Ghajini-Spoiled by AAMIR (but no spoilers here)

Yes, after so many sms roaming in mobile phone circuit, about story of Ghajini. And instantly deleting them without reading, my GHAJINI is spoiled by none other then Aamir himself.

Yes, in a recent press conference, mr.perfect spilled beans about the climax itself. By mistake ofcourse.

Oh god! And my bad luck is, i read that article in newspaper. Hard luck always follows me whenever i try to keep surprises of movies away from me before watching it. I hope the climax would not be like that, what Aamir told.


  1. Oh, no! Thanks for not spoiling it for us, though. That was thoughtful. And thanks for the warning! I'll be careful about what I read on it now-who knows, someone else may mention it :)

  2. Oh my gosh, too funny. Except for the people who haven't seen the other versions maybe? I remember he said it would differ from Memento and the Tamil version. But thanks for the warning; I *hate* having endings spoiled.

  3. Oooh, could you e-mail me the spoilers? I want to know. I've seen both versions already and am just curious.

  4. Nida : Yes, be careful. I have never read a single article abt the movie. But this one caught my eye. Sad.

    Ajnabi : Yes, it is different from those movies. And i even heard that last half an hour is changed as per his choice. I dont know any of older movies story. So fingers crossed.

    Nicki : Email is in ur inbox. Still, if u change ur mind, do not open it !!

  5. I hope we find it's not true. Aamir's been dealing with the media for close to two decades now, and I would think there's NO WAY he would let all the work that went into a movie be given away. Not himself, at least.

    I do hear, however, that there are some who are sending these dumb text messages all over the place, with the climax. I got one too, and deleted it, of course. That's not to say it's correct. But even if it is, that's okay, it only validates Aamir's standing -- people have been out to get him for years :)

  6. PS: If you have a link to Aamir saying it, send it to me please! thebollywoodfan at gmail dot com. Thanks bro.

  7. tBF:
    Yes, so many sms are there. And true Aamir is ace while it comes dealing with media. But this was serious news article in newspaper, not in sms.

    I m searching..........

    here is the link

    this is a Gujrati newspaper though. just turn to page 12 of this ePaper. And at rightside, down there, that is the piece.

  8. Aah, okay, cool. No worries, mane Gujarati waanchwa awreche (I might not speak it very well, but I can read, lol).

    I hope this is typical gossip material. Seems like it, and I've heard Aamir say this before somewhere, don't remember where, but I've been watching so many videos of him speak on the film, it's out there somewhere.

    From what I know of the Tamil film, which I haven't seen, this doesn't seem to be the subject of the climax. I might well be wrong, of course, because the climax has been changed. Can't imagine others wouldn't pick up on it already if it were that big a deal. It's an interesting thought, though...oh well, we'll see soon! I just discovered my local theater WILL play it on Wednesday. WOO HOO!

  9. I never got the e-mail. :( But I did check out that link but I can't read it, hehehe


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