Oye Lucky ! Lucky Oye ! - Fun 'Genuine'

The ONLY reason I went for this movie, was Abhay Deol. The different Deol. He is always good in whatever character he plays. Always different from the link. And likeable. Okay, Dibakar Banerjee - the director, was good in his last movie 'Khosla ka Ghosla'. But since I haven't watched it much, only titbits, but still I was not looking much forward [maybe not my kind of genre]. But this was a Serious Fun. Yes, showing truth of life - and at the same time making us laugh- - and that too, without giving any 'Moral lectures' and all. My expectations went fulfilled really. The film is not that 'Great' sort of, but still somewhere it touches you and gets into your mind for somedays.

Though the subject is not completely new. We have seen this story line in many movies, recently in Bunty aur Babli. Which worked well for me too. But here, the treatment is somewhat different, the raw feel, the desi feel is there that makes it fun to be with.

The story is about Lucky 'the superchor' as police puts it. Starts with Lucky [Abhay] getting ready for press conference, in Jail. Yes, after getting caught, he is brought there. The movie then goes into flashback, to reveal further. 15 yr old, middle class punjabi boy Lucky. The crazy & tapori in the gullies of somewhere in North India. Father Paresh Rawal, don't care too much for him and his mother too, as he is involved in an Auntie. So there our boy goes. Roaming outside home, masti with friends and hey, a cute girl [the greeting card shop owner's girl] is also there. [I absolutely loved their tine little love story].

To make her happy, and to keep the pace with the Riches, Lucky starts coning people and robbing little stuff. There he goes then. Getting confident with his best friend, and mastering all these things. Things get forwarded, and Lucky is now young. Working for Gogi Bhai. Serving him, robbing homes and shops for him. Meanwhile meets a girl, who at first doesnt fall for him. Neetu Chandra, afterwards get with him, cause of non-stop money flow [this is my perception, director left audience for thinking, why does it happens so]. Then splits and making his own money. And so on....

Story is quite refreshing. The way sequences designed, there is never a dull moment in it. Screenplay is good. Especially I liked the 15 year old boy's story. One thing I got amazed was a Triple Role. I won't reveal who's that was. Director too, don't clarify that, why one person is given 3 characters, all different. I got my answer as soon as I completed watching. So its better you find out it on your own. Speed of the story is also good. First half is one hour long, so is the second half. The feel of the movie, north indian + punjabi is excellent. Earlier I was not a fan of Raw punjabi accent and Fat comedy. But this is little bit different from that. Fun, in one word. One liners are too good. The way, Lucky robs off homes and shops, we get into splits. Though I think there could be more of that, and more comic then this. There is not a single scene where the movie makes fun of physical disablities or vulgar comments. Movie is clean that way. Thats really good in these times of double meaning comedy flicks. Music goes with atmosphere of the movie. All punjabi tracks. In between scenes.

My favorite scenes are so many. All con-scenes, 'the dog trick',are hillarious. 'Boy meets girl' is so sweet. And the climax is also good one. Could be better but good.

Acting department is in full form. Abhay as I said earlier, he is likeable. He looks totally into his character. The middle class boy, turned con-man. So easily he perform all his stuff. Keeping it cool. Neetu Chandra, after Traffic Signal, again sports the 'no make-up' look. And still looks good. Performs well as a middle class girl. Paresh Rawal is also very good. He hasn't overacted in this one, unlike other movies [frankly I didn't liked him in JTYJN]. Actor who has played Abhay's friend [can anyone give his name?] has also played it well. Archana Puran Singh, after long time, was good. Overall, nobody disappoints you.

So there, after depressing atmosphere of the nation, this one is breath of fresh air. Which can help get out of it. Watch this without any high expectation [which the movie never gave] and you will simply love it. I would rate it 3.5 stars.


  1. Thanks for the review! I can not wait for this movie! I adore Abhay. I think he looks more like Dharmendra than Sunny and Bobby. He's definitely such an underrated actor and stay away from mainstream films.

  2. At risk of sounding gay [though I am not], I would say Abhay is a sweetheart. Yes, He DOES looks like Dharam jee. Recently, I had seen a still from movie, Haqeeqat, Dharam was ditto Abhay.
    Abhay always does different movies, hope he will continue too.

  3. Anonymous23:40

    Funnily enough, he reminds me a bit of Joy Mukherjee, (Kajol's uncle) not his own!

    Anyhow, I was very impressed with Manorama-Six Feet Under and sounds like this one is going to be interesting too. Cant wait for it to come on DVD!

  4. I love Abhay too! Just saw it, and will be posting on it soon...

  5. Anonymous15:53

    srry guys...ma views abt dis movie r very diffrnt...for me d film was total shit...actin n all was gud...but basic requirement of a gud movie is a strong stry line...n den dis stry line is needs gud actin to make a gr8 film...but in oye lucky d basic stry line was missin...all u can c is lucky breaks into some house n comes out wid loads of stuff...at least in bunty dey showd how bunty n bubli con ppl...here u cant c anythin....
    ppl who havnt watchd it...take ma advice don c it...its worthless...jus a lump of shit...

  6. abay's friend is manu rishi


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