Ruins & Fossils - Dholavira, Kutchh.

I hope my readers haven't got tired of these pics, I have been putting since last two posts. This, is the last installment in the 'trilogy' :-). The Ruins and Fossils from Dholavira. More information about the place is here, and pics of desert, here.
To start with, look at what I found at a place 200 kms. far away from sea, I found shells in sand. [the white ones]
Here, is a pic of Museum, maintained by Central Govt. Archeological Survey of India.
Oops. there's me too, and also along with my group.
This is way to Excavation site, from Museum. Zoom it and see how gorgeous is citadel. Since last 18 years, the site has been excavated.

Here is a big reservoir for water. The civilization was so worried about water management. The had 15 such reservoir, covering the city from all directions. Only 5 of them are excavated yet.
Look at this second reservoir. When the first one gets full of water, this second one automatically starts getting water from slots constructed in walls. Look at accuaracy of engineering angles. It left my jaw dropped. I couldn't help but get stunned at each such construction.
This reservoir has got superb example of stairs. Each stair is measured 22 inch wide. Not a centimeter difference is there.
The walls in corner remind me of the Great Pyramids.
See, superb town planning.
Damn well constructed roads. Like passages.

"Basanti, in kutto ke saamne mat nachna...." DJ shouting at East Gate.

Lets play excavation game....

ROCK ON....!!!!

A distant view of East Gate of Citadel. In front of that, a stretch 375 Mtr long Stadium. Must be used for Gladiator fights !! What say??
And here is Fossil Park. Containing fossils of wood and Stones, 1.6 Billion year old..!!
You are watching Ultimate Discovery :-) on Discovery Channel
Clock turned back. See the wood fossil,stuck between rocks... since 1.6 Billion years
Bed of Stones....
How about some rock climbing?
Some fossils, I found. A wood, a metal and a bone.

Here is scanned brochure of Archeological Survey Of India. Zoom it, its got good info about the place.


  1. Very interesting stuff there! It must have been a very memorable trip :)

  2. OMG, love it. I love hiking and archeology, did I spell that right? Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  3. Anonymous02:07

    These photos are awesome and all those Harappan constructions are simply amazing. I've seen similar things from Roman period in Europe, but that was at least 2000 years after this. Has the site been dated? And I love the Harappan script on the sign-board. I always wanted to see a good Harappan/Mohenjedaro civilisation site but it never happened - most of the famous ones seem to be on the other side of the border. :-( Guess I need to put this on my places-to-visit list for my next India trip.

  4. bollyviewer Thanks for all praise about photoes. There is much more, than what I have shot with my camera. But due to prohibitions I could take only this shots. But I have put scanned images of Brochure of ASI, in my post. Hope you will find it more informative.

    That sign board language is similar to what archeologist found in citadel. A stone sign board is there !! I am really looking forward to visit Mohenjodero now, but sadly it is in Pakistan :-( so hardly possible. Btw, which border are you sitting on?? :-)

    Seems like you have done good research with Romans. I would love to see pics of that. And Yes, this site is very much dated. The brochure will tell you about that.
    Also you will find some intersting info at Wikipedia too.
    Also the following link has some CG about civilization.
    And this, link has got interesting video about it

    And whenever you visit India, call me, I will arrange for your trip. :-)

  5. Very cool! I love anything archaeological! I've never heard of this site and am eager to learn more. I think the oldest site I've been to in India is Sarnath. Luckily, my parents are both historians so I've gotten to see more ruins, old buildings, museums, etc. in Europe than I can count!

  6. Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by here. I too am quite intersted in things like this, the mysteries behind archaeological structures makes me go for it. I haven't been but heard/read about Sarnath, it must be amazing place.

  7. Anonymous12:52

    great work dear , really inspiring one congratulations.

  8. Hi, we went there on 26th January itself ! Museum was open on that day. Must be open this time too. Sorry, but no idea about the phone number.


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