If at times you feel you want to cry
And life seems such a trial
Above the clouds theres a bright blue sky
So make your tears a smile.

As you travel on lifes way
With its many ups and downs
Remember its quite true to say
One smile is worth a dozen frowns.

Among the worlds expensive things
A smile is very cheap
And when you give a smile away,
You get one back to keep.

Happiness comes at times to all
But sadness comes unbidden
And sometimes a few tears must fall
Among the laughter hidden.

So when friends have sadness on their face
And troubles round them piled
The world will seem a better place
And all because you smiled.

Home Delivery

The First Movie EVER in Backdrop of the Great Festival - Diwali, thats the thing, iwill remember on my mind, and diwali spirit is shown so well that i feed really proud to be associated with it.....................always i used to think when i watch a christmas movie every year.........that someone should make a DIWALI movie.......this is it.....little late but is here........oh my god, have anyone seen so much long list of of songs or special appearances??
12 special appearances and 12 yes 12 songs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mind blowing isnt it? i am not naming them all to ruin your surprise... but movie is not that it is abt a writer [viveik aanand oberoi] who thinks he is greatest of all and suddenly have a writer's block. Things are totally gone against him and he has to complete script of his first ever movie as a script writer for none other than Karan JOhar........yeah...aayesha takia plays a better half [not actually as they are living in] and looks gorgeous...suddenly mahima comes in his life and things become going wrong...2 crappy neighbours....saurabh shukla and tiku t. are just okay........Director Sujoy tried to create Jhankaar magic here also but we hardly can laugh at some scenes.........on the other side some scenes like southern movie sequence and tv program shoot are really awesome......
mahima shows more and more cleavage due to "demand of the story" [u know]..also music of vishal and shekhar is just about okay...but to admit this is kinda A Musical where story goes with songs...which is a nice try...but lemme admit here that THEY HAS GIVEN FIRST EVER DIWALI SONG in India which is a mainly Hindu country and everyone celebrate diwali with so much joy, Diwali song is really good......Boman Irani..........steals the show when he says "happy diwali" gosh........i can never explain wht feelings are there in mind...his role should be more developed so he could give more great appearance but.........anyways............climax is also okay dockey.....OVERALL ITS A FUN MOVIE WHICH CAN NOT BE HARMFUL TO YOUR POCKETS IF U WATCH IN MORNING SHOW [LIKE I DID-There were only twenty people in hall and many of them were thinking ''where is home delivery in movie?"] actually this movie should be named HAPPY DIWALI....kyon Boman?
P.S. Since i had a little time to write this, please dont get disappointed by so short review Dear Readers.

Three most beautiful Bedtime songs [Lullaby] from Movies...

The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
Lay down
Your sweet and weary head
Night is falling
You have come to journey's end
Sleep now
And dream of the ones who came before
They are calling
From across the distant shore

Why do you weep?
What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see
All of your fears will pass away
Safe in my arms
You're only sleeping

What can you see
On the horizon?
Why do those white gulls call?
Across the sea
A pale moon rises
The ships have come
To carry you home

Dawn will turn to silver glass
A light on the water
All souls pass

Hope fades
Into the world of night
Through shadows falling
Out of memory and time
Don't say
We have come now to the end
White shores are calling
You and I will meet again
And you'll be here in my arms
Just sleeping

What can you see
On the horizon?
Why do those white gulls call?
Across the sea
A pale moon rises
The ships have come
To carry you home

And all will turn to silver glass
A light on the water
Grey ships pass
Into the West


so ja cha.nda raaja so ja Sleep, my lovely moonchild; sleep, my prince.
chal sapno.n me.n chalCome to the world of dreams; come.
nii.nd ki pariyaa.n pehan ke aavi pairo.n me.n paayalThe sleep-fairies are here wearing anklets on their feet.

tujhko apne naram paro.n par leke jaa'e.ngeOn their soft wings they'll waft you away
sone ka ik des hai jiskii sair karaa'e.ngiifor a stroll in a country of gold.
dhartii se kuchh duur kahii.n saat samandar paarFar from this earth, somewhere across the seven seas,
aakaasho.n ke biich hai sapno.n ka sa.nsaaramidst distant skies, is the world of dreams.
vo zamiin hai pyaar kii vahaa.n sirf pyaar haiThat is the land of love, where there is only love.
mere chaa.nd jaa vahaa.n tera i.ntazaar haiMy darling moon, go there, the fairies are waiting for you.
jin pariyo.n ke husn par jannat ho qurabaanThese beauties who dazzle heaven,
un pariyo.n ke des me.n hoga tuu mehamaanin their land you'll be a guest.
hai.n naviin kahaaniyaa.n jo tujhe sunaa'e.ngeThey'll tell you new stories,
tere saath naache.ngii tere saath gaa'e.ngiithey'll dance and sing with you.
tujhko apne naram paro.n par leke jaa'e.ngeOn their soft wings they'll waft you away
sone ka ik des hai jiskii sair karaa'e.ngiifor a stroll in a country of gold.


ni.ndiya tuu aaOh sleep, come to me
aahista ahistaslowly, slowly
ni.ndiya tuu aaoh sleep, come to me
in do naino.n me.ninto these two eyes
halke se haule sesoftly, gently
kuchh sapne bhole sesome innocent dreams
ni.ndiya tuu laaoh sleep, bring to me
in do naino.n me.n ho...into these two eyes
bahe soyii-soyii jaise saarii hawaa'e.nthe winds flow sleepily
samaa bhii hai soya-soya sathe atmosphere is drowsy
ni.ndiya re ni.ndiya re tu mere a.nganaa reoh sleep, in my arms
aa jaa recome to me
in jhuktii palkon pe chha jaa respread in these half-closed eyes
aahista aahistaslowly, slowly
ni.ndiya tuu aaoh sleep, come to me
mulaayam mulaayam sii niilii niilii raat haithe dark blue night is soft and tender
thapaktii hai is dil ko yaade.n ka'iimany memories tap on my heart
yaado.n ke paalne me.n koii khoyii khoyii baat haiin the cradle of dreams lie forgotten matters
ni.ndiya ab aake tu merii biiti lorii gaakeoh sleep, come and sing a lullaby of days gone by
mere khoye sapne dikhlaa de haayand bring back my lost dreams
yaado.n ka palna jhulaa derock the cradle of memories
aahista aahistaslowly, slowly
ni.ndiyaa tuu aa....oh sleep, come to me
mahakii hawa kii reshmi chaadar kaho to bichhaa duu.nI can spread a silken blanket of scented air if you wish
niil gagan se chaa.nd ko leke takiya banaa duu.nfrom the blue sky I can take the moon to make a pillow
chaa.ndanii laake tumko oRHaake mai.n gungunaa'uu.n giit koiiI can cloak you with the moonbeam and hum a tune
us pal hii chupke se phir ni.ndiya aa jaayeand that very moment sleep will come to you
palko.n pe jaise THahar jaayeand rest on your eyelashes
miithi miithi ni.ndiya aayesweet sweet sleep will come
aahista aahista ni.ndiya tuu aaslowly, slowly come oh sleep
in do naino.n men....into these two eyes

go and listen to them .......u will surely get sleep

The Rising - Mangal Pandey

Mangal mangal mangal ho….

I swear its been 1.5 hours since I watched the movie & its still on my mind [even after hearing cd again]. Damn good song no one can resist to sing along. Full marks to A.R.R. I have quoted in earlier blog that may be I would like the music after watching the flick. That’s right.

Talking about movie, this was my first ever experience of a first day first show. It has to, because I can’t wait anymore to watch in most controversial getup and after four years, its like ‘lambi judaai’ for me.

Movie is about a martyr who started off the rebellion against the British sultanate.[all knows about it so..Not repeating anymore.]

Movie starts of with first part of title song. Followed by a long shot of a north Indian village from the eyes of a river……comin next is an elephant and there comes the title. And gosh, for the first time I heard a lot of noise from audience. They were just SCREAMING….. Audience started screaming from the first line of song [dhanananan dhanana…]……..till nearly one minute. Ppl were just so excited that it took nearly one minute when they stopped screaming.. And mind u, this was not a mass kind of public…but this was a MULTIPEX audience. I was – as a great fan of Aamir – really surprised and even happier that ppl do like him at this level. The song goes as a prabhyatpheri; on elephant there are 4 ppl including Kailash kher, sionging and waking up ppl. Song stops at British jail. Inside it – a setup for ‘phansi’ [I don’t know proper English word] is there. And here come THE HERO. Surrounded by British sepoys and tied by chains. Just like wounded tiger. Audience again starts screaming. By seeing him just from backside. [my god, look what a great publicity does] setup is ready, jailer asks his last wish, he says ‘u can never fulfil my last wish’ [the first dialogue]. Some how ‘phansi’ gets canceled for few days cause ‘jallad’ denies to hang ‘Mangal Pandey’.

So there, Officer Gordon [Tobey Stephens, who is allover good in the movie] goes into flashback for us & story begins. [with interpretations of Om Puri]

Story begins in Afghanistan, where British troops fighting against afghans. This is quite a short but very well shot moment. Mangal saves Gordon from death. So on they become good friends.

Then come in Berrackpore, where all things happens British parties, slaves, tavayafs, etc. By the time, Gordon & mangal becomes very good friends,. They drink ‘bhang’ together, they sing silly song together, and they save life of ‘jwaala’ [amisha] from being ‘sati’- together.

Untill ‘fat’ [fate] do them against each other. [As u all know it was started when sepoys refused to fight with Kartoos which were made using cow & pig’s fat]

Hey, did I mention Rani is there? OK she’s an imagination of Farookh Dhondi, the script writer. But she’s stunningly beautiful [in whatever seven scenes she has]. In her introductory scene, one man is selling her in a ‘mela’. [a song ‘take take’ comes in this funfair]. A man from Kirron Kher’s [she looks totally weared wearing ‘mallika se bhi low-cut blouse] kotha, buys her. This kotha- as a sweeper describes to Mangal- is only for 3 ppl. Gora, Hijra & Achhut. Rani looks really ravishing, she just do talks with her eyes.

Now coming back to fat, some sepoys found that that is a fact. Gordon Denys it by pressure of his Boss. So there, Mangal do the honourof using them [until he knows the truth]. Then there comes a much awaited mujra. And gosh…Rani DOES act like she is actually a ‘tawayaf’. Expressions are too much real.

Story goes on [no I m not gonna tell you whole story]. Jwala – saved by Gordon, refuses to go to her parents cause ‘Jalim Samaj’ will kill her, lives with Gordon. A song ‘Bata de o goriya’ comes here. It is really useless song. [I think it was added just to get ceetees from the mass. So is with mujra. So is with sex scene between English Couple. So is with cheap comedy at some places. There is nothing to do with Mangal. Shameful Dear Ketan]. But ya song is quite good and exotic. [Sets are totally reminiscent of Lagaan]

So there, Amisha is no more virgin after the song.[actually she’s just ther to fill the time with some GLAMOUR in this male dominated movie, but so sad she doesn’t have any.

By the time Mangal realizes fact about Kartoos, and warns Gordon ‘ab tak tumne humari vafadari dekhi thi……’ etc. [dialogues are not that good, which a patriotic movie should have]

Then comes interval. Till now Aamir gets so much applause for his role.Rani & Amisha gets ceetees and more ceetees. Rani DOES act. Amisha DOESN’T [As usual]. Aamir looks really well prepared for his role, but there are some limitations named ‘ketan mehta’. Because of him, we still can’t feel something SOMETHING for Mangal. Aamir looks so much alive to live his role, a role of a soldier who works for Britishers and now dared to fight aginst them. His heart starts leaning to India.

Interval over.

PPL are gathering. Bnoth in hall and in movie’s village. Rebellion is starting, they plan everything. From troops to date of attack. A holi song comes next. [really a good song on screen] some scenes. A Sufi song [e mere daata…. Pretty nice, good, awesome….but not again Kailash kher –this time with close-ups….] and looks who’s here…..Tatya Tope [looks like we’re studying history] All characters are very well weaved.

What happens next, is history. No need to repeat. Rebellion starts early. Mangal’s sena don’t have support of too much troops so his troop alone fights [ action sequences are just okay] [but one scene I must mention, Mangal ‘standing alone’ against thousands of British Sepoys. A.R.R just not interfere. He just added real sound of thousands of boots walking on a ground. No music is there. Soldiers coming to him to catch him alive. Sound is so real. There is no need to add ‘wham – bam – boom’ The scene is a highlight of the movie]

So there, another version of mangal mangal’ comes then. I still cant get enough. Here comes who’s who of 1857 in the song. Peshwa Bajirao, Bahadurshah, Tatya Tope & above all Rani Laxmibai [I m really eager to watch movie abt her – last in trilogy by Ketan Mehta]. So then, THE RISING starts in India [which was not going to stop till 1947]

Case gets filesd against Mangal accusing him ‘bagaawat’ in British Army. One interesting scene, Mangal is just sitting and carrasing his Mustache and case hearing is on. Aamir looks really MANGAL PANDEY. As u all know, he gets death sentence.

Flashback over. Last version of Mangal mangal. Sure to bring tears to everyone.

Then comes a documentary abt how we got freedom.

At the end ‘at least audience in my cinema hall’ was screaming ‘bharat mata ki jay’ by seeing the first flag rising from the Red Fort. Quite a moment to remember.

Now, the criticism. First of all I must say this movie, LACKS of emotions. After all it’s a patriotic movie, but somewhere something is missing. [which was there in The legend of Bhagat Singh, I still cry when 3 friends gets ‘phansi’]. That’s emotion. In a very few scenes, we can feel goosebumps. No comments about Aamir. He is always THE BEST. But to admit, this is not his lifetime best performance [as they said]. Actresses are just okay. Rani’s good while Amisha…….hahaha [i came home and watched interview of her, she said she has read some books, done research on this kind of satipratha and relations of English and Indian, boy and girl….i was still laughing………..all this research for just 4 scenes……….hahaha] [again she was telling, its my dream come true to work with Aamir – poor girl she has just one scene with him – while she was fainted---hahahaha]

Background score, was also just okay. Mangal mangal is the GEM of the movie. The way ‘dhol & nagara’ played is amazing. Provoking. ‘Goriya’ song is exotic and well composed. But useless. Mujra is typical. Yet good. ‘take take’ is useless.

I cant see where the large, lavish budget went. Everything looks under normal. Not paranormal. Which is required in such movie.There was no need to go to Uzabekistan to shoot some scenes. Ketan says that he has read around 1200 books about Mangal. Now whts we are getting? Two imaginations Rani & Amisha, another imagination of friendship between Gordon & Mangal. And so on. OK cinematic liberty is one thing. But in a period film like this, u must be very careful and loyal to your subject. Even useless sex comedy is here in some parts. Shameful again for such a adorable moveie. [don’t want to compare, but I have to – with Lagaan- no useless songs, no useless characters. OK in period films – take Bhagatsingh –Ajay Devgan’s- it was also very authentic; songs in them again by A.R.R. were amazing]

Editing of Sreekar Prasad is allover well. Cinematography matches the era. Costumes are also good. But one thing Ketan did missed –a man was running with crowd wearing PANTS in 1857??? All in all, I sould say, it could be better than this. Lots of energy wasted in publisizing whole movie till these 3 years. They should put that in movie. [If not, so don’t create such hype that disappoints and cheats people later] People will try to find Big war against Britishers, Lagaan & Gadar kind of patriotism, which is not there. [I m not expecting that, cause after all it was just a start of rising, but after all that the choice of people] so they’ll feel cheted. At once the film is feel good, feel patriot kinda movie. Movie goers will surely go to watch it. But abut 15 or 20% only will be the repeat audience. So there Ketan - oscar – there is always a next time. Better luck again Aamir. U ROCK.

Till then……………mangal mangal…………………

p.s.[Don’t just decide by this review, go and watch the film urself..cause there are lot of efforts put in by people. So please do watch it. This is just my opinion]

Stars: 3.75

Predicted Awards: Male singer [Kailash & Sukhvindar for Mangal mangal], Costumes, Action, Lyrics, Music [tough competition], sound recording.

Mangal Pandey - The Rising - Music

Disapponting.......i think it will be likable only after watching movie...though title song is good.......i just cant understand some songs...cant get words out of enough dose of Kailash Kher

Dus...- Movie Review

Hear now here now, everybody put your hands up in the air now……dus bahane karke le gaye dil………..

This is running in your mind when u come out from hall. Damn catchy song. Really ‘hap’. Abhi & Zayed lights up the screen in startup of the movie. Absolutely energetic. Title song includes snaps from movie also. And at the end of the song, four black Black cars stops behind each other [with ‘that’ music’] & stars come out from them one by one. Oh my god ‘am I watching a HINDI movie?’ u will think. Title ‘DUS’ comes only after the song.

Movie starts off pretty well. Description of each character is really interesting. For one second u will think about ‘xxx’ or ‘M:I’ but that for one second only. Movie is so much original. I couldn’t figure out any ‘inspired’ scene or plot.

Plot is like this. Sanjay is the head of ATC [anti terrorist cell]. He has got info about 10th May, that something will cause death for many people. When? How? Where? Why? Whom? He doesn’t know. Certainly ATC has been given notice by Govt. to close Dept. in seven days. [all this happens on 4th May, movie is divided date by date which is good]. So Sanjay has only seven days to save people and also to save his Dept. Abhi, Shilpa, and Zayed works for him. Both boys go to Canada to solve mystery. Sunil Shetty comes here & Esha also. And the ride starts.

Ok, I’m not revealing it all. But ya I must give full marks to Anubhav-The director; that not a single point is there where we feel ‘’yawn, this is another bollywood potboiler’’ Editing is really slick. Though its not smooth as ‘dhoom’ but well done.

Some mysterious characters really make this movie interesting. Ya story gets a very very very little bit slow [0.5%] after interval, but that’s OK. [may be it was done, to free viewers from ride].

Only two songs, yeah, relief. ‘Deedar de’ rocks as well as title song. Vishal Shekhar scores rocking. The theme is really good. Sets are also good.
So is cinematography. Characters are caricatured and casted so perfectly. Everyone is doing their part very well. Pankaj Kapoor steals the show. He is really a treat to watch. Sanjay & Shilpa makes a nice pair. Abhi plays the same of Dhoom. But nice. Zayed, very well. I don’t know but he carrys a sparklight with him. Whenever he comes on screen, there is a spark. Diya is again like ‘parineeta’, just ‘there’. Sunil looks lost, so is Raima. Esha Deol looks very suitable for role she plays. Actually no one has more to play. But Pankaj Kapoor wins the race.

I was quite unhappy with climax. Wht I thought wasn’t there. I thought about chilling thrilling climax. But this was little bit up the OK. All in all a must watch movie if u r a film buff. Iwill give it 3.75 stars.


One word or phrase for the film: ‘Dus bahane karke…’

Unheard, Lost & Forgotten

There are so many songs, you listen,..and stop for a second. You just Think about it. Find it intresting, love it. But can't get which movie/artist this song is from. Those - Unheard, Lost and Forotten tracks.

Take this for example, Have u heard ‘Kitni Akeli’ by singer ‘Chandna Dixit’? No…..there u r…It was quite an interesting song by a lady. Nice beats & a nice B/W video. But it got lost in era of damn remixes.

Alisha Chinoy was too famous for her ‘made in India’ but wht about ‘Tu jo mila’??? It’s a really well shot song. All things white and white. Lyrics are also good.

Latest example for such cases, voices that gone lost in time. Girls including Hema Sardesai, Jaspinder Narula, Madhushree, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Gayatri Iyer, Vasundhara Das and on & on this list goes. OK this is quite feminine list.

About men, I must say Kay Kay has lost his way nowadays. Other were Parwez [just one song I know ‘dare-e-dil’] was quitegood. And how can one forget Abbey – e sanam mere pyar mein tere. Shaan has also lost way [serial-sa re ga ma – yuck]….Shankar Mahadevan….a full time musician now…Palash Sen…where is he???…Silk Route?????… Srinivas…don’t know??? He sang that love ballad for Dil Chahta Hai….’kaisi hai yeh rut’…he sang some portions in Lagaan…. and got lost…where are u all?????!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone tell me who was the girl singing ‘chandni raatein??’ so haunting voice I just loved it at first hear…………….it took me 5 minutes to remember the song of Mehnaz………..’eye dilruba..tere dil mein basi hun main’. No one can forget the song “oochi neechi hai dagariya’….by Anaida. But if asked about ‘kaachi kali’ ‘malu malu’ ‘piya bina’ and ppl will reply “huh”?? Anaida was really an eyecandy.. wow body slimmest “kamar”. Man,,,,,,what days that were……

Hema Sardesai has a great voice , a high pitch. But bollywood couldn’t accept such a nice voice for stereotyped sweet songs. So is with Jaspinder Narula.. Now have u heard ‘haan maine chhokar dekha hai’..? from movie Black…[now don’t tell me that it don’t have any song, it has OST]….when you wake up from a dream after the song, u will realize that this was Gayatri Iyer…and I just cant forget voice of Vasundhra Das ….Meri jaan was really a nice attempt… also ‘shakalaka baby’ ‘ rabba rabba’ and some more songs she ROCKS…… she’s so energetic……… best of her was ‘o rey chhori’ from Lagaan.

Talking abt sonundtracks…my latest favourite is BLACK………..wht an album.. really a journey in music. Other fav. Is Lakshya…[as always Shankar Ehsaan Loy do – fantastic] Hear DCH…just hear it…don’t watch movie …each time I hear such well composed music I find some new chord of music in it.

But have u heard OST of musical Bombay Dreams? No not just ‘shakalaka baby’ but whole album is great. Especially ‘journey home’ ‘I could live here’ ‘bombay awakes’ and many more. AR Rehman has a god gifted voice. He takes us on journey of music in this album.
Now Devdas…………wht can I say??? Aree……..o deva……..

Each scene has its different music, a different raga…a different mood…a different mood…A mild raga sung by ‘Parthiv Gohil’ at various places is tremendous. My most fav. Is the title music, also music when Madhuri enters the screen, in other scene she puts her hair in water… when SRK sees Ash for the first time……………..and so on…………………..i can’t get enough ………….

Oh god….this is getting a bit longer…..anyways…….do tell me about YOUR favorites…… do leave your comments [otherwise I will stop writing]….

Listen & let listen music.


Finally Saif Ali Khan got admiration as an Actor….He has won a National Award for Best Actor category for movie Hum Tum, Quite surprising but I m quite satisfied. I have a soft corner for him. He always gets improved movie by movie. He did a splendid job in DCH. But Filmfare gave him just Best Actor in a comic role. Same was with Hum Tum, they have given him the same award. In Kal ho na ho he was Best Supporting Actor.

And now look here, he has defeated even SRK of Swades in Best Actor category, three cheers for him.

Also the committee has done daring job by giving Page 3 – three awards and a ‘swarna kamal’

Other National awards were

Best Actress – Tharaa for the kannada film ‘Hasina’

Best Director – Budhadev Dasgupta for Bengali ‘Swapner Din’

Best Movie – Page 3 by Madhur Bhandarkar

Best Hindi Movie – Raincoat by Rituparno Ghosh

Best movie for Nation Integration – Bose – the forgotten hero by Shyam Benegal

Best Movie in Popular Category – Veer Zaara & a tamil ‘Autograph’

Best Screenplay & Editing – Both for ‘Page 3’

Best Male Singer – Udit Narayan for ‘Yeh tara voh tara’

Best Female Singer – Chithra for ‘Autograph’


welcome to my blog..get some latest info and also get to know whts

happening in my & movies...............

Bobby bedi [producer of saathiya, bandit queen, mangal pandey etc.] is gonna make a movie based on greatest epic “Mahabharata”....

Sounds interesting, more is here, its gonna be starred by .....SRK ...&...Aamir ....wht do u think? Will they get 2gather?
Also interesting is bobby is gonna approach special effect team of “lord of the rings” to add those flying arrows……….

SRK & Aamir will play karan-arjun most probably.. but once aamir told in a conversation that I am willing to play role of Karan, its my dream role, but I cant play cause karan was a highted man and I m too short for that… ………….. there u r aamir, a.k.a. arjun………
Now who is draupadi???? Reigning queen of bollywood……. Rani who else………..[ I think mallika would be better choice to get more footage(say,,cleavage) in that “vastraharan” scene]

All this cast is finalized but not official…. lets hope we will see some action very soon…

By the time, u can place your dream cast in comments…tell me who will become yudi, dhrutarashra [amitabh???!!!!not at all he is bhishma], kunti [I think neena gupta], nakul & sahdev [shahid & ritesh], Bhima [ofcourse sunny], duryodhana [may be gulshan gro.] also I think abhishek is suitable for karan.
Who is shikhandi????? A lady like man……..yes u r right,,,,,,its our very own Karan Johar or say K.Jo.
Who is Krishna????[arjun rampal????!!!!] gandhari [amisha patel…………hahahahaha]

Keep guessing………………list is soooooooooo long………..**

Parineeta vs. Paheli



This is a little late for a blog, but I was in effect of the movie for so long time that I just couldn’t write one.
It is not just a movie, its like a novel laminated in a ancient, precious frame. Its like a damn good antique piece which one should preserve in each museum or each heart.
Here is a most suitable starcast I’ve ever seen on celluloid, for an adaptation of a classic.
Sanjay plays Girish, a man who has seen ups & downs in life and now a successful person, this is also true with sanju, who is after such ups and downs, in this place. Vidya Balan, [LOLITA] wht to say, is pure beautiful INDIAN woman, whom everyone wants to have as wife, full with Indian culture and beauty. A face, no one can tell wht’s running behind that pretty face. Above all, Saif Ali Khan [SHEKHAR], A rich brat, doing whatever in life and quite confused person.

Movie starts of with a commentary by AB abt kolkota in 1963, and full marks to Binod Pradhan, for recreating the magic of old Kolkota, Also a shaadi song, which is quite OK [It doesn’t hurt your ears atleast]. And there he is, Saif in his tense look, story seems quite mysterious, Vidya is here now, behaving like a woman obsessed with sex, audience gets confused. Which is good actually, creating a mystery. Also title of the movie come then, when Vidya enters the screen, which is quite abnormal and seems great. If you haven’t read Original classic by Saratchandra, Don’t read it until u watch this flick.

Then a song by Saif – Sonu,[soona man ka aangan] a really nice song and also a nice way to flashback the story. Shreya Ghoshal’s vocals are amazing. Story of two kids who grow up 2gether and don’t know whether they are in love. It seems like Devdas, but totally different. You are not bored though. Vidya looks stunning. Also full marks to Saif for playing, wht he is. Music is a gem on the crown. Vidhu has selected totally suitable persons to make this epic. Pradeep and Shantanu Moitra both are pure Bengali, [sorry if I mistaken name of musician]. Saif plays a musician, and know wht he also sings a song, a portion before Piyu bole, and is a nice singer.
Picturization is always good Of Pradeep, Piyu bole is really exiquitely shot song. A really sweet love ballad. Now I am being repeatative but Vidya looks STUNNING.

Now I am not going to tell u whole story. But then Sanju comes, with a good scene in dark night. VIDYA LOOKS STUNNING in light of a candle.
Then comes an ITEM NUMBER. Rekha looks hot and can give any Isha, mallika and Rakhi sawants , a run for their money. Its just like Moulin Rouge. [Actually name of that bar was also the same]. But still it doesn’t feel awkward, to have a item number in a classic movie. I was really worried about that but I m happy Pradeep has managed it.
Now here comes smooch scene, between saif & vidya, one will think is this necessary? But looking back in that era of kolkota, it is.
Till 70’s, that scene of the novel was on mind of Bengali people. In youth, if someone can make it to kiss his lover, he explaine in his group, like “yes, I ‘ve done Parineeta”. Also the scene is really controlled and though sexy. Again, VIDYA LOOKS STUNNING. In background, song “hui main parineeta” is playing in also background of “shaadi mantras”. Really well crafted smooch scene bollywood has ever seen.

Story goes on and on, some misunderstandings happen, one scene is reminiscent of Devdas, but the same is with Saratchandra, who always portrays gap between two classes of societies.

Then here comes a real treat, Yeh hawaein, a song , a treat, an eyecandy, a ………… I cant explain feelings after seeing a Coal engine, running its way to Darjeeling[ in movie]. Pradeep has taken extreme care that - at morning when train is boarding sunlight comes from either side of station and when it comes back sunlight is coming from other side of station.
Hey, I’ve forgotten to say about Dia & Raima, amongst whom Dia is totally negligible. And Raima looks good acts good that’s it.

Story goes on & on & on,, but audience is not getting bored. At one or two portions a phrase from song “raat humari to” is used, which is like “ratiya…….kali kali andhiyaari…” The best piece of music, totally bengoli, which is there in 2 dark scenes. Mind blowing. All actors acts like they are in race to give their best performance ever. VIDYA LOOKS STUNNING, ACTS STUNNING. In first movie she’s all over STUNNING. Saif is really controlled. Vidhu was right, he didn’t expected he is suitable and shocked that his was wrong thinking, me too. I was quite speechless after watching his ACT. He is not improving but he is IMPROVED.

Sets are really sleek. Whole treatment is totally light. Pradeep Sarakar hasn’t gone to the way of Sanjay B. All things are really carefully selected not so LOUD. Even you will here a “saridon” ad in the movie, which was actually there in sixties. A Dairy milk with packing of 60’s. Pradeep took extreme care not to leave anything unusual. Full marks to music score, allover. Background and as well as main score. Camerawork, art direction, choreography all departments are brilliant. Even people who loved murder and sheesha kind of movies, also loving this. That’s the PLUS point of movie.

After you leave the hall, this is the movie, which will rule your mind. A forever classic. I can go on & on & on about this…………but something is forcing me to stop.



One should learn how to publicize a movie, which is not for mass, but they are going to see it. This is also an adaptation of a story from Rajasthan. A fairy tale romance, which u have heard when u were child. But can’t compare to Parineeta.

I m not going to write about this any more like earlier movie, cause I have little time. But ya movie starts of very slowly, a really colorful song. Nice special effects sprinkled. Sands of rajasthan looks nice. Rani looks beauty. Anupam kher acts well as a marwadi father. SRK is doing smthg unusual but he is doing very nicely. But something lacks in the movie is GRIP. Amol palekar’s grip on screenplay is poor. Cinematography is rocking. Whole movie is so much colorful and live but as movie goes towards end, colors make me getting bored. Nasruddin & Ratna Pathak plays puppets as story teller. They are quite good.

Songs are quite earthy. Folk and mix sounds are there. Dheere jalna and Khali hai, are cream of crop. Choreography in “Laaga re jal lagaa” is par excellence. Rajasthani dance is mind blowing. But at the same time it is the most “not required” song. “phir raat kati” is the worst. Amitabh is wasted in one ham scene. Aditi Gowitrikar is the same. Juhi and Sunil shetty are there just because of friendship with SRK. Theirs is quite “not required” kind of role. Movie is so much stretched after intermission. 2 songs let people roam out of hall.

Plus point is , a really art film kind of subject is very well presented in commercial format. Three cheers for that. But advice to SRK is STICK TO BOLLYWOOD kind of movies. Stick to Karan johars and Chopras. That s your best place. See “swades”. SRK leave all that crap to others. Just do, wht u believe into. Rani is better as always. There is nothing like “paheli” in this movie, it is already solved in first two or three scenes.

All in all, it’s a movie one MUST watch, but when u r out of hall, u will feel that “ya I have seen a movie”. Nothing else.

ONE PHRASE for the movie: Colorful yet boring.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Slow steady and sleek [Parineeta] wins the race.

Without You........

I found today,
A note of yours,
On which you had scribbled,
A Varis Shah couplet

Upon reading which
A teardrop fell,
What was locked in the eyes,
Was revealed today.

That other than you,
These tears of mine,
Won’t be kissed by
None else
That other than you,
These tears of mine
Will wither in the dust
___________________________Varis Shah [sung by Rabbi Shergill in his album Rabbi

I found these lyrics really amazing, this is actually a translation. Original song goes like this…….

Millia si ajj mainu,
Tera ik patra,
Likhia si jis te,
Tum shayr Varey Shah da

Parh ke si osnu
Hanjhu ik duliya
Akhan ‘ch band si
Ek raaz ajj khulia

Ki tere bin
Eh mere hanjhu
Kise hor nahio chumna

Ki tere bin
Eh mere hanjhu
Mitti vich rulnha.

bunty n babli...

Have u ever heard a soundtrek which has evryting? Hear bunty aur babli,
hve u ever heard "burn the dance floor, oye kudiye!!" or so deep lyrix
like "dekhna mere sar se aasma udd raha hai, dekhna aasman ke sire khul
gaye hai zameen se!!" the later one is frm song "chup chup ke" amazing
song, butifully writen, realy amazing vocals and 'sitar' playin
somewhere in bakground, ahhh.... Gulzar is still young, javed aktar writes
butifully but gulzar writes innovatively here, have u heard "aasman
karvate le raha hai baadlon pe" also watch gulzar's range, in a qawaali he
uses even english words!! Composition by shankar ehsan loy is heart
stopping in 'chup chup ke' rap song 'b n b' is kool, qawali by alisha is 2
gud, 'nach beliye' is a gud mix bag, 'dhadak dhadak tell abt dreams of
smal city ppl, all in all , by hearing this album u will b dying 2 watch
the movie, i m so much xcited


It’s a Jungle out there!!! no,no, there is also The Village, Darna Mana Hai and Vastushashtra, now u must be thinking wht is it all about…It’s the movie Kaal, I prefer it to call Kaali [name of the character played by Ajay]; It starts of with killings of foreign tourists…also an owl, a bat etc.[u can see them through whole movie] the beginning u will remember M Night Shyamalan’s The Village, some frames are totally inspired by that. Then just have a break! Yes break with advertisements of National Geographic and Sony products [which is advertised not so beautifully through whole movie]…in that scene camerawork is just like they are endorsing these two products.. but this is forgivable in this competitive era.

Soham tries to get thrill into introduction scenes of John and Vivek, but he fails. Introduction scene of Vivek and his friends is totally headache. With mindless conversations. But soon a silver line of clouds is seen when they enters in the jungle, jungle’s description is very good. Long shots and aerial shots are used so beautifully that u will be ready to visit that jungle.

Again Soham slips the way trying to tighten the storyline. Soon movie is going to yawn. Meaningless sounds [just like Vastushashtra] which tends to fear; just tear ears of viewers. Soham tries to create fear like his mentor Ram Gopal Verma[like he did in Jungle] but that’s the difference between RGV and Karan’s movies. Ramu has ruined us to fear at only fearful things, not xyz things. Now everyone is seeking fear higher than Bhoot. In every single scene there is a lot of sound but no fear, no arousal of our body hair.

Also treatment of the movie is not that class of Karan’s. Karan’s movies are always lavish, stylish and sophisticated but here it is absent.

But again, Ajay comes and steals the show, also steals ceetees and claps of all viewers. His entry and whole scene is very well carried out. First encounter with tigers happens here and its mind blowing. So now story tightens. But hey that’s after whoping 40 minutes, and before u get interested in the movie, interval is here. [Moral of this: in short movie like this u have to be really fast]

But after interval there is a lot more things offered by Soham. Movie gets pace after that. But in between there are also scenes which tend to be fearful but not so much. Its okay. But hey wht abt an owl who is there on a tree in Daylight? And how about a big crowd in a certain scene when there is not a single other person seen in jungle throughout the movie besides the main characters?

Friends are disappearing one by one [just like Darna Mana Hai]; wht is the reason behind it? That is the subject of interrogation. Ajay carries whole movie on him. I expected John would do the best among them before watching the movie. But was quite disappointed cause none of the four characters has done something good. John is wasted. Gals are there just to cry out loudly and roam in bustiers in such a jungle. And Vivek, even he doesn’t know wht are his dialogues. Dialogues are quite shoddy. Also the only thing missing in the movie is Tigers as it was advertised so much related to tigers.

But the biggest plus point of this movie is, audience expects something but gets totally different thing. Yes audience gets totally surprised as the movie going to end. And this is the thing if movie will be a hit. Last 45 minutes of movie is totally fast and thrills at somewhat extent. Climax of the movie is breath taking and fast. Full marks to Soham for that thing.

All in all its quite a watchable flick, and after that a forgettable flick. It will be remembered for only jungles and sultry Malaika in Title song. It is the best thing in whole movie. Also ‘tauba tauba’ at the end of the movie, makes people sit in their seats even after the movie gets over. People will come due to so much hype created for movie, but I think that there will be no repeat audience.

Long way to go Soham,Good try.

The Aviator

The Aviator Is really an epic as it is said in the movie. It starts of with such scenes that u will think that whole movie is like this but as the movie goes on u r thinking that how does a single movie can deal with lots of twists like this.
The movie has lot of things to offer. First of all I must say that Leonardo has came really a long way. After success of Titanic he was having really bad days with movies like The Beach & Romeo & Juliet. He was just a lover boy. But the gangs of NY has changed him I think. Hic act in this movie is too good to give him an Oscar. He just acts like he’s totally involved in that character. His love for aviation or say obsession of aviation is shown tremendously in this movie.

Next hero of the movie is lights. Yes lights, arrangement of light is too good in this flick. Sometimes nothing speaks in a scene but only lights can tell everything. The whole movie is like this, the more deep u can get, the more u understand that. I remember a certain scene in beginning of the movie, when Howard Hughes [Leo] is editing his movie, and find that he is losing support, lights are used so brilliantly that he speaks not a single word but lights tells the state of his mind.
Also the battle between Howard and State Govt. is very tightly scripted. The movie is comparatively long about 3 hours long. But u don’t get bored thoroughly. Testing of new planes is picturised so beautifully that u get thrilled even without a jet plane. Era of thirties of America is also very well picturized. Hollywood & its fame, journalism etc. are also good. Most of the movie is described as a news report is a new and very good concept. At the end of the movie, we can keep on our mind two things, Leonardo’s facial expressions & of course planes.

Definitely worth a watch.

Black by Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Seen black………….. DATE:09.03.2005.

No words to describe it … complete movie .. complete experience…. Sanjay takes the subject very flowlessy……….

If u love movies.. then this must be seen….. god……… how can he make such movies…. Every thing is best……best director, actor, actress, supporting actress, cinematography, art direction, costume design.,screenplay, dialogue [which aren’t there actually], editing, special effects, sound design, background scor………..etc. a complete movie in each aspect………. Also the award people would have to start a new category that’s best soundtrack……..which is by monty [remember… that ……..”are o deva” theme from devdas………monty has came up with an album an OST from film itself……pure & divine music which can arise each hair on your body] there isn’t a single song but whole movie is musical……..u need to watch the movie from your ears…..

rani acts too brilliantally………child artist who plays her is toooooooo good in her very first movie.. that’s ayesha kapoor…….. also sheron patel who plays mother of rani is damn good……… amitabh is in his lifetime best acting…….. each frame is mindblowing………camerawork is that good that u can not assume that this movie was shot in simla …also the sensitive subject is handed so delicately… u just love the way sanjay did it…. If u r going to see this movie in cinema hall [which u must do..only in cinema hall plz]….. then please go alone … so u can cry freely…… my tears couldn’t stop flowing in climax…..about 8 to 10 minutes my eyes were flowing like a river… [actually like a dropper..drop by drop……

indian idol

so..its over...abhi has became indian idol....wht d'ya think? is he that good as amit??

my vote is for amit definately...hes so talented...but not so this the only reason why he was spared out???

plz keep blogging about this

love u all