Screen Awards - 2009 : Results

The season of awards is started. First is, as always SCREEN. Though I was in doubt about their nominations itself, which were not up to the mark, Awards are also kind of mix bag. Here are the results.
Best Film : Jodha-Akbar
Best Actor : Hrithik Roshan [Jodha-Akbar]
Best Actress: Priyanka Chopra [Fashion]
Best Director : Ashutosh Gowarikar [Jodha Akbar] & Neeraj Pandey [A Wednesday]
Nokia Popular Viewers' Choice Award : [??!!!!]
Akshay Kumar [Singh is Kinng] & Aishwarya Rai [Jodha Akbar]
Here, an issue errupted. Akshay Kumar, left the viewers and organisers in disbelief by dedicating the award to Aamir Khan for his performance in 'Ghajini'. When called upon the stage, Akshay, said he watched 'Ghajini' and felt that Aamir deserved this honour and left the stage without collecting the trophy dedicating it to Aamir.
Best Supporting Actor [Male] : Tusshar Kapoor [Golmaal Returns]
Best Supporting Actor [Female] : Shahana Goswami [Rock On!]
Best Debut [Male] : Farhan Akhtar [Rock On !]
Best Debut [Female] : Asin [Ghajini]
Best Music: A R Rahman [Jodha-Akbar]
Best Story : Neeraj Pandey [A Wednesday]
While three of my favorite films Jaane tu..., Ghajini and Rock On; are far from sight in this list, I am quite dissappointed. But on the other side, who cares for the awards ?  Are they genuine, anyways??
Comments any..............


  1. Anonymous17:45

    Hi Darshit, I think Akshay did this for the promotion of Chandni Chowk to China, as the film is releasing tomorrow. There was some surity in some award. Eg., we were sure about Best Music Award going to Rahman. By the way, who got the Best Singer award?

  2. I'm convinced with the awards for best director, film, actor (male) and music. Jodhaa Akbar is a modern classic and deserves every bit of recognition. But the nominations were almost shocking to be honest. In India, award ceremonies are very commercial, they only nominate films which have done well at the box office and totally ignore content etc over mass appeal which is very discouraging for the filmmakers who are trying to bring about a positive change in Indian cinema.

  3. My view, which has only been validated for the last, oh 20 years, is that awards ceremonies only prove how little is acknowledged (not known, because everyone knows) of what the people out in the aam junta think about the movies and actor. It's always a popularity and especially political contest, so I could care less :)

    That's not to say I don't appreciate them entirely. It's always interesting to see how the actors behave on stage, because their words and mannerisms do tell a lot. I won't ever forget the shot of Deepika Padukone crying when she didn't win Best Actress at Filmfare, and immediately following the ceremony, she said, "oh I really wasn't expecting it". So...well...never mind.

  4. I thought that the awards were pretty decent in their choice. For once, I was happy that Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi did not sweep the awards. If that was the case, I would be certainly scared since there were a ton of much better films.
    About Akshay Kumar, immaterial of whether it was a publicity gimmick, I loved the gesture. I was bowled over by Ghajini myself and felt that Aamir was at his best (as of this date) in Ghajini.

  5. theBollywoodLover: Hi, I also think that Akki did this for CC2C publicity. Or may be he is tired of getting ulta pulta awards, like once, best comedian [??!!!] was given to him. I think he wants straight away 'Best Actor' trophy, isn't it? And I also don't know about all awards, so sorry for singers.

    Bhargav: Yes, I am also convinced about the four you've mentioned. One problem was there, though. I think they should have given Rahman, award for all FIVE movies, rather than giving just for Jodha Akbar. :-D. And totally agree with nominations and commercialisation of the awards.

    theBollywoodFan: Everytime you come up with such an interesting reply. And unique one. The overall ceremony is the thing, why I am attracted to awards since childhood. All stars togather at one place. The red carpets. And what are they going to say - all this makes it worth watching.

    And you have very sharp memory. Still remember Deepika !! I enjoy SRK-Saif Jodi at Filmfare.

    Prasanth: Oh, I was also scared, cause Yashraj has so much influence on media, so that RNBDJ could have swept it. Thanks for even not nominating it. Also they have spared Yuvvraaj, that's good.

    And oh yes, Aamir deserves popular award as well as Critics award too :-D
    > [P.S.:I am an Aamirian and don't like Akki at all :-) LOL]

  6. Seeing all the stars in one place is why I sometimes do watch the awards (but only the Filmfares). SRK and Saif were silly and tasteless in my view :(

    Aamir not getting the award he deserves is expected. I keep going back to 2006 as a great example. If Hrithik of Dhoom 2 won Best Actor over Aamir of Rang De Basanti, that should be all we need to know of how the process works. It's been going on since the early 1990s... *yawn*. As Salman says, ki fark painda hai? What matters is how the audiences react. Look at what Ghajini has managed to do: bigger box office success than DDLJ!!!

    Having said that, I was all set to attend the Oscars this year if TZP had made the top 5. Problem is, and I love this: Aamir's films are meant more for Indian audiences =)

  7. Anonymous00:57

    just check this out !!! i say looks wise shes the next KATRINA acting wise the next KAJOL!

  8. Anonymous11:27

    Can akshay satisfy u all here.At least he recognised amir performance, He is not far from best actor. stunt or wat he said well before the ceremony amir is better in ghajini.dont post stupid nonsense he did somthing the 3 khan never did. learn fools. Doing this is better than fighting like 3 foolish khan. Amir said it they are the 3 fools.

  9. Dear Anonymous,

    First - Thanks for coming on my blog. Your feedback is appreciated.

    Second - There is never a competition between Khans and Akki. Its just that I Personally don't like him, thats it. If you are disturbed by my 'worst flims' post, thats just humour. MTV is nationally transmitting it.

    And foul language used by you in your comment, *that* perhaps shows what is mentality of his fans !! Akshay just doesn't deserve such kind of foul language arguments. Why are you hiding your name then? He is just fine in his genre. And Aamir is Greatest at his genre. Its just, the fans of action star, are insecure, but don't worry, Aamir is not going to do more action

    Do come again, waiting for your regular feedback. :-)

    Hope everything is fine in Mauritius.

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