feel was awesome. From main gate, the palace is 1km inside a little kind of jungle. See here. The jungle which was used for the introduction scene of Bhuvan. I din't dare to go beneath that little jungle, as I was alone J

In the movie – its here.

My ipod was still playing Lagaan. I played trick. Turned to the track 'spirit of Lagaan'. When I was about to see the palace. See, how its hiding under bushes and trees

When I saw the peak of palace, my iPod started the track. Amazing feeling it was. The Royal Sound was coming from Rehman. Then I entered there. Its Not as great as many palaces in India, but still it had the 'Lagaan' factor, which feels great. I don't want to talk much about the palace history, as its available on Wiki. But see, its beautiful.

See the movie snapshot -.

Now most of the part of this blog is going to be a photo blog. Just the pics I have taken, and the pics from movie itself. You will recognize them which is from movie and by me, itself.

In the movie,

And without the flowers,

also Lakha is coming that way…

This, and this

The entrance of the palace. Here…
King Pragmalji is looking at his palace, always, as an idol. See here.

While our Reel life king is here. See behind him.

When brother-sister, confrontation happened on the terrace….. This terrace witnessed it all..

The terrace also witnessed Charm of Elizabeth…here.

That terrace was the most favorite place of mine. I played non-stop, the track 'O rey Chhori' while roaming there. Its on height and on two sides of the palace, sea is there. So atmosphere and look is awesome from there.

No drop of rain no glowing flame…

The beautiful dome…
only thing I missed in the following picture, was – Rachelle. Wished if doors get open, and she comes…

Like this… [the room is locked, visitors are not allowed, as the king still live in there sometimes]
After such hard about a shower….or maybe a fountain ??

Ufff…………tired? Need chairs?? Here are some. But look for Rachelle, she is roaming here too…..

See…I told you ..she's here
Also these chairs used for breakfast…


OOOOPSSS……That's me…..[sorry dear Rajaji, but I couldn't resist being part of the history ;-)]

Last three photos were taken inside the palace, where there are antique things are placed. So many of them are there, but my hard luck was – there was some power failure , so couldn't take much pics inside. Cause it was dark.

Still I managed to take some interesting pics, see for yourself.
The Lagaan crew with King of Mandvi, [see Aamir wearing cap]. Very fuzzy pics are here, due to low lighting conditions. Person wearing cap is King, and lady next to him is Queen. While I can't recognize any other of them. Help me out if you know. [click on image to enlarge]

Now going on other movie. Yes, another movie shot here was Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Only some portion of the song 'Chand Chhupa' was shot on the terrace of this palace. See for yourself.

While, watching the movie again, I found one interesting trivia. See these two pictures I found in museum of the palace. These pictures shows different shots of the song 'Chand chhupa'. Which are different than what is shown in the movie. [pic quality is poor due to low light].

See in the museum picture,

While in the movie, we saw this

Another one……in the museum was………….
And in the movie,,,,it was…….

Maybe, the song itself in the soundtrack, was long. And in the movie, one antara was cut. So must be re-shoot.
Now coming back to Lagaan. [is this post getting Long??!!!]

I left after some good hours at the Palace. Humming and listening 'Chale Chalo' [as I was returning from British Chhavni]. I met someone. In the jungle outside. A girl. Look who's that?

Though, she was very shy, and quickly ran away. Giving me hint about this….from the movie again.
While leaving the palace, at the main gate, something still striked in my mind about Lagaan…..see the boys playing the most favorite sport of India.

Near to the palace, there is a beautiful beach. And a more beautiful beach resort, where Lagaan crew came every other weekend to get tanned. The Beach Palace Resort. See for yourself.

Why I have put that pic? Again, Lagaan is the reason. See Bhuvan, Gauri and Elizabeth dancing on its sand…

Another movie strikes in my mind, when I saw this Restaurant cum Beach Hut of the resort……which movie???? Here is a hint,, its another Aamir's movie…
Now….come on ,,,,give answer in comment…here is the photo of the beach hut.


There my journey to the History. Once upon a time, in Mandvi. Was over. So tired I was. And so much content too, because of being part of the History. I lied down at beach. Got wet in waters. Chased Crabs…….. Wrote my name on Virgin Beach.

Had fun……

My next target is……nothing else but the Village Kuneria….Where the set was constructed for Champaner. I know that there is nothing left overthere. The set and even the temple is removed after the movie shoot was over. Still….i want to touch that land….where the greatest match was played.