Yipee.....Ghajini is arriving Early

Don't know much about what happened, but Ghajini is releasing ONE day earlier then its planned 25.12.2008.
Now I have to cancel my tickets and do booking for 24.12.2008.

Can't wait..


  1. Great, great! =) It works out beautifully schedule-wise for me too.

  2. Anonymous13:33

    Yahoo! I'll watch it two times - one on 24th and one on 25th. That will help me to write a good review!

  3. Seems like everyone is so excited abt the releas.
    Still I have a 2nd thought.
    If this would release in first week of 2009, i would love the timing. Cause then, evry award would go 4 JTYJN. ;-)


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