Mind Blowing Experience - Ghajini Movie Review

Awesome…awesome..awesome….faublous…fabulous….fabulous……amazing…..stupendous…….clap clap clap……yahoo………….yippeee…….hurray……………wah wah wah…….Aai La…..

This is all I m feeling after watching the YEAR’S MOST AWAITED movie, Ghajini. First of all, thanks thanks a lot, God, for making it releasing today itself, after all the fuss about court’s stay. I was at theatre to find out whether its ON or not. And calming down my heartbeats, I found that its ON !!!!

At first look, I quite DID NOT liked the movie’s starting. The very first, title graphics is straight lift of the movie, Perfect Stranger. [may be it’s the same theme which leads to that]. And very first is Jiah Khan. That scene too, was underdeveloped. Then, Enter AK himself. BANG !!!! [I shouted out, wooooooo] There, I got so much excited. The scene was damn, action scene. Cruel, Sanjay Singhania, making his way to find Ghajini. From that scene, I didn’t find any single scene, which is un-necessary or over the top.

I was so much in dizzy, that I would not like the ‘southern style’ of action. The flying men, or one punch and do it all, kind of things. But A R Murgadoss, the director, makes us drink bitter medicine, with so style that we drink it and swallow it all. After I came out of cinema, I didn’t find anything un-usual.

Movie goes into flashback, after a couple of scenes. And Lovely, love story starts. Enter, Kalpana [Asin]. With the song ‘Aye Bachchu’ She is simply SUPERB. SUPERB. I just loved the way her role is shaped up. It has many shade, then just one of happy go lucky girl. Half an hour with her, is totally fun. My sides were aching by the funny moments she shared with Aamir and in other scenes. She is so natural. So confident. Never I did feel that she is first timer in Hindi cinema. Her death scene was so so so good.
Come back into the present. Jiah khan further investigates, and meanwhile *****************spoilers ahead*************** Ghajini [Pradeep Singh Rawat, fantastic job man] finds out who is searching for him. Thanks to Jiah [who by mistake does so]. And there starts interesting turn in the movie. Ghajini played by Pradeep, is so so so good. After so long time, a typical Masala movie villain, is on screen. He has his own hiding place, guarded by his own man, and typical look of hindi cinema villain. spoilers end***************

Again in Second half, the movie goes back to another BEAUTIFUL flashback, with songs I just love, Guzaarish and Kaise Mujhe. And some really moving scenes.
As I mentioned earlier somewhere, Kaise mujhe will surely bring tears to me. It DID. Yes, the song came at really beautiful moment, that I could easily shed some tears to. And to my another guess, the Shreya ghoshal portion came, at such a moment, where I easily wept.

Action is in top gear. Yes, its kind of little hard to believe. But this is style, nothing else. Killing and crunching bones, cracking necks, rods and hockeys and much more. This movie is not for faint hearted people, who easily gets disturbed by such scenes. Even the first scene itself, is so brutal. It gives you sign of further development of the movie.

Aamir, what can I say ??!! I don’t have words to describe his performance. At one moment, he is so busy fighting off bad guys, flying them in air, killing them in a snap, and then, in the other moment, he just forgets it all and trying to remember where he is !!!!! FAB FAB…BRAVO !!!! Marvelous act, one of the best [as usual]. Even in Romantic scenes, he is just superb. Reminded me of his earlier days. Interesting connection to LAGAAN, here I found. In Sanjay and Kalpana’s lovestory, where sanjay insist on being a common man to Kalpana, if that is the way Kalpana loves him, then he would tell her that he is so rich and famous. Remember, the story behind Lagaan?? Spirit of Lagaan describes the same principle. ‘’if you believe in script, rather then Aamir is acting in it…then only you can be a part of this creation’.
[P.S.: How cool is to have same jacket as Aamir is wearing throughout the movie?? see below-thats mine....ok..almost same...but its about a year old...]
But Yes, I have a complaint. Jiah Khan is under used. She is barely there. OK, she didn’t have much to do in this so busy busy story, but given some good scene would be enough.

I just don’t have any complain for the music department. Unlike earlier offering of Rehman, this movie featured good videos to his great music. All songs are just great. From Aye bachchu, to Lattooo. From colorful Behka to soulful Kaise Mujhe. And best picturised ‘Guzaarish’. Great Great.

This movie really fulfilled all my expectations with it. So much hype, all paid. Simply a paisa vasooool. A must watch. A great example of Hindi cinema’s Song, Dance, Drama, Action – dose. Go ……….run to the halls……..

I would easily rate this one of the BEST of Aamir's movie, and of 2008.

Thats 4.5 /5 stars for Ghajini.


  1. Man, all I read was the last paragraph, less than two hours away for first show here, and it sounds really good! Can't wait! :) Will be back after seeing it. Cheers.

  2. So excited about this! Cant wait- totally cant wait!

  3. Anonymous11:09

    EXCITED!!! I'll love to watch it OOOOOOOO can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:10

    seriously... mujhse control nahin huya :D

  5. Hey, good review! I'm watching Ghajini tomorrow! Do check out my review in my blog. www.bhargavsaikia.com

    It'll be published tomorrow. Cheers.


  6. Thanks for your wonderful review. Now I really can't wait to watch it. I may do so on Sunday though.

  7. Agreed on all counts except the very beginning, Darshit. Truly fantastic stuff. I can't wait to get the video game to beat up the bad guys :)

  8. Anonymous13:40

    To, ALL :
    Merry Christmas [I know i m late, but i was in hangover of Ghajini]

    Truly, This is a GREAT Movie, anybody coming for a show? I m going again tonight.


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