The Aviator

The Aviator Is really an epic as it is said in the movie. It starts of with such scenes that u will think that whole movie is like this but as the movie goes on u r thinking that how does a single movie can deal with lots of twists like this.
The movie has lot of things to offer. First of all I must say that Leonardo has came really a long way. After success of Titanic he was having really bad days with movies like The Beach & Romeo & Juliet. He was just a lover boy. But the gangs of NY has changed him I think. Hic act in this movie is too good to give him an Oscar. He just acts like he’s totally involved in that character. His love for aviation or say obsession of aviation is shown tremendously in this movie.

Next hero of the movie is lights. Yes lights, arrangement of light is too good in this flick. Sometimes nothing speaks in a scene but only lights can tell everything. The whole movie is like this, the more deep u can get, the more u understand that. I remember a certain scene in beginning of the movie, when Howard Hughes [Leo] is editing his movie, and find that he is losing support, lights are used so brilliantly that he speaks not a single word but lights tells the state of his mind.
Also the battle between Howard and State Govt. is very tightly scripted. The movie is comparatively long about 3 hours long. But u don’t get bored thoroughly. Testing of new planes is picturised so beautifully that u get thrilled even without a jet plane. Era of thirties of America is also very well picturized. Hollywood & its fame, journalism etc. are also good. Most of the movie is described as a news report is a new and very good concept. At the end of the movie, we can keep on our mind two things, Leonardo’s facial expressions & of course planes.

Definitely worth a watch.


  1. you havnt mentioned abt any actress how come???

  2. Anonymous22:34

    ok u said it right,,, aviator is a great movie in its class..but length is too boring...too long to handle in this fast life


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