Surprising / Confusing Reviews of Dev D

While the movie - Dev D -  is celebrated among Blogosphere, Critics seems to be under great confusion. Very contradictory reviews given by major critics. See for yourself. While Nikhat Kazmi of Times Of India, has given whopping 5 / 5 stars, Taran Adarsh gave just 1 / 5. Rest of the list is here.
Nikhat Kazmi (Times of India) : 5 / 5
Taran Adarsh (ETC channel & : 1 / 5
Rajeev Masand (CNN-IBN & :  2 / 5
(Rajeev is my favorite critic, but he is under scanner since he rated JTYJN only 2 / 5 )
Raja Sen ( : 3.5 / 5
Shashi Baliga (Hindustan Times) : 3.5 / 5  : 3 / 5
Mumbai Mirror : 4 / 5


  1. I haven't watched DevD yet, but from whatever I've read about it, there's a new style of filmmaking involved with it. In my opinion, whenever something new is attempted, no matter in what field (films, music, business etc etc), there's bound to criticism and difference in opinions. Moreover, I don't think many of the Indian critics understand Anurag Kashyap's filmmaking. There was really no reason to criticise No Smoking so much.

    Anyway, from your list it seems, only Taran Adarsh has given DevD a nonsensical rating. I've been reading his reviews for some years now and believe me he doesn't have much knowledge about good cinema. Once he gave 4 stars to a pathetic film like Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. I respect Rajeev Masand's views though.

  2. Having been an avid film watcher (The first day first show types) for a long long time here's my take. I stopped reading/believing film critics a long time ago. I wouldn't trust these guys to give an honest opinion on anything. Just go enjoy the movies. You will see a few good ones and a lot of lousy ones. Dosen't really matter what the critics say.

  3. Differnt/hpocritical/indulgent/experimental /vibrant/colourfull/dark/insane/broad minded/ are a few words which can describe this movie.As i watched it first day first show i was anticipating a anurag kashyap move and thats exactly what i got..SCREW the critics go watch it...if uve got the mind ull love it or as always leave it.

  4. To all,
    Critics Murdabad, Dev D zindabad :-D

    Welcome Varun and Ravi to my blog.

  5. Anonymous03:30

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