Rab ne Bana di Jodi ??!!!

First things first, I fell in love with Anushka. She looks so beautiful, so charming, its so easy. She reminds me of Kajol in some scenes. And her acting is too..Second thing I loved was, the picturisation of the Golden Temple of Amritsar. After Rang De Basanti, this was amazing picturisation of the amazing place.

So, one of the most expected release of the year, is released. Now only one left. Is it worth? I think, the answer is No. Yes, I am being harsh to big movies, since some of recent movies, but I don't know, the things simply don't work for me. Though I was not expecting MUCH more from this Yashraj flick [by looking at their recent record]. Still Aditya Chopra made expectations magnified. While he delivers just another Yashraj churnout.

I don't know, why everyone involved with the movie, were creating suspence about the story?? There is nothing Unique, to hide before release. Story is so much predictable, and not much new. Adi needs some homework now.
I would not go for dissection of the movie. Here are my Pros and Cons of the movie. Just my views.

1. Anushka - she was fabulous. In every scene. So charming. She is here to stay. Never she looked like a newcomer.
2. All confrontation scenes between Surinder [SRK] and Taani [anushka]. One thing was interesting, most of the scenes were without background music. It created great effect.
3. The Song of the songs. 'hum hai rahi pyar ke'. All guest appearances. Wow. SRK was awesome in all dances. I missed one thing. Wished if a SRK medley was there, then it would be fantastic. Though the song was useless in the movie, it worked for me.
4. SRK's different getups during the song 'Haule Haule'.
5. Picturisation of all songs. Especially 'tujh me rab dikhta hai'.
6. Good choreography. Especially in Climax. Bravo Anushka. And SRK too.
7. And lastly, its the Surinder [SRK] who carried the movie on his own. Despite of its flaws.
8. Vinay Pathak.

1. Predictable story and even dialogues.
2. Silly and boring monologues.
3. Typical 'Kahani mein twist'
4. Too many flaws.
5. Length is more for such a short story.
6. Indigestible values and virtues, why such a forward girl gets ready to marry surinder?
7. Equally indigestible SRK's second getup. Overact ruled. Awful dressing.
8. DHOOM ??!! Why can't Yashraj's get enough of it? In every second film, they mention that movie. OK, In this movie, the scene is quite enjoyable. But can you guys spare us now from already chewed tune?9. Totally artificial creation of 'Amritsar di galiyaan'.

So there, two out of three movies [Yuvvraj, RNBDJ] has disappointed me in the year end Hope the year will end on a good note with Ghajini.

Promo shown with the movie, was of the movie 'New York' directed by Kabir Khan [Kabul Express]. Produced by Yashraj. Starring John, Katrina and Neil. Promising promo. Let's see....


  1. Anonymous13:27

    Here's another lover of Anushka ;) She looks gorgeous. And she's one of the most beautiful newcomers (like Katrina was in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya).

    This movie is still-to-watch in my list. Do you recommend me to watch this?

  2. Anonymous13:39

    I would say, go for it. Yes it has flaws. But still is has some moments. And some good things, which i have mentioned.
    So if you do not get easily bored, then go for it.

  3. Darshit,

    Great blog! Will add you to my blogroll!:)

    Anyways, good review. I couldn't agree more--as you see in my review, I too loved Anushka, thought the movie was nothing more than another mediocre Yashraj turnout. And I'm also so sick of the "Dhoom" references!!!!

    Interesting comparison of Anushka to Kajol. Actually, now that you mention it, she reminded me of her too, in "DDLJ"! I can't think of a particular scene, and not sure of that was Aditya's intention, but it worked!

    I loved the star cameos--esp Kajol! I get chills every time I see her share screen space with Shahrukh, perhaps because I feel like they came up in Bollywood together.

  4. Nida :
    Hey, So nice of you, to add me on your blogroll.
    I think you are a great writer, my English is not that much good.

    Yes Aditya did have intentions to make Anushka look like Kajol. See my Sidebar pic of Kajol, in Fanaa. Same makeover is there. Also, in one particular scene, when Anushka first meets Raj, and turning from him, her facial expressions are DITTO Kajol.

    Talking about Star Cameos; I really SHOUTED when Kajol came up on screen. That's me...

  5. Anonymous17:15

    Hi darshit, it,s me chandu. Ya, i am visited your blog. I feel very good, because I spent a lot of time there.
    Today I watched Rab ne Bana di Jodi. I liked this movie very much. Of course it is not up to the expectations being more expecting movie. See everybody expects more at the end of the year. But I feel this is the best romantic movie for the year. I expected kahani me twist, because climax is made just like a Tamil movie “Parthipan Kannavu” Songs are very nice, picturisation is very well.
    Year’s second least debute Taani (Anuska) is looking good. Act’s well, but I think she can’t replace Kajol’s place. And coming to Surinder/Raj (SRK)as routine in the earlier movies he drives the entire movie on his own. A tough competition in film fare for Amir Khan. I expected his second name should be Rahul, any how it is started with ‘R’.
    May be the “DHOOM” factor results for a third sequel.

  6. Hey Chandu,
    Better late then never. Thankx for ur words. Hoping to hear more from you.
    Yes, nO one can replace Kajol. But may be Adi was insisting Anushka looked like kajol.
    That R thing Yes. Thank god he didn't named after Rahul. Cause I would hate his character more then. Cause Rahul, gave us more memorable performances in past. .....

  7. Don't let your fiance read this post("I fell in love with Anushka"). She will be very angry.

  8. haha, thanks for the warning Shantanu. Now I have to hide my blog id from my Fiamce, or I need to 'censor' down my posts :D


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