26 January [India's Republic Day] - Some Videos to die for...

26th January, celebrated as Republic Day in India. This was the day, back in 1950, when our own constitution has been formed and implemented. The day, when India Finally, got its true Independence. Despite of its diversity, the Spirit of Unity, binds the nation since then.
Here I have chosen some Great videos showing India in its true colors. And its spirit of unity. Love and affection to its country. The following videos are work of classic, that can never be recreated. Most of them involving the Great, A.R.Rahman.
Here is the main reason why India Loves A.R.Rahman. [Youtube was not allowing to embed this video :-( ]

And more, 4 Videos are below, in my '26 January Playlist'

Jana Gana Mana :  National Anthem of India. Re-created by none other than Rahman. After the great rendition of Vande Mataram [see the video at link i mentioned above], this time Rahman gave stupendous version of the Anthem, and equally great video again created by Bharat Bala and Kanika of Bharatbala productions.
Two versions are back to back. One is with 'who's who' of Indian Classical music. An instrumental one, and other featuring Greatest Singers alive. Again, here Rahman becomes 'selfish' [I just like him being that] and the Best part is performed by him. At the end of each version, he is one to watch out for, and we get stunned by him.

Vande Mataram [Lata Mangeshkar] :A song, originally from the b/w movie 'Anand Math', that time also sung by Lata ji. The song recreated by Ranjit Barot and Bharatbala. Amazing video left us with goosebumps all over, and inspires to contribute to nation. Lataji even at this age, does extra ordinary singing.

Vande Mataram-Original [Revival - A R Rahman] : India has two songs. One National Anthem, discussed above, and second National Song, that is Vande Mataram [Not the one sung by Rahman]. Here is the original one, recreated by Rahman. With exotic visuals of tribes of India and hearing handicapped girl, superbly describing the song. Soothing track...again visualised by Bharatbala.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara [Doordarshan-National Television channel] : Those were the days, when India had only one channel. Doordarshan - run by Govt.Of India. But that time, they hold such good quality of progamming. This is one example. It was created as a filler, but was so good, that it is proved to be a classic.

Showing Unity in Diversity, different states' great artists come together for this video. From singers to actors to musicians. They create such a great piece of art. And Grand Finale done by none other than Lata Mangeshkar [featuring Tanuja, Waheeda, Hema and Sharmila Tagore]. And 3 superstars....this video has sentimental value to me. And I always cherish it since childhood...


  1. Thank you very much.Awesome music besides the devotion to country in all its aspects.My sincere wishes to all Indians around the world a Happy Republic Day.

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  2. I love the Vande Mataram revival video and song. There's a video of AR Rahman's show on YouTube..some kids are singing his version of Vande Mataram in Tamil. I think it was a show for Jayalalitha. I loved that live version of the song. Here's the link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=HM37zKtcWgA

    Also check this one out:

    Happy Republic Day! :)

  3. Great picks Darshit. I particularly love 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara', it played so often on DD, and I'd still watch it each time. After Sportsworld, before the Sunday evening movie (was it 5:30 or 6?), etc. Lovely song, and Narendra Hirvani! Happy Republic Day to you bro. Peace.

    PS: I think Blogger ate my previous comment from yesterday :)


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