Dev D Music Review last 100th post !!!  After nearly 4 long years, I have come this way. And that felt so great, now. Getting involved in bloggerworld, getting new friends and getting interesting reactions. Sharing my passion to all of us and same time, getting the same and sometimes more than that. Love You all Bloggers....

Since Long Long time, I was so keen on writing about Dev D's music. But, because felt too lazy to write such long review, it was getting shelved. Better late then never, I thought. so now I am putting in front of you -
Most Versatile Album ever, containing tracks from almost all Genres - rock, 'bhangra', fusion, classical, Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Bangla, Rajsthani and the works. Man, what job Amit Trivedi - Who earlier gave master Piece 'Aamir', now he is fully given liberty by always liberal 'Anurag Kashyap'. And he has done everything - so much perfectly. The album contains 18 - yes 18 tracks, and still I can never get tired of listening to them all, at a stretch. I waited this album to release so long, and the day it released, I got it !! And drawned in the music. Amitabh and Shelly, both along with Amit Trivedi in some songs, penned some really interesting lyrics for these tracks.
Here are the fabulous tracks :
1. Aankh Micholi : Amit himself do the honours by singing this one. Starting with 'bell sound' which we used to hear in 70's mysterious cabret songs. And Song slowly grows on to a Trance mood and it works awesomely as a fast track.
2. Dev Chanda Themes : Two main characters of the film - Dev and Chandramukhi. So two tracks are dedicated to their love. This one has nice soft vocals [without words] by Neuman Pinto and Bianca Gomes. And its brilliant. but short.
3. Dev Chanda Themes 2 : Same theme but only whistling sound. Again a short but superb rendition.
4. Dhol Yaraa Dhol : Ahh...I was waiting for this. Cause cover was saying Shilpa Rao as artist. Along with Kshitij. Track starts with beats of Dhol, kind of Bengali tone. And Shilpa's haunting voice backed by croons of Kshitij is just so perfect. This is my *most* favorite from the album. Track goes Rajasthani folk, by its peak. And its just Fab. I started dancing in my room, when I first heard this when second Antara came. :-)
5. Dil Mein Jaagi : Starting with piano piece, this track is kinda international. Anusha Mani is really good for this dreamy girly song.
6. Duniya : Amit Trivedi, again. And what man?? I want more of him. A kind of Bhojpuri mixed with Hindi, track. Fun, and philosophy about the world, and its cruel ways, are desribed.
7. Ek Hulchul Si : Humm...some Rock is always fine. This is a reminder of old time rock songs and also reminds me of some Pakistani rock bands too. Joi Barua sets high mood. Song gets so so great at the end.
8. Emmossnal Atyachaar : And this...The Most Awaited Track of the month - Really. This is such a Grand track, I cant get enough of it. How can a lyricist can think for such weird but still lovable track?? There is a story behind it, too. But seriously, using unique music setup ever - Brass Band and with Desi words and singing by 'Rangeela and Raseela' -the band members. Wah Wah...........
9. Attyachaar [Rock Version]: Bony Chakraborty, takes on the task of making the Atyaachar - A rocking one. And man, how does he do it? ? Hard Rock. [Parental Advice : Bad word used :-P]
10. Hikknaal : Forever Punjabi - Labh Janjua. I don't like punjabi songs much, as they are a rage right now. But damn, why are they so much foot tappingly addicting??
11. Mahi Mennu [Sad] : Again, Labh with a punjabi track. This one is continuation of original song, but in sad mood. Only two three lines flawless sung by Labh.
12 Mahi Mennu : Oh oh, Labh again. And this time, he is more better. And hell......foot tapping....
13. Nayan Tarse : Hummm.....some serious experiment. Amit Trivedi has wisely chose to sing all great tracks by himself. This one starts as a classical piece and suddenly gets full on rock.
14. Paayaliya : Finally, a Devdas kind of track, after Dhol Yaraa Dhol. This song reminds, that still we are in the movie which is about Devdas. A traditional track with nice classical touch. And what ?  Its been sung by Shruti Pathak, who has sung superb song in Fashion - Mar Jaawa. Here she is so much different. And difference is great.
15. Pardesi : Sa-re-ga-ma winner, Toshi sings this Awadhi track. Easily to get addicted to.
16. Raanjhana : A sad sad dark piece of earlier 'Dhol Yaraa Dhol'. Sung again by Shilpa, But with different words. Kshitij is also backing, and man, I get goosebumps when I heard his crooning 'Dholaaa....dholaa re......'. Amit - I bow to thee.
17. Saali Khushi : Describing sorrows and anger with life. A soft rock. This track will be must look on screen.
18. Yahi Meri Zindgi : Aditi Singh Sharma - a fresh voice for equally fresh track. Again somewhat internation feel into it. Way to go girl.

There it goes, a 1 hour long soundtrack, but each song is worth to listen to it. So just go for it.
I would rate 4 / 5 for this.
Top Picks : Dhol Yaraa Dhol, Raanjhana, Duniya, Emosanal Atyachar, Nayan Tarse, Aankh Micholi, Paayaliya.


  1. This is one soundtrack which I enjoyed thoroughly and it has a great variety of songs. Don't you think that Amit Trivedi is the next big music director of Bollywood? He did brilliant work for last year's Aamir too.

  2. And also congratulations for your 100th post! :)

  3. Anonymous15:55

    The songs are soooo good. And I love each of them. This is a *complete* music album with a variety of songs. Congrats on your 100th post/article! The new header is also cool.

  4. 100th post! Yah!! I wrote mine in less than a year, lol.

    Thanks for the review. I want to listen to it now.

  5. 4, 7, 16 and 18 are my favorites from the album, and if I had to pick one, I agree with your choice of Dhola Yaara Dhol, absolutely fabulous! Amit Trivedi will be around for a long time, but we knew that with the fantastic soundtrack to Aamir.

    I've had an interesting time with Dev.D. I didn't like the idea to begin with. Then I listened to the music and was excited about it. Then I saw its website and trailers, and I'm out of it again. It seems to want to sell sleaze, which is where I draw the line. What a shame. And I hope the film proves me wrong, but there's nothing I've come across that convinces me to go for it :( Oh well.

    Nice review. I think you've got it right with your thoughts on 7 sounding like a Pakistani group, and 18 sounding like something we'd hear come from Europe!

  6. Anonymous17:25

    Bhargav: Amit Trivedi is surely here to stay. Aamir was Fabulous. Thanx for your wishes.

    theBollywoodLover: Thanx. And also thanx about Header [at least someone noticed it :-D ]

    Nicki: Thanx. I know about your 100th post. You are so dedicated. [i was not serious and aware about such blogging world earlier!!]. Are you listening to tracks now??

    theBollywoodFan: Both songs by Shilpa Rao, are my most most fav from the album. I m glad you also like them. Again, Aamir was fab.

    Humm...your perception about movie, might be right, but again, its 'Anurag Kashyap'. You can't assume what he is doing..

    Thanks for your appreciations.

  7. Congrats on the 100th! Also, nice review. I love love love 'Payaliya' and 'Sali Khushi'! Fantastic album overall..

  8. Nice post Darshit. I have got hold of a CD and playing it all the while i drive :-). "Pardesi" is my personal favorite, partly because of the fine choreo associated with it.

  9. sYzYgYThanks a lot and welcome to my blog. Glad you liked my words. and yes, its no doubt that DevD has got superb soundtrack, one of the best of recent times. And great choreography in Pardesi. Nice Pick.

  10. Anonymous16:32

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