Dil Se Ab Kaam Lo – NDTV’s new song for Mumbai

After paying tribute to Mumbai massacre's affected people, by the song 'Ek Lau iss tarah' by movie 'Aamir'; NDTV has come up with another song. This time, specially made for the channel. A song by Shilpa Rao, again. Songs name is 'Dil Se Ab Kaam Lo'. Beautiful words are by Neelesh Misra and soothing music, mostly guitar, is by Anurag Naidu. Shilpa's voice is so really good, I loved the feel of soothness in it.

Here are the lyrics of the same. And for 'Ek lau iss tarah' lyrics – click here. Also Ek Lau video is – here.

Reth mein sar kiye, yun hi baitha raha,

Socha Mushkil meri, Aise tal jaayegi,

Aur meri tarah, Sab hi baithe rahe,

Haath se ab, yeh duniya nikal Jaayegi.
Dil se ab kaam lo, Daud kar thaam lo,
Zindgi jo bachi hai, fisal jaayegi.....
Thodi si dhoop hai, aasmaano mein ab..
Aankhen kholo, nahi toh yeh bhar jaayegi.
Aankhen moonden hai, chhoo lo in ko zara...
Nabz phir, zindagi ki ye chal jaaegi....  [****]
Dil se ab kaam lo, Daud kar thaam lo,Zindgi jo bachi hai, fisal jaayegi.....
****Thanks a lot to Lyricist himself, for correcting this line. Here is his blog, Worth visiting. 


  1. Anonymous11:02

    Hi Darshit,

    Thanks for the kind words about my song. It is a labour of love -- everyone involved worked for it tirelessly because we wanted to make a point, and worked gratis, and got great satisfaction at the end of it.

    The line that you had a doubt about it "Nabz phir, zindagi ki ye chal jaaegi"

    There are also some minor typos in the other lines. I shall put up the lyrics on my blog today, in case you would like to take that version.

    Cheers and Happy New Year
    Neelesh Misra

  2. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God
    I have got YOUR comment. I can't believe. Thanks a lot for your visit to my not so worth Blog.
    And I am looking extremely forward to your new version of the song.

    Thanks thanks again.
    And thanks for that correction, cause I have written this post, only after first listen to it.

  3. here is the video of the song


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