Luck By Chance - Movie Review

There is one scene in the film, Farhan tells Konkona 'Chances do not come your way, They must have to be taken; believe in yourself and keep doing what you believe in'.. This is the true essence of the movie. And so honestly it sticks to it. You just get involved in it like it is around you. Inspiring you.

‘Luck By Chance’ directed by Zoya Akhtar, lives up to all expectations. For a debut director, this is one of the best ventures in recent times. It’s a movie, about movies [and I just Love that genre]. Which is more of a cliché in Bollywood. So many movies are made about movies. But this one, travels the same road with a different vehicle. And the journey is so realistic yet entertaining. I would not tell Zoya has outshone Farhan for making a debut, cause both movies are so different. I would not like to compare them. But still, Zoya looks more sincere while Farhan likes to have fun around. Both are best at their own places.

Pen, Paper & Projection :
One thing I was really worried about, was risk of being cliché. So many movies made earlier, showing insides of Bollywood, casting couch, envious couples due to one’s success and so many faces of movie making. Here everything is there, but it is shown such a different way, nowhere you feel that you have seen this before. Treatment is so very different. Story revolves around struggling actors, big banner producer, failed actor turned director, old time diva and her daughter going to become star and a superstar. Each character developed such extensively. You can instantly relate to each of them, but uniqueness of the writing is that – you cannot identify them that ‘this is the real life producer, that superstar etc.’

Screenplay is also brilliant. You can see everything around in film industry. Whenever there is party on screen, you can feel aura of stars around you. Like that you are partying together. Dialogues are witty and satirical. Javed & Farhan does great job with DCH kinda one liners too. That’s Farhan’s trademark style. Cinematography is bright and crispy. Everything is so colorful as Bollywood. I could see girlish feel all over though. And that’s good. Girls do love colors so much, and our films are like rainbow. Remember, another lyrics writer daughter’s film – Filhaal [directed by Meghna Gulzar] – that movie too had this colorful works and if looked amazing.

Editing could have been more better when film progresses. Still no complaint of getting bored. I did not get tired of seeing stars stars and more stars [there are nearly 26 special appearance]. But I think better editing in second half, would have been added advantage. Direction point of view, Zoya shines. One never feel this is a debut of her. Movie looks so mature, each scene is well conceived. The best moment was in beginning of the movie, the title sequence ‘one of the best’ one. Where all backstage people are shown working for movies. Spot boys to light men, makeup men to tailors, cleaners to chaiwallahs. Everyone has a dream to be seen on silver screen. And that moment is so brilliant with song ‘Yeh zindgi bhi’ running in background. Kudos Zoya !!

The Works & Performances
Getting this big starcast in your debut movie, is burden for a film maker. To balance each act with proper importance to script is tough task, and movie does it all. Not a single performance is below ‘Good’. From the opening scene, showing Ally Khan and Konkona I could see that. All just all has performed so well. Each actress around today, can have lessons from Konkona. My God, she is superb. So easily she slips into her character which has so much layers in it. Farhan, is just so suitable for this role. Thank God, Zoya waited for 7 years and finally she got the actor in her home. Farhan easily carry off this struggler with a dash of negative feel.

Haye Allah [TM theBollywoodFan]-Juhi is to watch out for. How on earth she can maintain herself so well? Rishi Kapoor is outstanding. As an old time producer, whom now new generation is neglecting – is well performed. I loved him in a scene where he breaks down against Juhi. The Diva-Dimple, is shining again after DCH. Old time diva, who has seen it and done it all in her life, perform flawlessly as a starlet mother. Similarly Isha Sharwani as a cute little chick living in her pink world, gonna be star – is also good. She looks stunning and dances damn good.

Special applause for Hrithik Roshan, too. He performs himself-a superstar. And man how he performs !! in one scene Rishi tells him “if you perform bad, that too is Good over others’’. True. He just perform the part with such involvement. I loved his two scenes, one – feeling insecure in confrontation with Farhan. And the second – he is sitting in car and interacting with street children. So natural in both.

Special appearance are also so much special. I never felt this was unnecessary. Each has a meaning to it. Each describes real life qualities of the stars. I could go on about all, but I like to mention one here, the SRK’s scene – it was brilliant. So damn good….

Song ‘n Dance
As discussed in my music review, awesome soundtrack backs up this movie a lot. And weaving of the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Even the background score is very well designed. Each important scene has one single theme music. A track for all-is superb. I wish I could put it up here. But listen movie carefully, even the scene with SRK has got that track in background. S-E-L I love you guys.

Choreography is really colorful. Baawre is riot of colors on screen. And its quite enjoyable. Hrithik puts his steps smoothly and rest is blast on screen. While Pyaar Ki Dastaan is lovely mushy bollywood love song. Sapno se bhare naina creates great effect. Yeh aaj kya go gaya is quite refreshing. Opening and closing credits are brilliant. Opening as mentioned earlier was unique. And closing the movie with superb rendition ‘O Rahi Re’ is WOW !!

Audience Reactions
As mentioned in Raaz Review post, I was sure that this would never find place in masses. It’s a multiplex movie, for viewers with patience. And love for the film industry. These much detailed thing seems indigestible to common people. I could see them getting much bored at the movie. [Even one of my colleague had seen this First day first show, and rated it awful]. Its just that, people who love the insides of the industry, will love this movie. This is quite sensible version unlike earlier flicks like Page 3, which were out and out commercial. Remember Mast?? It was genuine movie about Movies. And it failed miserably just for that reason. I loved it the way it was shaped. Same case is going to be here too. This movie is surely getting rave reviews and applause from all over, but commercial it will work only in metros and multiplex.
[But who cares??!!! This is a piece of brilliant movie making, and worth to relish on and on again]

My Rating : 4 / 5


  1. Thank God you liked the soundtrack! Many people found it average to above average...and I don't understand why. SEL are in great form here..Baawre is phenomenal! Outstanding film in all respects..glad you loved it :)

  2. Anonymous12:11

    Yup, Its got great soundtrack Bhargav. I already mentioned that in my music review . Still I am enjoying the songs on my Ipod. In Baawre, SEL has used Original Rajasthani singers as backing vocals, and that sounds great.

    Yes, all aspects are well. Only pace is little bit slower. But I would not mind that at all.

  3. Oh, I didn't know (or did I and just forgot?) that SEL did the soundtrack? They're my favorites! I'm really looking forward to its DVD release--the only good thing about it being a flop is that maybe I'll get it faster.

  4. Tnx for ur review. I was surprised when people response that boring and no-entertainment. I simply admit I prefer this more than others Hindi Blockbusters. Farhan is so nice and Konkona is on the top. Farhan is a very first male actor I like. Konkona is just magnificent, even she get lesser scope in film . She gets weight in first and looks pale and thin in ends. I love her spirit in the end. An outstanding film.

  5. Ajnabi: Oh, I love SEL, too. [though I am always confused between ARR and SEL, so don't classify Most fav between two].
    :-D Good thought about DVD realease :-) I think in studies your main subject was Logic?

    Aung Phyoe: Welcome to my blog. There is never a dull moment in this movie. And by your blog, I found that you are a *big*fan of Konkona !! Gr8 actress. Have you seen 15 Park Avenue ?? I love her. And nice observation about her weight :-P (and 2 of my fav movies on ur list too, Mr & Mrs Iyer & Sawariya !!)

  6. I've fallen way behind on movie-watching so far because of work, but this is one I'll definitely be waiting for on DVD (if it's playing last week of Feb, I'll see it in theaters). Cheers dude. And JUHI rocks!!!

  7. Anonymous21:27

    I saw this in the theater opening weekend and really enjoyed it. I agree with your comment, "Juhi is to watch out for. How on earth she can maintain herself so well? Rishi Kapoor is outstanding." Juhi actually looks better now to me than in earlier films and has aged to perfection. Remember how she looked fantastic in Bhootnath too? I always love Konkona. I was also very impressed with Isha Sharwani and look forward to seeing more of her. Hrithek's character was great and he did an excellent job. It was a very visually satisfying film and fun to look at on the big screen, hai na? What I liked best was the unconventional ending, which was very satisfying for me. I too would give it a 4/5, but I like to use a scale of 10, so it's a solid 7/10 for me. I think I'd like to see it again when it comes out on DVD.

    All the best!

  8. theBollywoodFan: Same here. I am also too busy to keep my Friday rituals on track. :-) But don't wait for DVD. I know its not going to stay till end of Feb. So take a chance and see this in theatres. [AFter all, do you wanna miss a movie, which starts with Aamir??]

    Sita-ji: Thanks for coming over. Juhi, like wine, becoming more attractive as she gets older. Remember her in Jhankaar Beats or My Brother Nikhil?? Wow. In Bhootnath, also she looked fab, agree.
    Isha is lovely looking lady. She is so much perfect that I think bollywood won't use much of her.

  9. Nice post dunkdaft.
    My favorite scene from the movie was one of the initial one.

    It's when MacMohan visits the training class where Farhan Akhtar is just passing out. MacMohan (who plays himself) comes there for some certi/prize distribution and a fellow asks for his dialogue from Sholay.

    That scene in many ways was tragic. A character actor who has not succeeded and just gets remembered by one scene that he has performed. It shows how cruel this line is...

  10. Freak's Paradise
    Thanks man. Thanks for stopping by.
    Whole movie has such gems in terms of special appearances.

    Gr8 observation. Yes, that scene was sattire. One could see on McMohan's face what his pain is.


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