Raaz-The Mystery Continues.. - Movie Review

First things first. I didn't expect this movie to be greatest horror flick, as it was publicized. Nor I did like earlier Raaz, hell it was so bad. And so shameless rip off of a Hollywood movie. Nor I did liked music of earlier one.

Putting all things aside, [that can take another post of discussion]. Raaz-TMC - I found quite OKAY movie. Nor I was bored, not felt cheated [by big claims], Even I felt this is not great scary movie though. Its an average watch, you can see when you are alone, its raining outside and there is nothing to do at home. Sit back and feel 'some' chills, and some Kangana.

There is an interesting story, why I went on to see this. I was in a small town. They had only one multiplex. I went there to see Luck By Chance, and to my surprise, in evening show, ticket vendor declined to see ticket to me !! Cause I was FIRST to come for the movie !!! He told me to wait for sometime, untill he gets enough audience. But God was so kind of me, that only ONE uncle came up to see the movie. So i had no another option but to go for Raaz-which I also willing to see, cause I love Horror flicks. Much has been written about the movie, till these two weeks, so i would only give some pro/con kind of review.

1. Kangana Ranaut. I love her face. Her hair. And her act. What else I need?
2. Emran Hashmi - surprisingly good act after equally good act in Awarapan.
3. Chemistry between the two.
4. Absolutely brilliant cinematography. It completely sets the mood.
5. Well weaved songs, in tune with mystery. [Only one was little bit out of place]
6. Some here and there scary scenes. [i love to get frightened !!!] Wished there could be more.

OH NO !!!
1. Story grips in start, but lags in second half. Typical twist.
2. A good but shameless rip off scene from movie RING 2. Where reindeers cover the car from all directions. Here there were buffaloes. Still it was fun.
3. So much of flickering lights.
4. Overdone background score.
5. Kangna repeating her role Nth time.
6. Adhyayan Suman, hopeless actor, even more hopeless dancer.
7. Shoddy screenplay in second half, and equally average climax.

So, there, watch it if you like horror movie. This is never close to some great horror movie around in Bollywood [which are very few]. But its a good timepass, especially alone in a cinema hall. Like me [I had only 10 people in hall]

My Rating : 2.5 / 5


  1. I'm not surprised only you and one other wanted to see Luck By Chance--apparently it's a massive flop for inexplicable reasons. I'm glad you had a decent time in Raaz though!

  2. I can not wait to see this film! Didn't know you are a fan of horror films. You should watch Asian horror films since storyline is better and unique. I mean come on, Hollywood copies from them. I love Kangana but want her to do something different

  3. Hey, we have similar reactions on this one! But I felt the songs were totally unnecessary, although they are very good. I can never enjoy a horror film with songs. Someone please make another Bhoot (with a better climax)!

  4. ajnabi: Actually that was shocking moment for me. I thought at least some people will come to watch Hrithik. Very next day i got chance to see the movie (with 12 people ;-) ). And its good movie. Putting up review tonight (IST) with audience reactions.

    Nicki: Oh yes, i do love horror. Only asian flicks i know are The Ring and Grudge (they are hollywood movies but story and director are asian, right? ) And both of them are my favorite. And yes, Kangana is getting typecast.

    Bhargav: I think its only Ramu who believes in songless horror flicks. In Bhatt camp, music is most wanted thing to sell movie. I felt 'mahi' totally out of place. Otherwise its a bollywood movie yaar. I personally dont like songs in horror. But its okay when its good.

    One good news is another horror flick is coming (its promo shows signs of that, it could be thriller also). Named '13 B' starring R.Madhavan. Producer BIG cinemas. Releasing 6 April, approx. Looking fwd to it.

  5. Why is it that Kangana Ranaut gets only horrific & suicidal roles and not some happpy ones?

  6. LoL, Kangna knows what she's best at. hehe. Though she was good in her earlier movie, things are getting monotonus since last two movies, she has to change her image or she'll be gone!!


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