Sand, Salt & Sky - Dholavira, Kutchh.

It just happened in afternoon of 25th Jan. Me and my boss [!!] Mr Girish Vyas [I call
him Gerry] were fighting over our long shelved plan of 'Bike Trip' to this place called Dholavira - I have discussed about the place here in this post. Suddenly Gerry came up with idea that 'tomorrow is holiday, we should go by car with 2 more ppl' so Instantly we got everything set and went on the trip. Which will be quite memorable for me always. Cause 'Ruins and civilization' are always a subject which interests me.

So here, are some pics i would like to share with you. Also my Picasa album, is here and here. And slideshow is running in sidebar. I will be putting pics of Historic monument in my next post.

Right click and open the pics in new window. Its worth to have bigger view.

Following is beautiful sunrise, on the way - we stopped our car to catch up the beautiful moment. And our stereo was playing 'Bhor Bhayee' from Delhi 6.

Then we got at Rapar, a little town near [87 kms !!] to Dholavira. Got tea. And signboard was welcoming us. That's in Gujarati language as well as in English. The place is soon going to be an UNESCO World Heritage.
There, we found time stood still. And it was on faces of people too. Look below. I could see the faces, of who has seen many summers.

Beautiful 'sheep and goat' group.

There we GO. BANG !!! I got stunned when i first saw this majestic view of White Desert. That's not ice. But salt. Natural Salt.
Wherever my eyes go, I could see only whiteness of land and blues of sky ...nothing else. This is the same place where movie Refugee had been shot, starring Abhishek and Kareena.

Look at salt crystals in these pic...superb art of Nature.

The water here, comes from No where. Yes, it comes naturally from inside of the land, which is nearly 200 kms away from sea. And yet Salty Water comes on level of land.

I couldn't resist, and went inside the desert. And look what have I done? Quite wet land, got me inside it. My legs got stuck in mud of salty water !!!

But that was fun !!! Crunchy salt down in your feet, and muddy sand below it, I was enjoying...and ahhhh.....the view......I couldn't help catching it in my mobile too..

And as a result ...... look at my foot. Its like I have put Mehndi on it. The mud contains coal in it. Natural coal !!

Never have I seen such a straight looooong road there is nothing in left, nothing in right, nothing in front...just road.....and open sky...nothing comes along in between ..

There, comes sand. Yellowish sands of Kutchh. And forever happy village girls. Going to fetch water from Narmada pipe line.

If there is no temple around, You are not in India !!!

Traditional huts of villagers, called Bhoongaa. Also seen in movie, Lagaan.

From excavation site, where Harappan civilization [i will be putting pics in next post] is found, we went to Fossil Park in afternoon. Look at amazing view at the place. We had to walk for about 2.5 kms on little hill. Then only we got to see Fossil Park, which is surrounded by green relling visible in this pic. And breathtaking white desert was again welcoming us with open sky.....

Natural water, again coming from inside of the land ......

Care taker of Fossil Park [!!!]. Bidding us farewell from the place.


  1. Anonymous01:27

    Wow! The scenery is breathtaking. And you seem to have the place pretty much to yourself! You must have had such a good time. I wonder why its not advertised more - I'd never heard about this before.

  2. Ah..
    Gujarat needs extensive marketing for tourism. Thanks to current CM, Shri Narendra Modi, who is doing great effort about it. To my surprise, I could find a nicely built guest house and canteen overthere. I couldn't have expected that in this far far away place.

    I had enjoyed each moment there. And planning to go for a long stay [maybe 3-4 days]. Also look into Wikipedia, i have linked in my earlier post. Each reference link has got so much interesting stuff. Thanks a lot for coming over.

  3. These places look stunning! Those huts really caught my attention! Hope you had a fabulous trip and I hope to travel to Gujarat someday to explore these beautiful places :)

  4. Anonymous07:54

    Cool pictures! I think you've spent a whole day capturing these. However you have captured them, but they are great. The huts are even better - 4 cones in a row. Thanks for this post.

  5. Nice! Very nice! Mogambo...khush hua! :D

    THANKS for sharing Darshit. These are awesome.

  6. Bhargav It is really majestic place. I love whiteness of the desert. Just imagine, how great it would look in a moonlit night?!!

    theBollywoodLover: Yes, whole day. And still I think it was not enough. So wanna go for more days visit.

    theBollywoodFan: Mogambo khush hua, to hum bahot khush hue :-D

  7. hmm jagah aacchi lag rahi hai
    ...refuge movie ke location jaise

  8. Hi,

    I need your permission to use photos/text aboout Dholavira in my travel magazine. This is free magazine so I cant pay you for the photos or text. But I can mention your name as source. Kindly revert back as soon as possible. Thanks

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog Prashant. Sure u can use, but make sure to post link to my blog. Is it an online magazine? link plz.Thanks for visiting my blog Prashant. Sure u can use, but make sure to post link to my blog. Is it an online magazine? link plz.


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