Ghajini - Final Promo

At Last, I got to see Jiah in Ghajini Promo. I dont have link to this FINAL PROMO of Ghajini. Which is full fledged action packed. Aamir doing some serious action scenes. Suddenly it shows Jiah shouting for him. In nearly No-makeup look. She looks good. 
And then we see Aamir. Background music is the crooning of Benny in the song 'Kaise Mujhe'. Aamir is walking on street, like he is lost. That completely bowled me over his act. Surely the song Kaise mujhe will bring tears to us at various parts of the movie.


Last night when I was going to switch off my TV, then only I saw this promo, only the last portion. Do anybody has link to that??? Please do put into my comments. I am desparate to see that. As I am at work now, so I am not able to search for that video.


I have not seen the original version of the Movie. But I have a friend who is from Andhra. Recently when we were walking on road after dinner, he started to tell me the story. Know what I did?  I just scooted from there. I ran so fast from him that I cant listen his voice. Funny, isnt it? But always I am like that. I dont wanna know the story before the movie releases. But this promo bares it all. So there.....


P.S.: My advance booking has already been done, for back to back TWO shows of Ghajini on Christmas.


  1. Anonymous13:17

    Now Ghajini's release date is comming closer, can't wait more! The song, "Kaise Mujhe" is a lovely song.

  2. Anonymous17:34

    Hi T B L,
    Thanx for dropping by regularly.

    'Kaise Mujhe' is indeed an amazing song. I am dying of anticipation. Cant wait for Christmas.

  3. Lucky you Darshit! I don't yet know if my local theater is going to show it, won't know until the week of the film. Aamir is the only actor for whom I don't mind driving for hours, though, so it's not like I fear missing out day 1 show 1 :)


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