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I am very busy nowadays with so many pictures taken at Dholavira - a place in Gujarat, India. Its a great Harrappan Metropolitan city, it is believed that its about 4000 Years old. Surrounded by Salty deserts, it has breathtaking view all over it. And great excavation has been done. I was so fascinated with the place. Also near to the place, archeologists has found Wood Fossils, nearly 1.6 Billion years old. Here is Wiki link about it.
Shekhar Kapur has just been to these place in this month.
While my post about all these, will take much time. Enjoy three images about it. One was taken by me, of salt desert. And other, of Ruins of Citadel [palace] - from excavated site, which i have taken from shunya.net [cause i haven't yet sorted my pile of pictures]. The last one is showiing location of the site, see how magnificently the island [Named Khadir] is covered by nothing but Salty desert. Thanks Wikimapia for it.


  1. Anonymous20:13

    Cool pictures! You have learnt photography, na? The third pic seems to be taken from a helicopter or from air. What is it about? Looks like a map...

  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics

  3. Anonymous10:49

    theBollywoodLover: Thanks man. I m just a student :-)
    That pic is sattelite image of the place. surrounded by saline water and salt desert. Just right click pictures and open in new window. You will know.

    Nicki: The desert itself is so beautiful. Though I couldn't stay there for sunset. Its remote place. I am willing to spend two three nights there.

    Bhargav: Thanks buddy...there are more to come..[phew..I am tired]

  4. Anonymous02:43

    Wow! What lovely pictures!!! And you're so lucky to be able to see a Harappan site - I am so envious. :-D Cant wait for the rest of the pictures.

  5. Thanks Bollyviewer, it was indeed a great experience exploring our old roots. Great structure it must be in its times. I am trying hard to put up pictures. But work is taking me on my nerves.

  6. aahaa
    seems that you are having loads of fun there..

  7. Hi, Neha, I had lot of fun. Really. I just have put more pics. Hope you will like them too....

  8. Hi, where did you stay? How do you get to the fossil park?

  9. Hi Gypsy Rose,
    You can stay at a Govt. Guest House. Which is not 'that' pretty but yes, well maintained. Otherwise there is no other option for staying or even eating. [and that's why I like such places, remote] Fossil Park is very much nearby, if you have a car, it can go till some point then you have to walk for 10 minutes. Everyone out there will guide you. No worries. November-Feb is best time to visit.

  10. Anonymous02:56

    nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

  11. thanks Anonymous. please ping me so that i can follow you back too.


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