Rockford - Nagesh Kukunoor [1999]

Nagesh Kukunoor - A name often taken for great movies like Dor, Hyderabad Blues, 3 deewarein and Iqbal. But nobody much remember his earlier flicks like Rockford and Bollywood Calling. Why, why comedy is such ignored genre in bollywood when it comes to count great work of someone?

Anyways, Rockford, is not a comedy as many reference sites and books puts into the genre. Its a story about a 13 yr old boy, Rajesh Naidu, [Rohan Dey] who comes to this High School, set somewhere in South Indian Hill station. School is a convent one. So we oughta see Brothers, Sisters, Fathers and Mothers. [This is one reason, this movie is my personal fav, cause I have studied in same kinda place].

13 year old, Rajesh, who is never left alone by parents. Now he has to live alone far away from home. This thought, in India, is very depressing. I remember my parents too often threat me of putting me in a hostel if I mess around anymore. There, his parents are living him in hostel.

See anything alike?? Below ---

Here, he meets his benchmate first. Selva Reddy - excellently played by Kailash Atmanathan - who is a happy go lucky kid. Who knows everything-just everything. I just loved his character. The way his part is written and developed, is really interesting. Each viewer feels attached to his character and remembers their own pals in school.

Another pal joining them is David,played by Imran Mirza a sports freak with heart of Gold. He is arrogant, but always helpful and kind to his friends. Mature enough to control Selva's freakiness.

Convent school has its own rules. Its own people. Its own bad things too. Ragging, pranks, and even 'Monthly Prank Awards' are also held overhere in this school !! In physical exams, Rajesh can't do even a single pull-up. And then enters his savior - Johnny Mathew [Nagesh Kukunoor] An assistant physical trainer. Who tearches not to recognise failure. And many more other things too. ;-)

Enter Ms.Vegas, - Nandita das looks lovely in Saree as a teacher, whom every student admires. ;-) After all, she is among the only girl in this all male boarding. see for yourself.

See those faces smiling??? Especially, Selva. I just loved his character as i told earlier. See his many moods in following cap.

Then follows is sweet school memories, and funny moments. Tries to woo girls. and much more. Then our boy meets Malti [Ulrika krishnamurthy] and falls instantly for her. Why not? she is so adorable and lovely girl.

Parts of the movie are so funny and in parts, it is much inspiring too. And most of the moments are like that, you can relate yourself to it. Set up of the movie is so much familier. And many of us have gone through such phase in our own lives.

See, who hasn't made 'Gupshup' and 'chit' chat in class like that??

OR, how about first shave and first kiss ....?

first Love letter, and first piece of Porn????

or the FIRST....... [Watch the movie, for that]

Beauty of the movie lies in its simplicity. No matter its a low budget film. Picturisation looks weird in today's senario. Where we gotta see fabulously picturised things on screens. But movie packs in such a warm and witty things that I got flattered to. And mind you, this is not 'art house' cinema. Just a small bollywood movie.

Everyone has acted superbly. Nandita Das is just doing a cameo for the movie. In other cast, Nagesh has done good job. So is Jayant Kriplani as principal. And above all, the juniors, are the backbone of this movie. Rohan, Ulrika and Kailash just amazing. They are first timers, but we can see they just dont act. They just live the movie.

I live you here with some hillarious moments of the movie. One is a moment which comes twice in movie. Hillarious take of song 'Ankhiya tu mila le raja' from Aamir's movie 'ISHQ'.

The song comes again in an emotional moment, which made me shed tears. Watch the movie for that.

Another hillarious song is 'Shokhiyon mein...from Dev Anand's movie Prem Pujari. Here, first Rohan and Nandita sings the song. Later Nagesh takes place of Dev saab.

Here, is original video of devsaab and beautiful Waheeda Rehman.

Now lets turn to most favortie part of mine. thats MUSIC ofcourse.

This movie has featured some tracks which are lifetime favorite for me. Fabulous TWO tracks. One is by SHANKAR-EHSAN-LOY and other one taken from KAY KAY's first album. Pal. - Yaaron Dosti which is an anthem is now for friendship.

So there goes, my first review of an old movie, old in terms of not recently released, but I just got re watched it. And just to share with you. So please do watch this flick, and hey, its totally in English, so there you won't need any subtitles. So watch it and tell me you liked it or not.

P.S.: This movie contains some mature [adult] jokes on sexual feelings of pre-teen boys. so it that is not your piece of cake, then I would not recommand this to you.

And again finally, SEE ANYTHING ALIKE???


  1. Revived some old memories there...
    This movie was my introduction to Nagesh Kuknoor.
    A very well made movie, a authentic description of life at a public boarding school.
    Kuknoor was ahead of his times in this growing up tale and dealt with issues considered taboo in mainstream flicks. Remember the Headmaster trying to take advantage of the young pupil's innocence.

    And yes, there are similarities with TZP.


  2. Anonymous19:51

    Hi Sujoy,
    Welcome to my blog.
    Yes, truly this was a very good introduction to Nagesh, for me too. I have seen this as his first. And when this got released, I got to go for study in Engg. Hostel far away from home. So i am quite attached to it.

    Yes, that scene where caretaker of boarding was near about true. It happens. Actually I was going to put pic of that person along others of boarding staff [like princi, PT Teacher etc.]. But thought it will be little sensitive.

    TZP is similar in a way of story placement. Both share a similar place as a backdrop.

    Hoping a permanent blogship with you...cheers !

  3. Bollywood Calling was good too.
    But Kuknoor seems to be losing the touch lately...Bombay to Bangkok being a case in point.
    Maybe he should stick to low-budget flicks

  4. I can really relate to this film as I've studied in a boarding school. But then Rockford could have been much better, somewhere it lacks the required punch.

  5. OMG, I have to find this movie. Thanks for reviewing it

  6. hehe
    rockford is one of my favs, very young feel lik movie..though m still young was long back wen i watched dis movie...
    n u really gel out things very well

  7. Anonymous13:50

    Sujoy: Yes, I enjoyed Bollywood Calling too. I couldn't find its DVD. But I think, Nagesh din't made any mistake in Bombay to Bangkok. It was Mukta Arts movie, [Subhash Ghai], so may be someone has Ghost Directed it. Or Producers influenced him.

    Low budget flicks are always Great to watch. There was a time, in 1998 to 2002 where we had so many small films. Brilliant they were.

    Bhargav: Hi, Bhargav. Glad you liked my Tag Cloud. Everyone who has studied in boarding, loved this flick. I think you mean to say lack of punch in terms of slow paced movie, with no any hard hitting twist in story. But I see that as absolutely fine. That simplicity attracts me.

    Nicki : Rush to your DVD store, or search online. Don't let this go off. :-D

    Joie de vivre : Hey, welcome to my world !! I m so disappointed with TV channels, cause they have stopped airing this movie. :-( Anyways, I got vcd, that's fine.

    And thanks for that gel out thing. :-D

  8. Anonymous16:36

    brilliant movie.

    but can u tell me how can i download the music of this movie. i jst luv the music.

  9. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous . Here you can download Aasman Ke Paar. And Here is Yaaron.

  10. Anonymous14:18

    hey this movie is one of my favs...
    I would say this movie was ahead of its times......pretty gud in terms of content.....all the junior actors were fabulous...mainly rajesh,selva and ofcourse the 'mighty' david...a special mention for this kid named 'anirudh'....the guava stealing scenes, or giving letters to girls at an outing nd d scene where david comes nd tells rajesh that 'pals forever'....too can one forget the word 'shagging' after watching dis movie.....gosh pre-teen fantasies...These films happen only once in reel but d memories of a boarding school or a hostel life stay forever...kudos to nagesh...

  11. Hi, Anonymous ji, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, the movie was so ahead. And I don't mind at all that it was made back then, with lesser budget, cause the charm of 'small budget' movie, is lovely. You totally reminded me all characters, now I have to rewatch this. :) Also, to rewatch Anirudh, i remember him, but still have to watch him again for specific focus.

    And, yeah, Shagging. LOL.. 'bachpan' ke suhaane din ...hahaha.

  12. I watched this movie back in 2001 or 2002, exactly when I was of the same age as Rohan Dey was when the movie was released. This Movie is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for everyone to watch but not in front of parents.

    Anyway this movie sometimes get aired on the TV. Last time it was aired on Star Utsav in some afternoon in July 2009.

    Here I am providing the Rapidshare downoload lins for the movie for whoever wants to watch the movie. Two files 66 MB each sholud take less than a hour on a broadband to download.



  13. Thanks Shantanu for stopping by. Yea, movie is must watch for everyone indeed. but with caution hehe. thanks for the links too.

  14. Wow! Mr Darshit. You are fast in reading viewer's comments. That's wonderful.
    Can you tell me where is Rohan Dey now? He just disappeared after his first movie. I think he would've had become a superstar if he continued acting. Maybe his parents got him out of acting after seeing the movie(for those sexual themes, of course). I am desperate how the 23 years old boy looks now. Please get some latest links or photos about him from the web.
    And yes, I'm now following your blog, its very nice.
    Also, could you please review Harry Potter & the half-blood prince movie & compare it to the story in the book?

  15. Thanks Shantanu. Its a coincidence actually. As I m online right now. But yes, I make it sure that I reply to the comments within 1day.

    No Idea about Rohan though. One day I found someone redirected from Google to my this post by searching for him. The query was from somewhere in Canada. May be he himself was searching :P But you have a valid point there, haha.

    Sorry but I missed out writing on Half Blood Prince. But it was really great. Some people thought it was too much emphasized on Ron's lovestory, but that thing I loved the most. You will be surprised but I haven't read the book, cause I m not much into HP series. Still I adore it as a movie series. And to that, Half Blood Prince has really effective climax designed. It holds up the viewer to look forward to the Finale.

  16. Wat a coincidence! Saw this movie yesterday and was searching for images to put up on my blog for my review and reached this site where you actually did the same. Cool review and agree that it felt a lot like TZP! Came to drop by and say thanks for ur Rocky - TZP comparison images :D

  17. Kalyan Ram Vempati
    Neat coincidence there. glad you liked this post. Yes it reminds of TZP. Just read your post too. :)

  18. Can any one tell me , where i can found the full sound track of Rockford. I had the Cassette. But I lost it. There was song." im trying to find me"..I really like that song.

  19. Tanmoy Thanks for stopping by. Actually I don't have the whole OST of this movie. Must find as you said there are good songs. will get back if I get it. Hoping to see u around.

  20. Hi,
    This has been Very sweetly summarised....i couldnt have done that...m a bad story teller...

    Well about the movie, it makes me cry all the times i see it and remember it... I have very much missed this part of my life...Was quite like Rajesh, But never found My chaddiyya mila... Always feel like being there....
    after all .. Koi to ho raazdaar...koi to dilbar ho yaar....

  21. hi, My name is Sid.

    When people talk about the music of this film, they often forget that apart from the trio of SAL and wonderful KK, The combo of Hari and Leslie also did one for this movie.

    None of the songs in this movie were shot but you could actually listen to this song when you encounter the 'boys meet girls' party scene in the movie.

    that song was a peppy number too by the colossal colonial cousins!

  22. Thanks the fortune master for your visit.

    I must re watch the movie to get the track you are telling. All i can remember is a carol kinda song playing in background, is it that one?
    thanks for visiting my blog hoping to see u around. :)

  23. Darshit,

    Yes, thats the song I was referring too. It goes "Make merry on Special Day"... You can hear this song in this link :

    Thanks for posting my comments on your blog. Let me know if you have a full blown blog reviewing art movies in Hindi Cinema. I'd be curious to read :)

  24. Hey, thanks Siddharth for the link. Lovely track indeed. and Yes, i have my blog all for you. surf around and let me know how bad [or good] writer I am, haha. There are only few reviews of Art house cinema. But will surely try to put up some.

    Here are the links to other posts which might be interesting to you.

    Chashme Baddoor


    Gandhi My Father

    Little Terrorist


  25. Love dis movie and same thought of a comparison came into my mind too love Rockford & loved ur article too......


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