Uttarayan-Kite Flying day [and ofcourse, Bollywood Konnection]

14th January, is celebrated in Gujarat, a state of India, where Gujarati people live. It is a celebration of northern movement of Sun. Also called Makar Sankranti. It is celebrated with such joy. Uttarayan is the day when the sun starts to travel towards north as a sign of coming summer. People from all age group, having fun feeling in their hearts and well dressed, come on the roof of their house early in the morning.

On this beautiful day, Millions of people pitch themselves at the terrace and roofs, enjoy flying kites with cheers and smile on their face. They enjoy Uttarayan with sound of 'Kaypo che' (I cut the kites) and other local slang’s. Sky started changing colors like having rainbow of kites in it. People of Gujarat, also enjoy this festival by having food called "Tal-sankadi" and "chiki" (Sweets), which is like sesame bar and peanut bar.

Thanks Wikipedia for those informative words.

Here, I have embedded beautiful pictures taken by my dear friend, who calls himself - Asli Amdavadi [True Amdavadi]. Ahmedabad is city he lives in. His name is Nirmal Panchal . He has taken these so colorful and beautiful pictures. That it inspired me to share them with you.

Here...colorful Kites in shop shelves...

Colorful, Firkis [strings on bobbin] specially made to cut each other's kite

And this is how those colorful strings are made...

cute kid giving air to Kite, thats called ''Patang Apaay..'' in Gujarati [patang = kite]

People on terrace...even before 14th Jan, practicing....

Malls and even small shops get into groove....look below

and whole day, kites color the sky....and in evening sky is......

And Now, Bollywood time. And here are two, equally great songs from our very own Bollywood. One from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and other from classic Kati Patang. While the later was just describing situation of life of protagonist in the film. Hum dil de chuke sanam featured the Gujarati festival, as is, on screen.

And what more, we are gonna have a movie named after kite to. Kites starring Hrithik. But its a thriller, that's it.

So there, I am of for my hometown. ..to enjoy this lovely festive moments..


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  2. The festival must be amazing! I would love to be a part of it someday :) And yeah, its Bollywood connection is all too evident! Loved that HDDCS song.

  3. Hey Bhargav,
    You are such a quick responder. Thanks.

    The festival is Zabardast, Amazing. You are always welcome. Come on over sometime, in Gujarat.

    There are many more songs related to kites, i could remember these two right now.

  4. Man, those are excellent pictures. Thank you and your friend for sharing!

  5. You are always welcome theBollywoodFan. But here i wanna ask u. Being rooted to Gujrat, have u ever tried ur hand on kites?

  6. I have tried, but not enough at all. I'm horrible at them. My cousins in Amdavad are pros at it, though :) Uttarayan is a lot of fun, I was there in Surat for one as a kid. All that color!

  7. Thats gr8. I am also bad at this. But i enjoy spirit. And let my kites cut by others. :-D

    Surat is Mecca of kites. Gr8 u have been ther. I am lucky enuf to enjoy this fest in all major cities of Gujrat and Mumbai too. But Pros ARE in Amdavad only:-)

  8. I love the pics... vivid colours!

  9. Anonymous07:47

    Gr8 post and pictures! I could never fly a kite in my childhood. Whenever I tried to do so, I got a cut on my hands. I have to go to tuition for learning kite-flying :)

  10. I really miss uttarayan of Ahmedabad, they were the best ones ever! *sigh* your post made me nostalgic. Thanks for all those colorful photos of Nirmal. I miss the firki, dhaal, tukkal, and extra long puchhada on patang, not to forget running after a loose kite that just got cut off after a pech.

  11. Nikki: First of all, why have you changed spelling of your Name? Each and every festival contains so much colors in India. Come to enjoy it sometime.

    theBollywoodLover: It seems you have tried a lot to learn kite flying. :-) Next time come to my place, It will be fun.

    Kanan: Looks like you are from Amdavad. Isn't it? Great city. And Nirmal is so crazy Amdavadi, that I can not describe. Full of enthuciasm about festivals. I am not that much. He has got some great photoes of Amdavad too, on Orkut link, i have provided in my post [under his name]. If you wanna feel nostalgic again. :-)

    I am still laughing by reading your ''Long Puchhada''. Seems you are missing everything so much. As a kid, I used to start my kite flying since Christmas vacation. Daily a same kite I used to fly, and to take care not to get cut by any other kite :-D. And yes, that Kapaai gayela patang pakdava ni maja j kaik aur chhe

  12. Hey Darshit.. This one's a nice post! Hope you enjoyed Uttarayan to the full of your spirits! Liked your head-liner too...
    Keep Posting!

  13. Zabarjast post majja padi gai. All people who missing Uttarayan to flying kite and cheering "OYE LAPPET" all are welcome to my home at Ahmedabad on Uttrayan . But sad thing is that the we have to wait one.... year for most joyfull festival.


  14. Hey ..

    I hv put few snaps of Ahmedabad Uttarayan in my latest post ..

    You might enjoy watching them ..

    Check that out on:


  15. Thanks Anonymous for visiting the page.Do come again.

  16. Feeling nostalgic after reading it as I do not reside in India. But i feel 'been there, done that'. So i m ok. I just wish my growing son - 5 year old can enjoy our culture. And where we are, it rains this time of the year so can't even fly kites here. :( Thanks for the post

  17. Hi Anamika
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I think it is tough to keep up with all cultural things-outside India. Thats bad it rains at this time there. Cause the fun which lies in flying kites in this specific time, is incomparable to any other time. But still you can try in spring.

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