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Finally, the Year, is coming to an end. And this, is my most favorite time of the year. Always I used to read annual issues of magazines, TV programs showing Best of....specials. And grand finale on 31st dec. So there, Now I also would like to try my hand at it. Since last four years, I was thinking of doing something like this on my blog.

Finally, I am doing it now. So here I present you Best and Worst of 2008. A series of blog posts on topics like, Girls of 2008, Music of 2008, Average and Bad movies of 2008, Good Movies of 2008 and finally Best Movies of 2008. Also to mention, Movies which I missed out watching in 2008 [which deserves a watch]. One appendix will also be there, on other movies I have seen which are not released in 2008.

Okay, this seems a big assignment for me. Let's see how much can I complete. So lazy I i fear will this be completed or not.............till then..........celebrate life.
Year 2008, witnessed interesting new generation of actress on Hindi cinema screen. Some were damn good, some were average and some who shined in 2007, lost their way [kareena anyone?] There, my list goes below, THE Girls, I found..........

Girl, whom I liked : Ayesha Takia. For the movie Sunday. Why? Its her smile, and her style of talking, that I really liked it. OK, she is chubby, way more then a normal actress. Who cares?

Girl, who rocked :
Shahana Goswami. To balance married life, as well as part of a rock band once, both roles are so seamlessly performed by this great newbie in movie Rock On. Totally, Rocked the screens, between powerhouse performances by others as well.

Girl, who surprised :Prachi Desai. Again one from Rock on ! I just couldn't believe, when I saw her silent but firm performance in the movie. I was thinking this would only be okay performance cause she is coming from 'K' serials. But seriously, she did wonders.

Girl, who disappointed : Minissha Lamba, in movie Shaurya, she did fab job. Equally in popcorn Bachna Ae Haseeno, she was comendable of them all. But where she disappointed me, was Kidnap. What was the need to be sexy when you are not good at it? You even don't have good height to carry off hotness. Awful that was. Disappointment.

Girls, who sizzled :
On the other hand, there are girls who set screen on fire in this year.
To start off with, Neha Dhupia. In the film, Mithya. She is so underrated. She did amazing act in this movie, as far as I think. And oozed hotness everywhere on the screen. Playing a struggling actress, she dressed so good, she looked sizzling.

Next is Mugdha Godse, in the movie Fashion. Even supermodel didn't looked the way she was in the movie. Superb.

As a supermodel, I didn't liked Piggy chops. Priyanka looked absolutely stunning in each frame of Dostana. Rather then in Fashion, here she looked more independent and surprisingly slimmer. Add hotness of Miami to this...finally you get sweat all over.

Girl, who lightened up screen: Anushka Sharma, reminded me of Kajol. OK, its a big comparison. But still the way she presented herself in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, she totally looked gorgeous. One could not keep his eye off the screen when she was around.

Girl, who made me flattered : Asin. I felt flattered after watching her in Ghajini. Absolutely amazing screen presence. I think, even Aamir must be fearing of not getting overshadowed by her. Amazing comic timing, superb emotions - watch out everyone. She is here.

Girl, whom I just Loved :Genelia D'Souza, Jaane tu............Yaaa....jaaanee naaaa....Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi...................What to say? She is SO SO SO good, I can't keep my eyes off her in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa. The way she speaks, The way she smiles [Aditi hans de hans de]. The way she fights [Fattoo...tu ...teri maa....tera poora khandan fattooo....]. I JUST LOVED HER.

Hey Hey Hey, One last is there.
Girl, who did Jaw Dropping act: This is fun. But seriously, Aparna Kumar, did shockingly Jaw dropping Vamp Act in Yuvvraaj. I just couldn't resist her dressup. See for yourself. The only thing to SEE in the movie.


  1. Anonymous13:08

    Was Sunday released in 2008? Don't know about it... You didn't mention the big girls like Kareena, Katrina, Karishma (KKK :D). Or are you mentioning only newcomers?

  2. Interesting but why no mention of Bips?? Just wondering. You know she's my fave girl crush. I agree with Bollywood Lover, where would you rate Kareena or Katrina - they both had films released this year.

  3. Bips is 'baap' of hotness. Nothing can come closer. But it is getting kinda usual. U know, even in Bachna Ae Haseeno, she did amazing acting. One of the best of her career.

    But reason why I spared her cause, this list is abt surprises, sumthing which is seen first time. Like renewed hot priyanka in Dostana. (i know she can never come closer to bips though).

    Now, Bebo and Kat. They did nothing special that i can go ga ga over. Size zero was useless, so was her chemistry. Look again, i had mentioned her in first para itself. And Kat, she did comendable act and looked gorgeous in Yuvvraj, but she's more of picture perfect then sexy. And not enough marks to get my distinction :-D

  4. My list would read something like this: Prachi Desai, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shahana Goswami, Genelia and of course Asin and Anushka Sharma. Anushka has a lovely smile :) You should have Chitrangada Singh too in the list. What an actress! Good to have her back in mainstream cinema.

  5. I really liked Ayesha in Salaam-e-Ishq but I don't *think* I've seen her in anything else. I wonder if Sunday's in my Netflix queue? I'll go check.

  6. Bhargav : Yes, Aish did find job in Sarkar Raj. This was only the second movie where I liked her. In Shabd, she was amazing. And I m not a big fan of her, either. So much hype around her, is mainly the reason.
    Chitrangada, is WOW. In Sorry Bhai. Yes, she is missing here. Cause, I watched that movie, only a day after this post. So there. She did interesting role in the movie.

    Ajnabi : Check out Sunday, on priority, if you loved Ayesha. Yes, me too on her Salam e Ishq, fanlist. On the other note, have you checked out one of her first movie - Socha Na Tha? Remember I recommended that one, in your Jab We Met post ?


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