Best of 2008 – Some…I missed

Being a Friday Freak, I regret not watching these movies. Yes, sometimes the time is not right, sometimes I was busy, sometimes movie din’t release at where I was. Each of the following movie, had won so much critical acclaim.

The most desparate I am, is for Welcome to Sajjanpur. Cause so many critics, and so many bloggers has put it in one of the best of the year list. And I just love both, Shreyas and Amrita. So I am waiting for DVD, which is releasing soon. [that too..on Moser Baer :-) ] Next on my hot list is Dasvidaniya. Quick. Release the dvd man, or else I have to find pirated [I hate doing so…].

Why a Vikram Bhatt movie on this list? Yes, it is worth to be there. 1920 has Adah Sharma, a newbie who got so praise for this role. And I like to be frightened. I love horror flicks. That’s it. While Tahaan has unique story, Rahul Bose and wow visuals, attracts me. The Last Lear, has innovative scenes and storyline, and ofcourse, Arujn Rampal acting like never before. Khuda kay liye, has its own uniqueness. Never before movie has been released in india which is shot and made in Pakistan. And lastly, Maharathi, cause its based on a powerful Play of similar name, which was in Gujarati language, which is my mothertongue. And again, I love suspence thrillers.

So, here is another collage.


  1. I still have some that I want to see. Dang, so many movies, so little time!

  2. :-D

    So much to do, so short the life...
    What to do..what to do....
    Cant think...what is right...?!!!

    Wow, poem? me?

  3. Khuda Ke Liye is fantastic. Welcome To Sajjanpur is really cool. You know what I think of Maharathi, The Last Lear, and now Tahaan. Have you seen any of these since? Hope all's well, bro. Have a great start to your week!


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