Best of 2008 – U should not have missed...

Finally, here is my list of the movies – which you should never ever miss. A must watch movies from the year 2008. Each of them, offers creativity at its best. Fresh stories. Great acts. Tight screenplays. Full on laughs. Goody goody friendship moments. Forever Love. Great music.

Its all here. Cause its Bollywood. So rush to your dvd store, and pick any of the following if you have missed any of them. [I would not like to rate these movies from 1 to 10 and so on...Cause they are so good, I just can’t rate them].


  1. Hey there Darshit! I didn't like Shaurya that much. I mean it's fine and dandy but I thought Minissha was wasted, it's sorta like the Hollywood film, A Few Good Men. I reviewed it sometime ago. I'll have to watch some more films of 2008 before making my list of 2008.

    I'm still working on my Memento vs Ghajini post. Been too busy at work! Urgh!

  2. Yes Nicki, I know Shaurya was a remake of A Few Good Men. I missed that movie lot of times, whenever its on TV. But still the movie travels a different road.
    Its Kay Kay Menon, who is such a great actor, to watch out for, in this movie. I got into hall with expectations for Rahul Bose. And went out with hard hitting climax which solely goes for Kay Kay. You oughta see this movie, just for that.

    And yes, everyone has work. So don't panic. Relax. Now I am reading your Ghajini post. And ya, watch 2008 movies.

  3. Kay Kay and Rahul Bose are both on my list of implicable crushes. :) Love them.


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