Excavating Ruins of Dholavira - I love Travelling

I am very busy nowadays with so many pictures taken at Dholavira - a place in Gujarat, India. Its a great Harrappan Metropolitan city, it is believed that its about 4000 Years old. Surrounded by Salty deserts, it has breathtaking view all over it. And great excavation has been done. I was so fascinated with the place. Also near to the place, archeologists has found Wood Fossils, nearly 1.6 Billion years old. Here is Wiki link about it.
Shekhar Kapur has just been to these place in this month.
While my post about all these, will take much time. Enjoy three images about it. One was taken by me, of salt desert. And other, of Ruins of Citadel [palace] - from excavated site, which i have taken from shunya.net [cause i haven't yet sorted my pile of pictures]. The last one is showiing location of the site, see how magnificently the island [Named Khadir] is covered by nothing but Salty desert. Thanks Wikimapia for it.

26 January [India's Republic Day] - Some Videos to die for...

26th January, celebrated as Republic Day in India. This was the day, back in 1950, when our own constitution has been formed and implemented. The day, when India Finally, got its true Independence. Despite of its diversity, the Spirit of Unity, binds the nation since then.
Here I have chosen some Great videos showing India in its true colors. And its spirit of unity. Love and affection to its country. The following videos are work of classic, that can never be recreated. Most of them involving the Great, A.R.Rahman.
Here is the main reason why India Loves A.R.Rahman. [Youtube was not allowing to embed this video :-( ]

And more, 4 Videos are below, in my '26 January Playlist'

Jana Gana Mana :  National Anthem of India. Re-created by none other than Rahman. After the great rendition of Vande Mataram [see the video at link i mentioned above], this time Rahman gave stupendous version of the Anthem, and equally great video again created by Bharat Bala and Kanika of Bharatbala productions.
Two versions are back to back. One is with 'who's who' of Indian Classical music. An instrumental one, and other featuring Greatest Singers alive. Again, here Rahman becomes 'selfish' [I just like him being that] and the Best part is performed by him. At the end of each version, he is one to watch out for, and we get stunned by him.

Vande Mataram [Lata Mangeshkar] :A song, originally from the b/w movie 'Anand Math', that time also sung by Lata ji. The song recreated by Ranjit Barot and Bharatbala. Amazing video left us with goosebumps all over, and inspires to contribute to nation. Lataji even at this age, does extra ordinary singing.

Vande Mataram-Original [Revival - A R Rahman] : India has two songs. One National Anthem, discussed above, and second National Song, that is Vande Mataram [Not the one sung by Rahman]. Here is the original one, recreated by Rahman. With exotic visuals of tribes of India and hearing handicapped girl, superbly describing the song. Soothing track...again visualised by Bharatbala.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara [Doordarshan-National Television channel] : Those were the days, when India had only one channel. Doordarshan - run by Govt.Of India. But that time, they hold such good quality of progamming. This is one example. It was created as a filler, but was so good, that it is proved to be a classic.

Showing Unity in Diversity, different states' great artists come together for this video. From singers to actors to musicians. They create such a great piece of art. And Grand Finale done by none other than Lata Mangeshkar [featuring Tanuja, Waheeda, Hema and Sharmila Tagore]. And 3 superstars....this video has sentimental value to me. And I always cherish it since childhood...

Slumdog Millionaire-Movie Review

I am sorry, but I had to post this post again, cause my original post has contained some errors so it did not displayed in RSS feeds. So Please go to my following post...
Here is My Slumdog Millionaire Review and Thoughts.

Slumdog Millionaire-Movie Review

Or else, can I say, Slumdog Crorepati - Movie Review [Hindi movie title]

A foreigner’s guide to make movie / documentary on India:

You must include all, or one of the following to make it award winning one.

1. Slums ‘n poverty 2. Taj Mahal 3. Typical ‘dance with chorus’ bollywood 4. Rajasthan 5. And most recent – Call Centers.

And Slumdog Millionaire, contains everything.

Okay, I am not complaining, but why only ‘these’ things are being picturized in this wide wide country with so much else to see?? Or, they are interested only in getting much awards, following what their mentors did earlier?

Putting this apart, for last paragraph [where I have discussed ‘negativity’ of the movie. I must admit, this is a brilliant brilliant piece of movie making. Truly a feel good movie as it is pronounced. From razor sharp editing, to breathtaking cinematography and as everyone is going ga-ga over, Rahman’s absolutely intriguing music. All of these and much more, makes this movie ‘a must watch in lifetime’ movie.

Biggest ever mistake done by Producers of the movie, was the decision to release the movie after a month it is released all over the world. I remember getting DVD of the movie [that to with crystal clear sound and picture] on 27th December from piracy circle. Though I was not interested in watching pirated one, so I kept my calm since that day, and watched on screen good month later on 23rd Jan. Meanwhile, I think whole country has seen the movie on DVD, looking at piracy circuit and Movie’s popularity all over.

Well, now lets go through the movie. As Terra Bytes of data has been written over the movie, so I won’t go into much details.

But this one is a-la-Manmohan Desai flick. Believe me. 70’s flicks, starring angry young men. Parents die. Brothers get departed with sister. The train sequences. Their hands fall short. Suddenly after some years, they meet, and find each other on different ways of life. One is going good, other is bad. And voila !! Heroine, in hands of villain ! Going to do a Mujra !! [Salaam-e-ishq meri jaan…]

Well, sounds familier, isn’t it? But I must admit, everything is shaped so well, so realistic, that it looks completely new. Never before seen experience of slums of Mumbai. The way they shot, Nehrunagar and Mahim Slums, it great, hard hitting and a slap in your face. Though, the organized Beggars, reminded me of ‘Traffic Signal’. I think, Danny was inspired by that movie, if he admits it or not.

Everyone has performed so well. Anil was damn good. I liked the way he took risk for such character. Cause back here, people don’t like such characters played by their beloved actors. But I am disappointed, why Irrfan gets Policeman roles only? Though he was good.

Salim played by three characters, was well executed, angry young man character. I liked Ashutosh and Madhur. But It’s Azhar [actual slum dweller] who won my accolades. I liked him in the scene just before the train chase.

Lovely chubby Ayush, as smallest Jamal. Then took over by brilliant Tanay. Both were superb. Though Ayush looked more suave to be a slum dweller. I liked Tanay being little learned and balanced between crime and virtues, boy. Dev Patel, in some scenes, reminded me of Imran Khan, in Police custody scenes. Dev, was somewhat okay, I loved Tanay over him [TZP you know]

While Tanvi, was good at dance. Rubina who is actually from slums, acted very well. But Frieda took me over. She is good in whatever 15 minutes she has got to play her part. I loved her in each and every scene.

Talking about scenes, here are my most favorite ones

This scene - above, clearly goes for Rahman. My heart missed a beat while watching this. And equal credit goes to this actress. WHO IS SHE?

Now, this, ‘rubbish’ is favorite of all. Me too, joining the bandwagon. I loved how Ayush, expressed his love for the ‘Superstar’. [Though, I am completely disgusted by the visuals, Danny could have used something less weird for this]

I think, inspiration Danny got for this, must be from Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. See below, it’s clear.


This is one below, I liked most. And a scene which is followed is also a highlight of Azhar’s fine act. But I am not putting it, cause it will spoil.

Okay, Ayush looks more sober then a slum dweller, especially in this scene, but I liked both of them getting together in this one. They had good chemistry!!

And below, last one, absolutely lovely sequence. Gives lump in throat. Rahman, again, sweeps it.

Dev and Frieda looks so much in love.


First of all, the opening scenes were so much in your face, that I couldn’t stand to it. But, then I thought, lets face it. Cause it is there in our country. But on the other hand, I firmly believe that director has been tempted to use such visuals just to make his movie sell outside. Just imagine, this movie, telling a plain story of Indian boy becoming Millionaire, without the slum sequences – who in the world would be interested in?? No doubt, it has been filmed absolutely amazing, but I was disappointed.

Again Danny disappointed me and showed that he is ‘British’. By making fun of ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. In this scene….

He depict here that even in India, people just don’t care about him, that they even don’t know him.

Other things…

Why they haven’t released simultaneously in India? Even James Bond movie can do ‘World Premiere’ in India, why we were spared from this one? Was it to give us feel, that we are still behind of times??

Why Loveleen Tondon, co-director of the movie, wasn’t called to attend Golden Globe awards night?

Anways, these are MY thoughts. Feel free to disagree with them. And put yours in comments.

My Rating: 4 / 5

I will be adding Indian Audience Reactions to Slumdog Millionaire, later in a separate post.

Dev D Music Review

Whoa...at last ...my 100th post !!!  After nearly 4 long years, I have come this way. And that felt so great, now. Getting involved in bloggerworld, getting new friends and getting interesting reactions. Sharing my passion to all of us and same time, getting the same and sometimes more than that. Love You all Bloggers....

Since Long Long time, I was so keen on writing about Dev D's music. But, because felt too lazy to write such long review, it was getting shelved. Better late then never, I thought. so now I am putting in front of you -
Most Versatile Album ever, containing tracks from almost all Genres - rock, 'bhangra', fusion, classical, Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Bangla, Rajsthani and the works. Man, what job Amit Trivedi - Who earlier gave master Piece 'Aamir', now he is fully given liberty by always liberal 'Anurag Kashyap'. And he has done everything - so much perfectly. The album contains 18 - yes 18 tracks, and still I can never get tired of listening to them all, at a stretch. I waited this album to release so long, and the day it released, I got it !! And drawned in the music. Amitabh and Shelly, both along with Amit Trivedi in some songs, penned some really interesting lyrics for these tracks.
Here are the fabulous tracks :
1. Aankh Micholi : Amit himself do the honours by singing this one. Starting with 'bell sound' which we used to hear in 70's mysterious cabret songs. And Song slowly grows on to a Trance mood and it works awesomely as a fast track.
2. Dev Chanda Themes : Two main characters of the film - Dev and Chandramukhi. So two tracks are dedicated to their love. This one has nice soft vocals [without words] by Neuman Pinto and Bianca Gomes. And its brilliant. but short.
3. Dev Chanda Themes 2 : Same theme but only whistling sound. Again a short but superb rendition.
4. Dhol Yaraa Dhol : Ahh...I was waiting for this. Cause cover was saying Shilpa Rao as artist. Along with Kshitij. Track starts with beats of Dhol, kind of Bengali tone. And Shilpa's haunting voice backed by croons of Kshitij is just so perfect. This is my *most* favorite from the album. Track goes Rajasthani folk, by its peak. And its just Fab. I started dancing in my room, when I first heard this when second Antara came. :-)
5. Dil Mein Jaagi : Starting with piano piece, this track is kinda international. Anusha Mani is really good for this dreamy girly song.
6. Duniya : Amit Trivedi, again. And what man?? I want more of him. A kind of Bhojpuri mixed with Hindi, track. Fun, and philosophy about the world, and its cruel ways, are desribed.
7. Ek Hulchul Si : Humm...some Rock is always fine. This is a reminder of old time rock songs and also reminds me of some Pakistani rock bands too. Joi Barua sets high mood. Song gets so so great at the end.
8. Emmossnal Atyachaar : And this...The Most Awaited Track of the month - Really. This is such a Grand track, I cant get enough of it. How can a lyricist can think for such weird but still lovable track?? There is a story behind it, too. But seriously, using unique music setup ever - Brass Band and with Desi words and singing by 'Rangeela and Raseela' -the band members. Wah Wah...........
9. Attyachaar [Rock Version]: Bony Chakraborty, takes on the task of making the Atyaachar - A rocking one. And man, how does he do it? ? Hard Rock. [Parental Advice : Bad word used :-P]
10. Hikknaal : Forever Punjabi - Labh Janjua. I don't like punjabi songs much, as they are a rage right now. But damn, why are they so much foot tappingly addicting??
11. Mahi Mennu [Sad] : Again, Labh with a punjabi track. This one is continuation of original song, but in sad mood. Only two three lines flawless sung by Labh.
12 Mahi Mennu : Oh oh, Labh again. And this time, he is more better. And hell......foot tapping....
13. Nayan Tarse : Hummm.....some serious experiment. Amit Trivedi has wisely chose to sing all great tracks by himself. This one starts as a classical piece and suddenly gets full on rock.
14. Paayaliya : Finally, a Devdas kind of track, after Dhol Yaraa Dhol. This song reminds, that still we are in the movie which is about Devdas. A traditional track with nice classical touch. And what ?  Its been sung by Shruti Pathak, who has sung superb song in Fashion - Mar Jaawa. Here she is so much different. And difference is great.
15. Pardesi : Sa-re-ga-ma winner, Toshi sings this Awadhi track. Easily to get addicted to.
16. Raanjhana : A sad sad dark piece of earlier 'Dhol Yaraa Dhol'. Sung again by Shilpa, But with different words. Kshitij is also backing, and man, I get goosebumps when I heard his crooning 'Dholaaa....dholaa re......'. Amit - I bow to thee.
17. Saali Khushi : Describing sorrows and anger with life. A soft rock. This track will be must look on screen.
18. Yahi Meri Zindgi : Aditi Singh Sharma - a fresh voice for equally fresh track. Again somewhat internation feel into it. Way to go girl.

There it goes, a 1 hour long soundtrack, but each song is worth to listen to it. So just go for it.
I would rate 4 / 5 for this.
Top Picks : Dhol Yaraa Dhol, Raanjhana, Duniya, Emosanal Atyachar, Nayan Tarse, Aankh Micholi, Paayaliya.

Delhi-6 Music Review

He's back. He's back. I think Rahman has just decided now, not to get disappeared from audience for long. Cause whenever we get enough of his great score, he is ready with another superior soundtrack. And man, 'Delhi 6' just proves that. This may sound cliche, but this is best of him in recent time. Superb in terms of compositions and singing and verities of tracks is great. He gives 3 devotional tracks !!, Two love songs,  Two fun songs and Two Indian classical ones. A journey worth to go for -

Just go through the list of singers first- that itself is showing how versatile the album is. Singers including, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali khan, Rekha Bhardwaj, Kishori Gowarikar, Kailash Kher, Shreya Ghoshal, Mohit Chauhan, Shradha Pandit and all these days regular Rahman singers like Benny, Javed Ali, Tanvi, Bony, Chinmayee, Blaze and so on...

Here are my thoughts -

       Masakali : By now, this 'little bit weird lyrics' has got so much famous. And Sonam is getting more and more fans after it. Naturally I was so much desperate to hear this in full. The track starts off with crooning of Mohit Chauhan-The New and Improved one. Followed by beautiful Accordion sound. After 'Aye Hairathein Aashiqui' in Guru, Rahman again uses this beautiful instrument, and it works like magic.

Mohit Chauhan sounds so different unlike his earlier love ballads. And he sounds awesome. Tricky lyrics of Prasoon Joshi, gives this song a totally different feel. The song itself set atmosphere of Delhi in early morning. Wow....can't wait to see this on screen. And here are the lyrics [most wanted these days !!]

      Arziyan : Master of Sufi, Rahman - at it again ! After fabulous tracks like 'Piya Haji Ali' & 'Khwaja', this time around he goes far higher with 9 minutes rendition of the track sung by Javed Ali and later joined by Kailash Kher. I swear, this track lead me to tears in my eyes. Lyrical bliss. After such long track, I wished this could go on and on.

Here are the beautiful words of Prasoon Joshi.

      Delhi 6 : Finally, we get a song about Dilli. So many songs are there for Mumbai, but this is I think a first for Delhi. Looking at Director Rakeysh's attachment to his city, this is surely is idea of putting up a KOOL track for his beloved city. This is a smooth track, which surely is gonna hit the dance floors very soon.

      Hey Kala Bandar : Keeping tempo of earlier track, this one is going a notch higher. With rap by Bony; Naresh and Karthik does superbly body shaking number. But hey, this is no short fall for lyrics. Again some 'off beat' lyrics of Prasoon, bowled me over. By the time track goes to the climax, it goes a lyrical blast. Though we have to listen very carefully to understand what its all about. Kooooll....

Interestingly, this track has some portion, chorus singing, which I clearly identify with 'Dil Ka Rishta' from Yuvvraaj. Hummm...

      Rehna Tu..: Rahman, he always selects the Best track from all in the album, to be sung by himself. And every time he turns out to be The Best. Here, he sounds so much so very much in tune and with perfect pronunciation. The track is kinda extension to 'Tu Bole Main Bolu' and 'Behka'. Beats are like that. Jazzy feel. But Rahman adds his special touch, making an outstanding track. Backing by Benny Dayal and Tanvi Shah. Simply the Best of the Album.  Love is all around in this track. With valentine day around, this would be perfect for it.

      Dil Gira Daftan : Love is in the air, again. A continuation to earlier track, this is absolutely Lovely track, I can see hearts falling on me while listening to this one. Ash King gives serious competition to Rahman from earlier track. And in terms of singing, he wins. The track is kind of love ballad in line with - 'Tu Bin Bataye' 'Kahin to...' and 'Tu Muskura...'. Backing vocals of Chinmayee [Tere Bina-Guru] adds special touch to this simple, less instruments - more vocal, track. Ash King is superb superb. Again Prasoon pens some superb lyrics, proving his 'best'ness among today's poets.

Can anyone tell me what Daftan is ? It sounds so lovely, I am sure it means also something like that.

      Genda Phool : Genda Phool means a flower of Marigold. And this track, boasts variations like thousand petals of the flower. A folk song mainly sung on occasions like marriages. First 48 seconds are so simple, we misunderstand it with pure classical one. And suddenly it goes western. The fusion is so very much interesting. Rekha Bharadwaj, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Majumdar,V.N. Mahathi - All versatile singers does perfect job in this one.

      Bhor Bhaye : Remember, those old days, when only All India Radio was on air? And Shashtriya Gaan, was spreading in morning air from radio !! Ahh....the golden days - are back again. Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan & Shreya Ghoshal comes up with a Gujri Todi Raga. In first 50 seconds, the sound is like that it is coming from Radio. And it comes alive with 51st second and Shreya steals the show. She again proves that she is not just limited to sing love songs, but is completely in tune with earthy, classical notes. Stupendous. 

      Aarti [Tumre Bhavan Mein]: Rekha Bharadwaj, Kishori Gowariker, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Majumdar teams up for this devotional track. Slight touch of Awadhi boli, this one is dedicated to Maa Amba. A beautiful soothing track, must have been used as situational one.

      Noor : Whats better, than ending the album with Amitabh's powerful voice? He recites words of Love. Which goes like this.

zarre zarre mein usi ka noor hai,
zhank khud me, woh na tujhse door hai...

ishq hai uss se toh sab se ishq kar,
iss ibadat ka yahi dastoor hai..

iss mein, uss mein, aur uss mein hai wohi,
Pyaar mera Har taraf Bharpoor hai...........

My Rating : 4.5 / 5
My Top Picks: Arziyan, Rehna Tu, Masakali, Dil Gira Daftan.

Naturally, after such an outstanding album, the expectations go Sky High. It would be really interesting how these songs are shaped on screen. But again, looking at Masakali and Arziyan promos, the thing is assured that it will be treat for eyes too. Below is Arziyan, where most of the starcast is revealed. And outstanding view of Jama Masjid.
P.S.: I just love Waheeda ji.

10 Worst Films of Akshay Kumar - MTV's hillarious take

Okay, this one is not original. But its so hillarious, I couldn't resist to share this to you all.
MTV India has its one add-on. Its called MTV Tickr. Which is a scroll, running at lower side of the screen. Which takes on just anyone. Pull jokes and makes fun of everyone, even of MTV also. So I would like to put here the original text.
I have intention of fun only. So do not do not take this seriously.
Akshay writes diary for us.
"Hello, hello..(what is emoticon for goofy grin?) Also, how does one rap on Tickr?...Umm..it would be much more adventurous writing hanging down from a cliff, with a thin thread..... Ok, chuck it.
Okay, CC2C got terrible reviews. I knew it....Nikhil should have shown critics, Enter the Dragon, and posed it as CC2C. ... (there should be a goofy grin here.....
Where is the damn emoticon???? )
Who is this Danny Boyle guy? They are all talking about him.  - Is he interested in Punjabi Hip Hop videos?........Will he do one with me??
People says I have lost my comic touch. Let me Prove them wrong.  -
Q : Why can Twinkle never be locked outside her house?
A : Cause she is married to A Key [akki]....Ha ha ha....
Harman called me saying he is new 'Khiladi' cause of 'Victory'.
I even can't express my anger, causes I am not allowed to change my Goofy Grin. :-(
Hey, there is new Hip Hop video playing on TV,.... Ha Ha..this is really crappy stuff....its got Ninjas in a Hip Hop video....ha..how sill.......Oops, thats CC2C video.
Errrr.....the schezwan noodles__I have ordered, have just arrived, Got to Go...Bye..!!
Tickr Recommends : Ten Akshay Ko-Maar movies, you can watch for free instead. These are Akki's crappiest movies you want to beat him up for.....
1. Mr.Bond : A Great film  where Akki plays desi Bond, with Mandrake the Magician like hat.
2. Tashan : The Flop. The Pharmoola. The Headache.
3. Khiladi 420 : Gulshan Grover provides a modern equivalent for 'Mogambo Khush Hua'. It goes 'Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya'. We wonder why it never took off :-P
4. Jaanwar: Akshay has got New Long Hair-Long Beard look for this one......Even animals didn't turn up for it.
5. Jani Dushman : A modern day rendition of snake-human reincarnation saga......Manisha Koirala played the snake. ....So obviously it was an Anaconda :-D
6. Zulmi : Even Tickr can't figure out what this one was about. It doesn't has the guts to find out.
7. Keemat : They are back....Run Run !! Akki and Saif are back....Run....Don't Look back....Run!!!
8. Internaional Khiladi : Akki plays Chief of 'Leading Gangsters of the World'. .....Two days later, they quit the world of crime, and settle in the Himalayas.
9. Family : Amitabh and Akki in cheesiest Godfather spinoff ever....
10. Singh is Kinng : Snoop Dog must be glad.......he doesn't understand Hindi  !!!!

Chandni Chowk to China - Movie Review

It is official now. Nikhil Advani just can't deliver without K.Jo. First there was salaam-e-ishq which was somewhat bearable, and now this, a totally unbearable - excess masala movie, one can not digest it.

CC2C is a story about an underdog [yawn...] a loser Sidhu [Akshay] who lives in chandni chowk, finding his destiny in lines of his hands and in babas, sadhus and all. Until one day two chinese men finds out him and tell him that he is reincarnation of their legendary fighter Leau Shang. And he must save their village now from evil HoJo [Gordon Liu] So our hero gets ready to go with them along with his Guruji [Ranvir Shoury - under used] living back in India, his dada [Mithun]. And adventure begins [!!!].

Sounds familier?? Me too. During whole movie, I was digging in my mind, which movie I have seen, contained same storyline? Was it 'Road to El Dorado'?? Or some dash of 'Chronicles of Narnia'? Somewhere I have seen this, a loser become hero and everyone believe him king, and their saviour. Help me.......give me answer....

Coming back to movie, what Nikhil has added, is ages old formula. Departed father [Roger Yuan-the only good act] and twin sisters - Deepika. [Yaaawn...]. Why can't we make an out and out action movie, or action comedy? do we require Drama side too??

I have never been a fan of Akki, so he started to disappointed me since the first scene itself. Overdone goofy, slapstick comedy. A very very desi attitude. This doesn't suits me at all. [I liked Namastey London a lot, cause he was balanced in it]. From Chandni chowk to China, he acts only like that. To thank God, last half an hour was little bearable cause he became serious then. Please Akki, dont do such lousy characters.

Being a Warner Bros. Movie, I was expecting some serious outing of China. Where in here, it looks like, China  country officials had given them a piece of 5 Square Kms. area to shoot for. So we are tired of seeing just one portion of the Great wall, and some lakes and hills around it. Rather than that, a small village set between two stone clad hills. So there is No China at all , in the movie named after it.

Movie contains subtitles for chinese dialogues. Fine. But why English subtitles for a hindi movie ? Can just anyone explain it to me??

Akshay is crying in 2 hours of the movie........please.

Now one can expect a lot from such movie, to be clean. Cause this is a Kung-fu comedy, so genuine laughs are always expected. While what we get here is - I beg your pardon,but - jokes about testicles are full on in this movie. Can we be more sophisticated dear Akki, or dear Nikhil?? Kids are biggest fan of yours. So be careful in future. I would like to praise Dostana here, cause being a movie on sexual subject [gays] - still they were quite in control when it came to dialogues. And here, even there is no need, these dialogues are sprinkled everywhere.

***spoiler, but not worth**
Even a disgusting scene, again seen on screen since 'Halla bol'. Where actor  does pee onscreen. Ajay did that on carpet in that movie. Now here, villain does the honour on Akki. Oh my god !! Am I watching a        C -grade - Bhojpuri movie???
***spoiler ends****

Deepika is a model in tele shopping products. So some ads are there. Which are hardly any funny, and trying so loudly to prove that they are funny. Similarly her track with reunion of father, is so bad writtten, i get headache whenever his dad had.

***spoiler, but not worth**
Deepika's dad is shown in memory loss. But he got me memory loss. Every time I thought-'oh finally, he remembers everything' - and each time he proved me wrong. His memory loss was so long, he got me into coma.
And a scene in first half, shows bad guys throwing small baby into valley from the wall. And when Daddy remembers it, the baby was safe in hands of bad guys.

Help me, who is Editor????
***spoiler, ends**

Songs are also a bit above average. Title song is bad. While S.I.D.H.U. impresses, solely because of Kailash's earthy voice. And winner was 'Tere Naina'. In this song, i was convinced with flying actors. [Rather then, flying Salman in Yuvvraaj]. Beautiful song, picturized well, but ooops,,,,so short. Only mukhda and that's all...........

Movie is good only in bits. Some funny scenes are really funny, like the one in plane, where Sidhu proves 'he is stupid'. And the other one, where Ranvir and Sidhu both dances to a very familier song to Akshay. Another scene got me some smile, was scene at visa consulate, where Deepika gets him some dance. Akshay was fantastic in all of these scenes.

Thankfully after two yawn hours, movie only peaks up in last half an hour, where real action is started. But then suddenly we get woken up, by the end. And that too, with an indication of ..........hold it...........a sequel.......................
Nahiinnnnnnnn...........................pehle Drona...aur ab yeh...................bachaoooo...

It was so much tiring rather then pleasing. So I felt like freed from a boring college lecture.

I din't expected my starting point for movie watching in  New Year-2009 like this. I was keen on watching some other movie, to start this year from. But I was not feeling much well, and time didn't allowed. So this movie, was my destiny. [I should have watched my pirated Slumdog, before going to this, atleast a great start to the new year]

Screen Awards - 2009 : Results

The season of awards is started. First is, as always SCREEN. Though I was in doubt about their nominations itself, which were not up to the mark, Awards are also kind of mix bag. Here are the results.
Best Film : Jodha-Akbar
Best Actor : Hrithik Roshan [Jodha-Akbar]
Best Actress: Priyanka Chopra [Fashion]
Best Director : Ashutosh Gowarikar [Jodha Akbar] & Neeraj Pandey [A Wednesday]
Nokia Popular Viewers' Choice Award : [??!!!!]
Akshay Kumar [Singh is Kinng] & Aishwarya Rai [Jodha Akbar]
Here, an issue errupted. Akshay Kumar, left the viewers and organisers in disbelief by dedicating the award to Aamir Khan for his performance in 'Ghajini'. When called upon the stage, Akshay, said he watched 'Ghajini' and felt that Aamir deserved this honour and left the stage without collecting the trophy dedicating it to Aamir.
Best Supporting Actor [Male] : Tusshar Kapoor [Golmaal Returns]
Best Supporting Actor [Female] : Shahana Goswami [Rock On!]
Best Debut [Male] : Farhan Akhtar [Rock On !]
Best Debut [Female] : Asin [Ghajini]
Best Music: A R Rahman [Jodha-Akbar]
Best Story : Neeraj Pandey [A Wednesday]
While three of my favorite films Jaane tu..., Ghajini and Rock On; are far from sight in this list, I am quite dissappointed. But on the other side, who cares for the awards ?  Are they genuine, anyways??
Comments any..............

Uttarayan-Kite Flying day [and ofcourse, Bollywood Konnection]

14th January, is celebrated in Gujarat, a state of India, where Gujarati people live. It is a celebration of northern movement of Sun. Also called Makar Sankranti. It is celebrated with such joy. Uttarayan is the day when the sun starts to travel towards north as a sign of coming summer. People from all age group, having fun feeling in their hearts and well dressed, come on the roof of their house early in the morning.

On this beautiful day, Millions of people pitch themselves at the terrace and roofs, enjoy flying kites with cheers and smile on their face. They enjoy Uttarayan with sound of 'Kaypo che' (I cut the kites) and other local slang’s. Sky started changing colors like having rainbow of kites in it. People of Gujarat, also enjoy this festival by having food called "Tal-sankadi" and "chiki" (Sweets), which is like sesame bar and peanut bar.

Thanks Wikipedia for those informative words.

Here, I have embedded beautiful pictures taken by my dear friend, who calls himself - Asli Amdavadi [True Amdavadi]. Ahmedabad is city he lives in. His name is Nirmal Panchal . He has taken these so colorful and beautiful pictures. That it inspired me to share them with you.

Here...colorful Kites in shop shelves...

Colorful, Firkis [strings on bobbin] specially made to cut each other's kite

And this is how those colorful strings are made...

cute kid giving air to Kite, thats called ''Patang Apaay..'' in Gujarati [patang = kite]

People on terrace...even before 14th Jan, practicing....

Malls and even small shops get into groove....look below

and whole day, kites color the sky....and in evening sky is......

And Now, Bollywood time. And here are two, equally great songs from our very own Bollywood. One from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and other from classic Kati Patang. While the later was just describing situation of life of protagonist in the film. Hum dil de chuke sanam featured the Gujarati festival, as is, on screen.

And what more, we are gonna have a movie named after kite to. Kites starring Hrithik. But its a thriller, that's it.

So there, I am of for my hometown. ..to enjoy this lovely festive moments..

Jai Ho - Rahman wins Golden Globe

A first for India, A R Rahamn won Golden Globe for Best Music Score for Slumdog Millionaire. I got goosebumps all over me, when I watched this happening. And this is what he said

"Unbelievable..! I thought, I would not win, so anyway thanks to the almighty God for bringing me here... Danny Boyle, Fox pictures, all my musicians in Chennai, Mumbai,.. and the billion people from India,"

Great Great moment for Indian cinema. Also for Rahman, this is a belated Birthday present.

Meanwhile I got surprised when I read a recent piece of news about song 'Jai Ho'. The song originally was composed for Subhash Ghai's movie 'Yuvvraaj'. But somehow, things were not developed much and Ghai dropped song from movie. When Danny asked Rahman for the same, and by Ghai's consent, the song was taken in 'Slumdog Millionaire'. And that, hit jackpot !!

[I think I have read this on bollywoodhungama.com or ibnlive.com]

Now all eyes are on Oscars. Where I am praying for TWO. One for Rahman and the other for Aamir - Taare Zameen Par, Inshaallah...........

Jai Ho.........

Here is the video of Rahman accepting Golden Globe.

Rockford - Nagesh Kukunoor [1999]

Nagesh Kukunoor - A name often taken for great movies like Dor, Hyderabad Blues, 3 deewarein and Iqbal. But nobody much remember his earlier flicks like Rockford and Bollywood Calling. Why, why comedy is such ignored genre in bollywood when it comes to count great work of someone?

Anyways, Rockford, is not a comedy as many reference sites and books puts into the genre. Its a story about a 13 yr old boy, Rajesh Naidu, [Rohan Dey] who comes to this High School, set somewhere in South Indian Hill station. School is a convent one. So we oughta see Brothers, Sisters, Fathers and Mothers. [This is one reason, this movie is my personal fav, cause I have studied in same kinda place].

13 year old, Rajesh, who is never left alone by parents. Now he has to live alone far away from home. This thought, in India, is very depressing. I remember my parents too often threat me of putting me in a hostel if I mess around anymore. There, his parents are living him in hostel.

See anything alike?? Below ---

Here, he meets his benchmate first. Selva Reddy - excellently played by Kailash Atmanathan - who is a happy go lucky kid. Who knows everything-just everything. I just loved his character. The way his part is written and developed, is really interesting. Each viewer feels attached to his character and remembers their own pals in school.

Another pal joining them is David,played by Imran Mirza a sports freak with heart of Gold. He is arrogant, but always helpful and kind to his friends. Mature enough to control Selva's freakiness.

Convent school has its own rules. Its own people. Its own bad things too. Ragging, pranks, and even 'Monthly Prank Awards' are also held overhere in this school !! In physical exams, Rajesh can't do even a single pull-up. And then enters his savior - Johnny Mathew [Nagesh Kukunoor] An assistant physical trainer. Who tearches not to recognise failure. And many more other things too. ;-)

Enter Ms.Vegas, - Nandita das looks lovely in Saree as a teacher, whom every student admires. ;-) After all, she is among the only girl in this all male boarding. see for yourself.

See those faces smiling??? Especially, Selva. I just loved his character as i told earlier. See his many moods in following cap.

Then follows is sweet school memories, and funny moments. Tries to woo girls. and much more. Then our boy meets Malti [Ulrika krishnamurthy] and falls instantly for her. Why not? she is so adorable and lovely girl.

Parts of the movie are so funny and in parts, it is much inspiring too. And most of the moments are like that, you can relate yourself to it. Set up of the movie is so much familier. And many of us have gone through such phase in our own lives.

See, who hasn't made 'Gupshup' and 'chit' chat in class like that??

OR, how about first shave and first kiss ....?

first Love letter, and first piece of Porn????

or the FIRST....... [Watch the movie, for that]

Beauty of the movie lies in its simplicity. No matter its a low budget film. Picturisation looks weird in today's senario. Where we gotta see fabulously picturised things on screens. But movie packs in such a warm and witty things that I got flattered to. And mind you, this is not 'art house' cinema. Just a small bollywood movie.

Everyone has acted superbly. Nandita Das is just doing a cameo for the movie. In other cast, Nagesh has done good job. So is Jayant Kriplani as principal. And above all, the juniors, are the backbone of this movie. Rohan, Ulrika and Kailash just amazing. They are first timers, but we can see they just dont act. They just live the movie.

I live you here with some hillarious moments of the movie. One is a moment which comes twice in movie. Hillarious take of song 'Ankhiya tu mila le raja' from Aamir's movie 'ISHQ'.

The song comes again in an emotional moment, which made me shed tears. Watch the movie for that.

Another hillarious song is 'Shokhiyon mein...from Dev Anand's movie Prem Pujari. Here, first Rohan and Nandita sings the song. Later Nagesh takes place of Dev saab.

Here, is original video of devsaab and beautiful Waheeda Rehman.

Now lets turn to most favortie part of mine. thats MUSIC ofcourse.

This movie has featured some tracks which are lifetime favorite for me. Fabulous TWO tracks. One is by SHANKAR-EHSAN-LOY and other one taken from KAY KAY's first album. Pal. - Yaaron Dosti which is an anthem is now for friendship.

So there goes, my first review of an old movie, old in terms of not recently released, but I just got re watched it. And just to share with you. So please do watch this flick, and hey, its totally in English, so there you won't need any subtitles. So watch it and tell me you liked it or not.

P.S.: This movie contains some mature [adult] jokes on sexual feelings of pre-teen boys. so it that is not your piece of cake, then I would not recommand this to you.

And again finally, SEE ANYTHING ALIKE???