3 Idiots : Movie Review

Promises are fulfilled, Expectations are met. Now... I can breathe normal now. That Aamir has delivered it 3rd time in a row. Yes, its a hattrick. After TZP and Ghajini, this is yet another movie that makes you feel 'What a Movie !!'. What a movie. A full on experience of trademark Rajkumar Hirani's own style masala movie. 3 Idiots is undoubtedly the Best of 2009.

No doubt traces of Munnabhai series are there. And that is for sure. Cause its Raju's movie after all. But neither it hurts nor it disappoints. The sequences are not intended to be repeated in the movie but the story demands them. Moreover, big relief is that, Raju and Abhijat Joshi - the writer duo -has taken only bits from the novel and whenever he has done that, it is done exactly same what's written in the book. Nowhere he has tried to change that. On the other side, most of the storyline is developed differently than the original, that too runs smoothly. Full marks to the writing department. Its the strongest point always, in Hirani's movies. 3 Idiots belongs to both-Raju and Abhijat. Its always tough to visualize the books. And with 3 Idiots, one thing is for sure - Vidhu Vinod Chopra is THE guy who can do that. [remember Parineeta?!!]

One thing Raju has mastered is his art of mixing humour with emotions. [I know it is said a thousand time]. There is never a dull moment in the movie. Yet it makes you cry at so many places. In certain scenes, it makes you so happy that your tears of happiness starts flowing. Performance wise, the movie is flawless. Each and every actor is in their best form. Even the smallest cameos are so good. Everything is said about Aamir till now for each of his movie. I fear I need to learn other languages to praise him more and more day by day. Sharman and Madhvan are perfect. The RDB magic comes alive again with the three 'idiots'. Kareena Kapoor charms you as Medical student & daughter of Viru Sahastrabudhdhe - Head of the college. A surprising performance comes in form of Chatur - played by Omi. He's a bookworm who can go at any length to make his marks top the list.

Music is really well integrated. Just loved picturisation of Zoobi Doobi and Behti Hawa sa... which features spectacular cinematography [Muraleedharan C.K.]. Shimla has never looked so beautiful and so is the picturesque Ladakh. Everything is so vibrant and colorful.

I wont go much blah blah now. Will stop here and shout - 'Go For it !!!' . You can't afford to miss the most entertaining movie of the year............and oh, don't forget to get shocked at Superb 'Kahani Mein Twist' at Intermission.

Ok, lastly something reminded me. Its in the air that This is not best of Aamir, blah blah. But hey, when has he promised that? Here its the promise of Raju Hirani - to deliver a full on 'MOVIE' to entertain us. And it DOES, and how !!

My Rating : *drumroll* 5 / 5
Fav. scenes : Aamir Aamir Aamir Aamir......

word of caution : If you are allergic to words like Piss, Balatkaar etc. [college lingo] and scenes of Ragging [as seen in Munnabhai] - Skip this or don't go with family.


  1. Cool! Am going tmrw :)

  2. Love the banner! Skimmed by most of the review because I want to see it with fresh eyes (as long as it's still playing at the theatre when i get to go). Otherwise I'll have to wait and watch in on youTube (I think they've decided to make it available in a couple of months online). But, hopefully I'll get to it in the theatre. Cross your fingers for me!

  3. Yay! I don't think there's ever been an issue with inflated expectations with Aamir movies in a long time. So glad you enjoyed it! Liked your review, too. Can't wait!

  4. Pitu and Shell
    Okay then. do come back after watching. Would love to know your thoughts about this. fingers are crossed :)

    Yes, Aamir is has been above all those things now. He's in 'Saatwaan Aasman' :D. So what rating will you give? [i read Joanna's review, but what about yours'??]

  5. great review yaar now i cant stop my self i will see it as erly as i can

  6. dude you did it again,,first day first show ha??? it must be worth watching movie for engineers...))

  7. Nice review, though the film quite fell below my expectation. It turned out to be just another Bollywood film.

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  9. Just the right word of caution - I wanted to show this movie to my parents (you know this movie has some matters like TZP) but I won't be able to do so because of the "delivery" scene.
    Well the writers have closely followed what was written in the book but went for some major tweaking in the story.
    Can't wait to watch it again!!!!!

    Please reply soon.

  10. nirmalkumar
    Hey buddy thanks. Would love to know ur thoughts - by phone ofcourse :)

    Hey, yes of course. Yeh aadat toh jaane wali nahi. Have you seen it yet?

    Hi Kabir. Thanks for stopping by. I believe that this film was made 'as' a bollywood film. They didn't made claims that they are making a masterpiece or cult movie or so. So by that point of view, this is a perfect entertainer - which a Bollywood movie should be.

    Shantanu Paul
    Hi Shantanu, Glad that my advice is of some use. Indeed, if Raju can put off such scenes, then each of his movie would be a perfect Family entertainer. But besides that, of course as you said-can't wait to watch it again. Agree with Boman too. But somewhere I seriously feel, please don't typecast him. He was awesome in '99' in a different role. Have you seen it?

  11. U knw how much I loved it.. it was awesome awesome awesome..

    And thanks for reminding me of Parineeta once again... damn, how many times have I seen that...

    Sigh!! I think I'll be watching the movie again soon

  12. vinu16:42

    beautiful movie u people are great enough to congratulate hard work and brains worked movie is excellent hoping for future entertainment we as a I indian are proving that brain of Indian people no challenge its not question that movie is based on engineering its a on todays youth very good concept make more

  13. I know sujoyji, you LLoveed this movie. And yesh yesh, Can't get enough of Parineeta. Its music just remind me that i need to do Best Music of decade post.

    Hi, welcome to my blog. Thanks for your words. Indeed, the concept is really 'today'

  14. Really Darshit 5/5 that's pushing it LOL anyway we're all entitled to our opinions, i saw the film and i liked it too but it was a bit formulaic in parts at most i'd give it 3.5 - 4 out of 5

  15. glad to know your rating. BollywoodDeewanaJi, I think its just the Aamir factor which led me to this rating. otherwise i too have rated it bit lower :P

  16. Oh gosh, perfect score. I. Must. Watch.

  17. yes Nicki, must watch for Aamir fan too. :)

  18. Hey thnks for the blog. This movie is just amazing.Excellent star cast, music ,direction, comedy , drama everything is just perfect.

  19. WoW! great review. . i saw this movie and it was awesome. . love it.=)

  20. Aamir looks really really young, which is really appreciable. The movie was great, the message was greater. But somehow I thought from Aamir's body language that he was trying tooo hard to behave like a college boy.

  21. Anonymous15:09

    oh yeah


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