Mahabharat – the saga, will it be re-made? [Aamir interested !!]

Its making waves again. Yes, I have discussed the same matter way back in the year 2005, here. About a movie based on the greatest epic in Hindu Mythology – Mahabharat. A legend written ages ago. Everyone is keen on making their own version since years of Indian cinema. Also series makers are not left out. Ekta Kapoor has burnt her hands recently. But Who can forget immortal series Mahabharat made by Late B.R.Chopra? Back in the year of 1988, it created tremendous rage among all over India, and over the world too. I remember as a child I used to see people gathering around TV, like a worship place. Roads are empty like a curfew is imposed. Each and every character had been treated like God in real life too. Aaah..The Golden Era of Indian Television.

Back to present, it is now Aamir Khan, yes, Mr. Perfectionist has expressed interest in making a full fledged film on the Epic. [I just seen this on yet another juicy report of Hindi news channel]. Earlier director Rajkumar Santoshi has expressed same interest, and Producer Bobby Bedi too, was willing to make such film with Director Maniratnam. But nothing went on floor. [here is my post about it] But this time, looking at Aamir's determination, his power in industry, I am quite sure, if he wants to make this, then nothing can stop him.

The main thing to think about is – what role shall be played by him?? My idea of his choice is, Karna, obviously. Even earlier I have read many times that he is interested in that character very much. And yes, the character itself offers a solid part in the story.

So there, anyone of you, who knows this saga, can suggest any other character for Aamir, or more starcast ?????

Meanwhile, mythology is rage these days in Bollywood. While Rajkumar Santoshi has [unofficially] announced his version of another great epic – Ramayan – starring Ajay-Kajol as Ram-Seeta. On the other hand, Sanjay Khan is keen on taking Hrithik in his own version of the same epic, as Ram.

Lets see, who gets the Nirvana first…!!!

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