Movies I watched in 2009

# 3 Idiots
# Avatar
# Rocket Singh : Salesman of The Year
# 2012
# Kurbaan
# Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani
# London Dreams
# Aladin
# Raiders of the Lost Ark
# Superhero Movie
# Wake Up Sid
# What's Your Raashee?
# Wanted
# District 9
# Little Terrorist
# QuickGun Murugan
# Sikandar
# Life Partner
# Kaminey
# The Blue Umbrella
# Agyaat
# Love Aaj Kal
# Luck
# Harry Potter : Half Blood Prince
# Ice Age:3 | Dawn of the Dinosaurs
# Kambakkht Ishq
# Bommarillu
# New York
# The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
# Kal Kissne Dekha
# Angels & Demons
# 99
# Revolutionary Road
# The Reader
# Fast & Furious 4
# Khuda Kay Liye
# Dasvidaniya
# Welcome To Sajjanpur
# Tahaan
# Dashàvatàr
# KamaSutra: A Tale of Love
# 8x10 Tasveer
# Aa Dekhen Zara
# Firaaq
# Halloween:Resurrection
# Annabelle's Wish
# The Darjeeling Limited
# The Simpsons Movie
# Perfumed Garden
# Lakhon Ki Baat
# Ab Aayega Mazaa
# Outlander
# Gulaal
# Chashme Buddoor
# The Haunted Ship
# The Bee Movie
# 13-B
# Delhi 6
# Dev D
# dil dosti etc.
# Billu
# Luck By Chance
# Raaz : TMC
# Dil kabaddi
# Slumdog Millionaire
# CC2C

3 Idiots : Movie Review

Promises are fulfilled, Expectations are met. Now... I can breathe normal now. That Aamir has delivered it 3rd time in a row. Yes, its a hattrick. After TZP and Ghajini, this is yet another movie that makes you feel 'What a Movie !!'. What a movie. A full on experience of trademark Rajkumar Hirani's own style masala movie. 3 Idiots is undoubtedly the Best of 2009.

No doubt traces of Munnabhai series are there. And that is for sure. Cause its Raju's movie after all. But neither it hurts nor it disappoints. The sequences are not intended to be repeated in the movie but the story demands them. Moreover, big relief is that, Raju and Abhijat Joshi - the writer duo -has taken only bits from the novel and whenever he has done that, it is done exactly same what's written in the book. Nowhere he has tried to change that. On the other side, most of the storyline is developed differently than the original, that too runs smoothly. Full marks to the writing department. Its the strongest point always, in Hirani's movies. 3 Idiots belongs to both-Raju and Abhijat. Its always tough to visualize the books. And with 3 Idiots, one thing is for sure - Vidhu Vinod Chopra is THE guy who can do that. [remember Parineeta?!!]

One thing Raju has mastered is his art of mixing humour with emotions. [I know it is said a thousand time]. There is never a dull moment in the movie. Yet it makes you cry at so many places. In certain scenes, it makes you so happy that your tears of happiness starts flowing. Performance wise, the movie is flawless. Each and every actor is in their best form. Even the smallest cameos are so good. Everything is said about Aamir till now for each of his movie. I fear I need to learn other languages to praise him more and more day by day. Sharman and Madhvan are perfect. The RDB magic comes alive again with the three 'idiots'. Kareena Kapoor charms you as Medical student & daughter of Viru Sahastrabudhdhe - Head of the college. A surprising performance comes in form of Chatur - played by Omi. He's a bookworm who can go at any length to make his marks top the list.

Music is really well integrated. Just loved picturisation of Zoobi Doobi and Behti Hawa sa... which features spectacular cinematography [Muraleedharan C.K.]. Shimla has never looked so beautiful and so is the picturesque Ladakh. Everything is so vibrant and colorful.

I wont go much blah blah now. Will stop here and shout - 'Go For it !!!' . You can't afford to miss the most entertaining movie of the year............and oh, don't forget to get shocked at Superb 'Kahani Mein Twist' at Intermission.

Ok, lastly something reminded me. Its in the air that This is not best of Aamir, blah blah. But hey, when has he promised that? Here its the promise of Raju Hirani - to deliver a full on 'MOVIE' to entertain us. And it DOES, and how !!

My Rating : *drumroll* 5 / 5
Fav. scenes : Aamir Aamir Aamir Aamir......

word of caution : If you are allergic to words like Piss, Balatkaar etc. [college lingo] and scenes of Ragging [as seen in Munnabhai] - Skip this or don't go with family.

Favorite Song Picturisations of 2009

A rather dull year for Bollywood-2009 is coming to an end. Though one can not deny that even in such phase, we have got some pathbreaking movies too. Like Kaminey and Dev D, which I think, are the most different, yet 'Bolly' movies, we have seen in 2009. And by the word 'Bollywood' what comes first to our mind is - Song and Dance!! So, there. Why not make a list of vibrant, colorful and vivid canvas of Hindi Cinema - My Favorite Song Picturisations of 2009.

Please note that I haven't seen Paa and 3 idiots and Ada are not released yet. So they are not included in the list. The list is in order of Movie release dates.

Yeh zindagi bhi - Luck By Chance : The movie is full of vibrant colors. Colors that truly represents Bollywood and India. Beautiful 'Pyaar Ki Daastan' was a strong contender. But the storyline used in 'Yeh Zindgi Bhi' made it really interesting. Unknown faces, who works their best to make the movie as it should be, without being recognized ever. Wonderful Camerawork, one of the best Title credits.

Khuda-Ya-Khair - Billu : Gorgeous landscapes of Pollachi [Tamil Nadu] And lovely lady, Lara Dutta as Gaaon Ki Gori!! Droooooool.... Yes, the 'SRK riding bicycle' song is another favorite of mine this year. Don't know if Pritam has lifted the tune from anywhere, but the song is perfect match for the visuals.

Emotional Atyaachar [Rock]- Dev D : Visual dynamite - that's what I call it. Each song is picturised in a way, that each of them stands alone in their own way. So far, I zeroed on Dhol Yaraa Dhol, Saali Khushi and Pardesi. Fantastic choreography. Superb colors. But the winner has to be Emotional Atyachaar - Rock Version. for sheer technical brilliance.

Dil Gira Daftan - Delhi 6 : Koi Shaq??? Gorgeous Sonam Kapoor casts spell with her unmatched beauty. and what a video ! How smoothly it glides between Chandni Chowk & New York !! Love the exposure having feel of Canvas.

Gulon mein - Sikandar : Serene scenic beauty of Kashmir captured in equally serene song. And a shocker later. Gulon Mein fitted perfectly in the movie.

Thoda Thoda Pyar - Love Aaj Kal : All the fun in Chor Bazaari, is left behind by the charm of lovestory between Saif+ Giselle. Though her lip syncing looked little bit out of place, its Saif, who makes the song outstanding. All the clownish act and masti !!

Climax Song - Kaminey : Dark, Violent, Hair Raising - the song which features in climax of the movie is amongst Vishal's one of the best works. I wonder why the song is not included in OST?

Goonje Angana Mein Shehnai - Life Partner : Well, I'm being little bit selfish here. And why not? Its my blog after all. This song is here, just because of girl Genelia. And when she's doing Garba, how can i keep my eyes off the screen?? Also, cinematography is so lovely. All the colors and glitter.

Tera Hi Jalwa - Wanted : Style Bhai !! And his Dance !! What a combo, yaar. Prabhu Deva has added his own touch and made Salman dance to the Ganesha song. Add surprise appearances and Dhammakedaar beats, the song is full Paisa Vasool !!

Title Track - Whats Your Raashee : 12 Priyanka !! Each one is different. And Harman doing some nice dancing around the Lady(ies). Snippets of each song from the album as an instrumental piece makes it unique.

Rukmaniye - QuickGun Murugan : Silly choice? Not at all. You oughta see Rambha dancing on the floor a-la 1970s. All the suggestive movements of her and camera both. ;-) As raunchy as it can get. Fun !!
Iktara [all versions] - Wake Up Sid: Movie featured various versions of the song. All has magical touch. Visual and musical delight. Narrative goes on with songs. Especially the Punjabi version is fantastic.

Barso Yaron - London Dreams :
Many people criticized the movie for making rockstars out of 40 something actors. But I loved each song and the movie itself. This song was a blast on screen. Especially when Salman starts singing his lines, temperature soars ! And the grand finale with Hanuman Chalisa lines. Rocking.

Pocket Mein Rocket - RocketSingh : Since its first promo, the dance steps has caught my eyes. I will be watching the movie in a day or two. But meanwhile the video has got me hooked on. Ranbir, is truly a star. He makes ordinary things, so special.

Promotional videos of 3 Idiots looks good. Zoobi Doobi has fun flavor, while 'Behti Hawa saa' made me emotional. So, fingers are crossed for the movie. Meanwhile, what are your favorite videos of the year 2009???


I am neck deep in preparation for my own marriage which is due on 8th Dec. And things are getting so very much busy then it seemed. Cause my organization is going for SAP implementation and I am part of the development team. So life is hectic at work too. [God help me to come thru it]. So despite of my strong will to write blog posts, I just can't keep up. So There might be a short term drought on my blog. I hope my dear blogger buddies will not get disappointed by my absence.

Actually what inspired me to write this post is a marriage. A friend of my fiancee has also got married some days back. She has two sisters and parents in family. Both of her sisters got married long ago. After the marriage day, we gave surprise to her parents [who are all alone now cause all 3 girls are married now] by visiting them at 11pm!! I was in shock when we entered the house. The walls looked lifeless. Rooms looked empty. So lifeless everything looked around. Her parents were wearing a fake smile. Why? well, cause they are all alone now. 3 girls, all got married. At the evening of their life, they have no one with them around them, to call their own. That shocked me from inside.

Why, why such tradition is there? can't a girl can choose to stay with her parents , and get married, both at the same time?? Parents, who nurtured their sweet little daughters, just to leave them after 22-23 years? !! 'why only one person can left home? Can't others come with her??