10 Worst Films of Akshay Kumar - MTV's hillarious take

Okay, this one is not original. But its so hillarious, I couldn't resist to share this to you all.
MTV India has its one add-on. Its called MTV Tickr. Which is a scroll, running at lower side of the screen. Which takes on just anyone. Pull jokes and makes fun of everyone, even of MTV also. So I would like to put here the original text.
I have intention of fun only. So do not do not take this seriously.
Akshay writes diary for us.
"Hello, hello..(what is emoticon for goofy grin?) Also, how does one rap on Tickr?...Umm..it would be much more adventurous writing hanging down from a cliff, with a thin thread..... Ok, chuck it.
Okay, CC2C got terrible reviews. I knew it....Nikhil should have shown critics, Enter the Dragon, and posed it as CC2C. ... (there should be a goofy grin here.....
Where is the damn emoticon???? )
Who is this Danny Boyle guy? They are all talking about him.  - Is he interested in Punjabi Hip Hop videos?........Will he do one with me??
People says I have lost my comic touch. Let me Prove them wrong.  -
Q : Why can Twinkle never be locked outside her house?
A : Cause she is married to A Key [akki]....Ha ha ha....
Harman called me saying he is new 'Khiladi' cause of 'Victory'.
I even can't express my anger, causes I am not allowed to change my Goofy Grin. :-(
Hey, there is new Hip Hop video playing on TV,.... Ha Ha..this is really crappy stuff....its got Ninjas in a Hip Hop video....ha..how sill.......Oops, thats CC2C video.
Errrr.....the schezwan noodles__I have ordered, have just arrived, Got to Go...Bye..!!
Tickr Recommends : Ten Akshay Ko-Maar movies, you can watch for free instead. These are Akki's crappiest movies you want to beat him up for.....
1. Mr.Bond : A Great film  where Akki plays desi Bond, with Mandrake the Magician like hat.
2. Tashan : The Flop. The Pharmoola. The Headache.
3. Khiladi 420 : Gulshan Grover provides a modern equivalent for 'Mogambo Khush Hua'. It goes 'Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya'. We wonder why it never took off :-P
4. Jaanwar: Akshay has got New Long Hair-Long Beard look for this one......Even animals didn't turn up for it.
5. Jani Dushman : A modern day rendition of snake-human reincarnation saga......Manisha Koirala played the snake. ....So obviously it was an Anaconda :-D
6. Zulmi : Even Tickr can't figure out what this one was about. It doesn't has the guts to find out.
7. Keemat : They are back....Run Run !! Akki and Saif are back....Run....Don't Look back....Run!!!
8. Internaional Khiladi : Akki plays Chief of 'Leading Gangsters of the World'. .....Two days later, they quit the world of crime, and settle in the Himalayas.
9. Family : Amitabh and Akki in cheesiest Godfather spinoff ever....
10. Singh is Kinng : Snoop Dog must be glad.......he doesn't understand Hindi  !!!!


  1. Q : Why can Twinkle never be locked outside her house?
    A : Cause she is married to A Key [akki]....Ha ha ha....

    This was so silly but so funny! :D ROTFL...

  2. And me...
    I was ROTF, when I read The Jani Dushman line. Manisha as Anaconda :-D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I want to include CC2C in the top 10 list too.

  5. Anonymous16:00

    Bhargav, CC2C is really, equally bad. But I have put a great length of words about that. And also, this list was compiled by MTV. I just have put as it is. So there, it missed boat :-D


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