Aladin : [a quick] Movie Review

This is such a movie Indian cinema has never seen. A Clear winner of Aladin, is its SFX. Blood and sweat has been put over it and it really shows. Not at any point it looks overdone. What complements the movie more is its perfect casting and characterisation. Each and every actor is cast so well that you can never imagine anyone else playing any character. Riteish is so perfect as a loser Aladin. While Jaquline is endearing as Jasmine. Amitabh Bachchan is extremely likeable and does not make you remind his similar role of Bhootnaath.

Sanju baba is clearly show stopper. As a bad guy, Ringmaster he is oh so perfect. Cinematography is the thing to watch out for. Huge sets and excellent use of the fort city - Jaisalmer is eye pleasing. Sujoy's direction is good, but at some points movie loses a little bit. Screenplay becomes less engaging. But given the novelty value, and at short running time of 132 minutes, the movie is full on joyride.

It takes out child from within you. Child who want to dance to peppy tunes of Vishal Shekhar. Music sounds better while watching it on screen. Cause all are situational songs.

All in all, its a must watch movie for some serious and honest effort of putting up age old fable on to the screen. 3.5 stars for Aladin !!! Don't Miss it!!

I'm Famous !!!

Well, I am fighting with my PC these days . It has been days since it is down. So Blogging from Office, just to shout out about ; for selecting me to do an interview with them. I am honored Absolutely.

Here are excerpts from it...

Darshit Joshi, a Mechenical engineer by profession, loves discussing about movies and music, especially Hindi movies and this desire encouraged him to start his own blog in March 2005, where he can discuss and share his thought, reviews and experience about movie, music and some personal stuff.

The blog focus area is on Hindi movies, music and some personal stuff like his travel experience.

In an interview with WebNeeTech, Darshit shared his journey as a blogger and word of advice for the new bloggers.

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Favorite Train Songs

Since long time, Trains have played a great part in Movies. Be it from Hollywood or from Bollywood. From the fantastic action in Sholay, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja and recent Dhoom2, Rang De Basanti and Blue. Emotional at its best like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Dark like Devdas. To, absolutely fantastic songs since B/W era. Also, some movies which are totally based on Trains like The Burning Train and partially based like Jab We Met. and Kaminey. Trains have lured our film makers from time to time. So with that, here are some of my favorite Train songs. For which again, I would like to get more suggestions / additions from you all. [click on songs to go to Youtube]

7. Paper Planes : Slumdog Millionaire - Well, this is not actually a train song. An independent track by MIA, is used in such a way in the movie that we just can't help but imagine about the movie while playing it. Fantastic journey of the two kids is shown-from Mumbai via Rajasthan to Agra. Living their life in and around the train.

6. Chhaiyya Chhaiyya : Dil Se - You must be wondering why this song is at no.6? Well, its all because of the over exposure. Still, each and every 'so called' music channel shows this song without fail. So that made me annoyed. Besides that, what a great idea by Farah Khan, to make people dance on roof of Train. Beats of Rahman makes us feel the thump of train. And can't help but visualize Malaika Arora Khan.

5. Mere Sapno Ki Rani : Aradhana - How on earth one can forget this song while talking about trains? The one and only 'train' beauty - Sharmila Tagore - looking through the window !! S.D.Burman has made such a brilliant opening music for the track with Whistles of the coal Engine. [Toy Train of Darjeeling] Aah, talk about immortality. Kaka Rajesh Khanna was in full swing with Kishor da's vocals.

4. Hoga Tumse Pyara Kaun : Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai - Long before Dil se..., there was a couple who boarded roof of train to sing a song.[okay, most of the scenes where special effects though] Beautiful Padmini Kolhapure was sad, and cutie Rishi Kapoor trying to cheer her up. What a fantastic video. Toy Train of Darjeeling [again] looked wonderful. And Shailendra Singh's voice suited perfectly for R D Burman's creation.

3. Dhadak Dhadak : Bunty Aur Babli - The song itself says the beats of Train. Dhadak Dhadak. Also the fantastic words by Gulzar makes this Shankar-Ehsan-Loy composition a gem. So energetic the sound of music is, that makes you feel that you are in a train. Though the song talked much about the ambitious youth, Train is used as a backdrop, a medium to catch the running success.

2. Tu Kaun Hai : Bhopal Express - Originally featured in Lucky Ali's album Aks. Well, this is a very odd choice. The movie is not a mainstream one, nor the song is made exclusively for it. But again, the overall feel of the song is such perfect for it. With sounds of railway tracks, steam engine. The chimes and darkness of death of Bhopal Tragedy. Everything makes it such a haunting track.

1. Yeh Hawayein [Kasato Mazaa] : Parineeta - Oh So Cute kids singing 'Kasto mazaa'. And then Sonu and Shreya Ghoshal engages in pure divine tune of Shantanu Moitra. Heaven.....Worth menion is Swanand Kirkire's beautiful words. Interesting thing is , this is the same train where once Saif's mom Sharmila did travelled in the song Mere Sapno Ki raani.... Here its Gorgeous Vidya Balan who's giving her tough competition. Composition with whistles and sound of steam engine makes it a classic.

Update : Reader's choices :

Pal Do Pal Ka Saath Humara : The Burning Train - Added by Sujoy.
Hum Dono Do Premi : Ajnabee [1974] - Added by Anonymous
Gaadi Bula Rahi hai : Dost - Added by Anonymous
Jiya O Jiya Kuch Bol do : Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai - Added by Khushi

..and Added by BollywoodDeewana
Teri Hai Zameen : The Burning Train
Chuk chuk Chakka Bombay se Baroda : Rafoo Chakkar
Badal gaye : Baharein phir bhi aayengi
Rukh se zara naqab : Mere Huzoor

'Diwali Movies' of Bollywood

My most favorite festival - Diwali. Festival of lights, crackers, sweets, meets, rangolis and shopping shopping and more shopping. I just love the spirit all around the city. Everyone gets geared up for the biggest festival of India. Everything has its own charm - from cleaning and get house painted to shop for decorative things for it. What attracts me most is the colors of Rangoli. So many beautiful designs attracts you everywhere. And how can I miss crackers & fireworks? Though I am against the noisy crackers, I enjoy playing with small ones which are lesser at noise. Yes, I am still a kid when it comes to crackers. I enjoy the simple ones. Which creates colorful lights and lights up the sky with fabulous colors.

And for a film buff like me, Diwali doubles up the joy and excitement as all big big movies get released around Diwali. Since childhood most of the times I get lucky enough to catch the movie on the same day it got released. And it feels great watching movies with Festive spirit. Halls run packed, tickets sold in black [10 ka 30], instant audience reactions.... ahh, gone were the days of Single screens. Here are movies released during Diwali of past 15 years and how I much enjoyed them.

2009 :

Of course I went for BLUE this year. Cause it has none other than Rahman. Here is my take on the movie. A huge disappointment. :( Other two movies don't interest me . While Main aur Mrs Khanna 's promos and songs doesn't look much interesting to me, All the Best is not my piece of cake. I would like to stay away from it unless anyone recommends me after watching it.


This Diwali saw 3 big releases. Fashion, Roadside Romeo and Golmaal Returns. And as expected Golmaal... won the battle. But I found it strictly average with R rated theme, a strict no-no on festivals when we go watch movies with family. Fashion had already given that warning through promos, cause the subject itself dealt with such bold theme. Madhur did nice job and I liked it, but this certainly was not my kinda 'diwali flick'. So I chose Roadside Romeo, first.. Cause I did not want to miss one of a few Hindi Mainstream Animation movies, and it was quite enjoyable one. I know most people didn't liked it much though. But it was a welcome change.

2007 :

This was my one of the favorite Diwali. Competition was really really big. Om Shanti Om and Saawariya were fighting to get their own share. Both had fabulous soundtracks. Heard everywhere. No doubt, I opted for OSO's tickets cause I knew, after Main Hoon Naa, Farah will never go wrong. And on the day of Diwali itself, Morning show ran really packed house and obviously movie was worth it. Pure Masala entertainer, which one needs in festivals. While I saw Saawariya later [2 times], I fell in love with the movie, and sighed why I did not watch it first. :) Now if you ask me to choose any one from the two, my vote would be for Saawariya.

2006 :

SRK no doubt is a king when it comes to count movies during Diwali. 2006 saw another war between two giants, SRK in DON and his beloved friend Farah's hubby who made Jaan-E-Mann. Again, I chose SRK to watch first, and then Jaan-E-Mann. Both were good movies on their own. Though Jaan E Mann failed while competing with sleek Don, I liked it. The musical format [and songs too] was good, and also both Sallu and Akki did very well. But yes, DON scored over just because of its oh-so-great Technical details.

2005 :

Another Diwali with not so big movies. Garam Masala, Kyun Ki and Shaadi No.1. Priyadarshan and David Dhawan battled to prove who's funniest of all. And of course, with help of Akki and John, Priyan won with Garam Masala. Music was also one of Pritam's first hits. Never mind the plagiarism. I loved the movie and music. And till date, I haven't seen Shaadi No.1 at all :) While Salman and Kareena is a pair, I din't look anything forward to watch out for in Kyun Ki..., so I haven't seen it yet either.

2004 :

Two big, really big movies this year. One with magnificent soundtrack - Veer Zaara and one Magnum Opus of all time - Mughal E Aazam [colored version]. Both I looked forward to. But was disappointed how dismal Veer ZZZZZara was. The only movie when I left hall during a song to get fresh air !! I regret of not seeing Mughl E Azam in theatre. Missed it due to some circumstances. :(

Corrected by @raulsail ; there were two movies which I forgot to mention. RGV's Naach and Aitraaz. But I did not watch both of them. Cause Akshay Kumar is the one whose movies I least prefer to watch in halls. And Naach, had no promises. But surprisingly Aitraaz did really well on B.O. and kick started a superstar's career [after a glitch in Andaaz] - Priyanka Chopra.

2003 :

This year saw 5 movies : Pinjar, Sssshhh, Inteha, Kagaar and Raja Bhaiya. Only one of them was credible. Based on Indo-Pak partition, Pinjar was really good. Urmila's one of the best till date. Other movies came and sank without a trace. But certainly, this Diwali was quite cold with no Masala, no big banner, no SRK....


Another 'Thanda' Diwali. With movies like Jeena Sirf Merre Liye,Anarth, Waah Tera Kya Kehna and Leela. I chose to stay at home and not to watch just any of them. Jeena Sirf...wanted to cash in the sucess of Mujhe kuchh kehna hai but failed miserably. Later I caught 'Leela' starring gorgeous Dimple Kapadia, on DVD. Its quite a good watch. Especially it has superb soundtrack featuring Jagjit Singh.


While Asoka released a week before Diwali, it was a clear disaster on box office. But I loved it for sheer beautiful locations [and Bebo of course]. On Diwali, four movies were released. Yeh Zindagi Ka Safar, Abhay, Deewanapan and Tera Mera Saath Rahen. Amongst them I caught up Abhay cause it had Kamal Hassan. Movie was kinda weird, say uneasy feel. But with unique experiments like in-line animations, fabulous action sequences and Kamal's double role - it was definitely a firecracker for me. [oh, and did I forgot to mention gorgeous ladies Raveena and Kitu Gidwani??]

2000 :

Two firecrackers battled out in this year. Fresh from success of Kaho Naa Pyar Hai - Hrithik and [so called] challenged by his stardom- SRK got together again after KNPH v/s PBDHH. Mohabbatein and Mission Kashmir. Both different films. No prize for guessing which movie I chose. Of course SRK. And in Mohabbatein - what bowled me over was not him, but new and improved BIG B. Though today, if I have to select to re-watch from both, it would be Mission Kashmir. Its my most fav movie of Hrithik.

1999 :

This was the most exciting Diwali in terms of Bollywood Marketing. After 5 long years, and legendary success of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Rajshri Prod. was coming with a multi Starrer. Hum Saath Saath Hai. It was marketed to death. Even Coke came up with special dedicated pet bottles too.. Though the high expectations did work against it. Everyone was comparing it with HAHK. But movie worked as perfect Family Drama on Diwali. I watched it on Black market tickets [25 bucks!!!!]. the gorgeous ladies- Tabu, Sonali and Karisma made it a dazzling Diwali. [and oh, a big banner movie WITHOUT SRK!!!]

1998 :

and SRK is back. One of my all time favorite movie. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I watched it 4 times in theater. And can utter dialogues even now. and ahh...Kajol Kajol Kajol. Need I say more?? the movie owes to her. Another one released with KKHH was Bade Miyan Chhote Miyaan. with the over hyped special appearance of Madhuri [first one after marriage]. Not my kinda movie with all 'shouting comedy'.

1997 :

Sheer musical delight. No one have heard name of Uttam Singh untill 2007. This was the last time when I saw such craze to buy Audio of a movie. [cause later, internet, CDs and piracy took over the industry]. Dil To Pagal Hai is still one of the highest selling soundtracks ever. And the movie complemented to its music too. SRK+Madhuri and Karisma.. What Chemistry!!! What a movie!! What Dances!!

1996 :

Kiss Kiss Kiss !! I was a kid then, and even today the first thing comes to my mind is 'the hottest kiss' in Bollywood. Raja Hindustani has this sizzling chemistry between [my fav] Aamir and Karisma. Music was damn good too. One can hear 'Pardesi' everywhere. From train compartments to shops and hotels. Biggest success ever for Aamir Khan [before Ghajini of course].

1995 :

Inspired by 'clean' movie of last year, Yashraj too 'inspired' his son to do something inline with what Suraj Barjatya was doing. There came Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. A movie, which is still running in theater. [has anyone counted occupancy though??] I liked the movie. But don't think its really 'that' great. [I know I'm taking a risk saying that] What I really loved about the movie is one and the only Kajol Kajol. Who made the Diwali special.

1994 :

Ok, for this year I can't recall which movie was released on Diwali. But I remember watching Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, which was released two months before Diwali. After long hours of standing in queue for tickets. I gotta see the greatest movie of Bollywood. Just can't forget the experience. It was the time when Bollywood was changing. It was getting new colors. The clean, family entertainment was back. And so is fantastic music. The best Diwali gift by Rajshri.

Phew....there ends my longest post ever. I churned my brain cells a lot for this. Also some help of Google, this post is possible. Tell me HAVE YOU READ IT COMPLETELY?? :-D

And OH, how can I conclude this post without some music, related to the festival?? Surprisingly, for the biggest festival of India, there are very less songs made by Bollywood. Makers are rather interested in making Holi songs, cause it has potential of cleavage show off :P. Well, here are two of my most favorite songs. One is from legendary Guide : Piya toh se naina laage re....which has many different colors, one of them is of Diwali. And who can deny magnetic presence of Waheeda ji?!!!
Check out 1:14 to 2:38

And here is one from the movie, which I think is THE ONLY one, that is completely based on the festival. I am always intrigued why we don't have such story lines based on Diwali, when Hollywood always come up with fantastic Christmas movies. Here is a song from Sujoy Ghosh's Home Delivery. Which didn't fare well at box office because of the flaws, but it had fantastic soundtrack by Vishal Shekhar. Check out the song 'Happy Diwali'. So cute, I always play it on Diwali.

p.s.: Yay!! This is my 100th post in a single year - 2009 !!

BLUE : Movie Review [a brutal one]

Perfect Cinematography : Check
Mind Blowing Sound : Check
Hotness all around the actress : Check
Oooh La La designer Bikinis : Check
Perfect Camera Angles : Check

Story : Oops...gimme 5 mins. I forgot it at my home.
Acting : Lets party in Bahamas yaar. Who needs acting lessons??
Screenplay : Huh...what's that????????


I just don't know why our film makers keep cheating on us? Can't they see defects in their own product? Being a QA personnel from manufacturing industry, I assure that each product passing from us, shall be perfect. And I have enough knowledge about my product. So, all experienced Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar & the producers couldn't find that their movie is not engaging at all??? Even though it is only nearly two hours long, it not at any point -was as engaging as a Thriller should be. And the publicity guys were shouting 'Unleash the Mystery' Blah Blah foot. There is NO THING AS A MYSTERY. I repeat, NOTHING. It just comes and goes. No Adrenalin rush, no excitement. Nothing. Even LUCK was better for some 'meaningful' action. Here its just an ensemble of perfectly choreographed but misplaced action sequences. With all twists we know before they happen.

I am not telling that Everything is bad in it. NO. It is revolutionary in terms of Technical Expertise. Ocean has never been so vivacious blue. Sky was never so sharp. Nights were never so real. Dolphins' were never heard in Hindi movie. Never have we seen underwater action besides heroines in swimming pool. Bikinis were never so so sexy. Yes, BLUE owes its Technical Crew completely. and [the reason I went in for] Rahman's score. Thumping Background score which you can feel around your seats. Fantastic songs - with one downer. Bad Picturization of my most fav-Fiqrana. Rahman has used 'Bhoola Tujhe' theme in various portions of the movie. In different versions, which is excellent.

Acting. ha ha. I think Sanju baba has forgotten this word. He was sleepwalking. Or maybe he was trying hard to 'be in character'. of a humble guy with guilt in heart. Don't know. But why is he showing his 'getting bigger' tummy?? Zayed is average. Lara is a show piece. Nothing much for her. [after all, its all 'male' movie]. But she definitely sizzles in bikinis. She's extremely comfortable with her sexuality and she's perfect visual delight. Akshay Kumar is busy showing off his tatoo, name of his son-painted on his back. Akki repeats himself once again. Read-boring. Its just 'chiggy wiggy' which suited him perfectly. [and oh, Kylie...Muahh] Only relief as an 'actor' is Rahul Dev. After Aa Dekhen Zara, he once again rocks the screen with power performance.

Sigh....First Akki ruined new year with CC2C, then KI, now he has ruined Diwali....No more Akki movies please. No. No. He was better in 8x10. No more Akki movies for me now...unless if its extremely good, then only I will watch it. Dear Akki, don't take your initials too seriously. 'You Are Not AK' Read scripts instead of Cheques.

If you are interested, enthu about Technical expertise of movies, Go and watch Blue. If you want to watch a good entertaining 'movie'; forget it!!

My Rating : 2 / 5 [Just for Technical crew+music]
My Fav Moments : The Underwater sequences [but not the revelation of Treasure chest]
Rewatch : What??!!

3 Idiots : First Poster

Just can't wait to see my favorite novel on big screen. That too, with my fav stars Aamir Khan, Bebo, Madhvan and Sharman Joshi. Here's a snap of poster posted by @abhshk which originally was posted to Orkut's 3 idiots community. [Gosh!! Orkut is of some use haan?]

Meanwhile, news is in the air that Aamir has a Facebook account named Pucca Idiott. But that FB profile has nothing identical that we can believe it is Aamir's page. Damn you news channels. Or if it IS owned by him, Please, Will the really 'social' Aamir, Please stand Up!!!!

Update : And, here is the original poster. Loving the chair :P

Kurbaan : Music Review

'Shukran Allah Wal-hamdulillah..' The phrase which surely get stuck in your head after listening to 'Kurbaan' soundtrack. Its really gorgeous yet so much BollyLove Song. Brilliant opening track of album by Salim-Sulaiman. Shreya and Sonu both gives their sweetest vocals to it along with magical Shukran Allah chanted by Salim. Many will find similarity between Fanaa's Subhan Allah and Shukran Allah, which is but natural. Cause that phrase was also composed by same guys, not Jatin-Lalit. Also Fanaa's Background score was by Salim-Suleiman too. [thanks Mustansir Mamawala for reminder] So, traces will definitely be here.

By the way, thanks to @theBollywoodFan - I can now understand what the phrase means. 'Shukran Allah - Thanks a Lot my Lord' and 'Wal-hamdulillah' - meaning 'and graces of (and thanks be to) Allah (i.e. God)'.

Dua starts with fast paced beats giving hint of a dance floor track, but soon it turns out in Sufi mood with Kailash Kher, Sukhwinder Singh on board. Sprinkled with some English lyrics sung by Marianne DCruz Aiman, it ends up as a well composed nicely sung foot tapping yet Sufi, track.

Opening with sound of darkness, Ali Maula promises a fantastic listening ahead. Salim Merchant gets in Sufiana mood for this slow dark track with tough Urdu lyrics. [just can't understand some yet] It haunts for a long time after listening to it. The track repeats as a remix which sounds similar to the remixes of movie Fashion.

After giving addictive haunting track in Fashion-[Mar Jaava], Shruti Pathak is here again with her rustic classical singing. Rasiya serves as heavily sensuous yet sober track. There are continuous sounds of Tic Tic of a clock and breaths of a lady [Bebo?]. Also Kareena utters a 'sher' very interestingly. There must be flames on screen. :)

The only glitch in album comes in last track and disappointing is - its the title track. Kurbaan Hua sounds exactly like Nazara Hai from 8x10 Tasveer which is also composed by the same duo. Also the same singer, Vishal Dadlani is used here. Which makes it more annoying. A big disappointment for rather nice ensemble of tracks.

For a Thriller, Kurbaan packs in some really nice tracks. Will be interesting to see what Salim-Suleiman has in stores for Background Score. Cause they have been doing great BG scores this year-Love Aaj Kal & Wanted and Fashion last year.

My Rating : 3 / 5
My Picks : Shukran Allah, Ali Maula.

Fitoor - Mohit Chauhan : Music Album Review

The Mohit Chauhan is here with his first solo album. As all know, he was lead singer of band Silk Route, back in nineties. Later disbanded and succeeded in films, Mohit has finally got his dream album. Which we can feel by the tracks. None of the tracks from the album matches his current work in movies. Each track is weaved to another and is totally different. [read Awesome]. In most songs strings plays main lead.

Title track 'Fitoor' has peppy yet 'rock' flavor, instantly likable. Next 'Challeya' has similar pace, but the word Challeya used in a way its lovely. As haunting as it can get, with next track 'Sajna'. Prelude of the track instantly reminds of Lucky Ali's work, but Mohit leads the track with continuous drum beats. Perfect song for a mysterious night.

A love ballad, 'Musafir' is sure to melt your heart. It would be awesome if this track would be re-recorded with a female voice. Would be fantastic. And a song to please your girl, 'Uff Yeh Nazaara' brings back the oldies' fav words 'Chand' and 'Chakor'. Another finesse comes in form of 'Meri Tarah' with its drool-worthy guitar strings, mouth organ and whistling sounds - its worth listen at late nights.

Starting with sound of thunders and rain 'Maai Ni meriye' promises soothing ride. The autobiographical punjabi track talks about Shimla, Chamba and Kasauli - all beautiful hill stations of Northern India. Reminds of childhood memories. 'Jeene De' starts soft and gives glimpses of rock in between. 'Main hoon Baadal' talks about separation, togetherness and longing. Album concludes with 'Babaji' a track which talks about memories. Though I don't know what places are there which are used in lyrics, the track has such naughty inquisitiveness, it makes it enjoyable.

Indipop is slowly dying since last few years. So sad it is. Thank God, for such albums. Kudos to Mohit Chauhan. Who, without any worries about success of the album, has come up with such different yet fabulous album. A must have for all those, who miss Indipop as much as I do.

My Rating : 4.5 / 5 stars
My Picks : Musafir, Sajna, Meri Tarah, Maai Ni Meriye.

Music Credits :
Drummer - Kenny, Guitar - Saurav, Subhash Pradhan on Acoustic Guitar and backing vocals, Vishal on Keyboards and Manas Choudhary on Bass, Didgeridoo.

London Dreams : Music Review and BLUE Soundtrack Giveaway

Aditi Sharma at was so kind enough to giveaway offiicial download code for soundtrack of BLUE [after reading theBollywoodFan's post] . And here, on my blog she is giving away the same on behalf of, 10 copies of whole album and 10 copies of Kylie's single 'Chiggy Wiggy' for absolutely free. Mind it!! This is THE official downloads. The Original one, not pirated.

You just need to send an e-mail to bluemusic @ saavn . com, and tell them you read about this giveaway at darshit's blog. Also add a link to this post . The first 10 e-mails received will entitle senders to the complete album, the next 10, will be given single track 'chiggy wiggy'.

Please note I am not connected with This is purely promotional activity brought to you by Please to the Saavn Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

It took so much time to grow on me. Seriously. It has never happend to me for Shankar-Ehsan-Loy 's compositions. Though mad mad Mann ko Ati Bhavey became my favorite since the first promo. Other songs made me re-listen to it before I could believe that these are 'actually' SEL compositions. :) Some days back, Barson Yaaron was stuck in mind with its 'Hanuman Chalisa' bit. I just can't believe this is sung by Roop Kumar Rathod, whom we've only heard in Ghazals. Also the bit '...duniya teri mehmaan hai' is just so addictive.

Next addiction is Tapkey Masti - with fabulous lyrics by Prasoon Joshi, the track is so fun. And the current line stuck with me is 'Aa zamaane aa....Aazmaane aa...' from Khaanabadosh. A sound similar to RDB's Paathshala, still the track stands on its own. While Yaari Bina reminds me of 'yaari hai imaan' - I would love to see how it shapes up on screen. Jashn hai jeet ka has really good vocals by Abhijeet Ghoshal. And Shola Shola reminds of 'disco' beats.

As SEL are giving so much inspirational tracks throughout this year, here comes another Khwab Jo this time around with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Shankar gets me goosebumps with his trademark classical raagas. I just can't wait to see this one on screen. Just because of last two minutes of the track. It sounds really awesome.

I was expecting something identical with Rock On soundtrack. Cause the storyline seems similar. But for this one, the desi fusion has worked quite in fun way. Making it enjoyable.

My Rating : 4 / 5 stars
My Picks : Khwab Jo, Mann Ko Ati Bhavey, Khanabadosh, Tapkey Masti, Barson Yaaron [oh, almost all :P]

Radio : Music Review [Late... i know]

You would be surprised but Yes, I actually liked the soundtrack of Radio, composed by none other than Himessh Reshamiyaa. And that's why it lead me to write about it. To praise, To write about our very own Gujju-Himesss Bhai. Gujarat Nu Gaurav !! :P [Pride of Gujarat] Late Late but still, here is my take.

Despite weird lyrics of the opening track, Mann Ka Radio sticks with you, why? well, reason is the same. Weird Lyrics. You just can't stop humming those crap words just because of addictive tune. While typical Himesh stuff, Zindgi jaise ek radio is a passé, its the next track which wins you over. Jaaneman - With soft guitars, surprising soft voice of Himesh who croons very well. Later Shreya Ghoshal's vocals makes the track best of the album. [this girl is really loyal to T series, naa??]

I was shocked, literally, when I read Rekha Bhardwaj's name in credits. Her Piya Jaise Laadoo is really good one. I just can't belive that Himesh can compose such fabulous tracks !! Just one glitch is Rekha doesn't have a solo version of the song. Though the duet with Himesh is nice, but looping of just one phrase by Himesh makes it little bit awkward. But yes, I must admit that Himesh sounds really really in control. [and yeah, the track makes me so hungry too - My favorite Motichoor ka Laddoo]. Next up Koi na koi Chahe is again a slow number with some 'snap' sounds - an above average number with Shreya Ghoshal.

Himesh gets his 'oh I shout with my nose' attitude with next track-Teri Meri Dosti Ka Aasman. Ruining a really nice sweet track sung by Shreya. Another shock came in my way when I found Kailash Kher singing in this album. A folk flavored song about marriage - Daamad ji' is nothing much special despite having the great folk singer around. Yet another slow number comes as Shaam ho chali hai is nice soft listen, thanks to Shreya, and oops, I liked Himesh in this one too. :P

Last track Rafaa Dafaa is a reminiscent of 90's pop songs. Drum beats and 'controlled' Himesh brings my favorite track of the album. [Yes, this one :P]

The only problem of this album is that it has an above average quality of music arrangement. I think Himessh should concentrate more on his composers rather than just making tunes. Cause this time around, he has produced some really nice tracks. After Namastey London, this is a soundtrack which really holds my attention. Just throw your hatred for his annoying voice and you will like this soundtrack.

My Rating : 3 / 5 stars
My Picks : Jaaneman, Rafaa Dafaa, Piya Jaise Laadoo.

Kurbaan : First Trailer

Frankly speaking, I have got tired of movies based on terrorism. Gosh! can't we move on and make something new? Okay, no doubt most of the movies are really good. But I think somewhere we shall put a coma, or fullstops to such stories....anyways. [see the lineup? New York, Kurbaan and then MNIK..]

One thing everyone is noticing is : Bebo and Saif looks Hawt!! Hot!! they look so much in love in this one rather than their earlier pairings. Though the trailer reminds bits of Fanaa.And the song has beats similar to 'khuda ya khair' [the village version from Billu]. Sonu Nigaam is back :) with music of Salim Suleiman. ...Lets see, what KJo has in stores.

Here's the trailer released with Wake Up Sid, this friday.

Wake Up Sid : Movie Review

meets Taare Zameen Par meets Rock On meets Luck By Chance. Add some more freshness in terms of simple screenplay and dialogues and fantastic visuals - that's Wake Up Sid!! And the former sentence is not criticism but actually a complement. Cause all the movies are so great and is treating little bit similar subject that comparisons will definitely be there. But still, the movie stands on it own.

Its a story about Siddharth Mehra a spoilt brat living without any inhibitions. He gets to learn his lessons when he fails in life for the first time. And as all know, failure is a key to success [yup, the line is overused, but...] Konkona plays Aisha a girl who wants to be independent, on her own, and that's why she has come to Mumbai. I think this role looks a bit like extension to her role in Luck By Chance. Many sequences do remind me of that. But all is forgiven though. Cause it is not intended.

Movie deals with the fine line area of getting matured suddenly after fun years of college. It is hard for many people. Including me. I and most of us have that Sid inside them, which never goes out. 'Sid' tells them to do whatever they 'want' to do in life. But the fact is, that most of us end up doing the regular stuff cause its 'life' that doesnt allow us to do so. Also in other case shown here, some spoilt brats are fed with silver spoons that they cant see harsh realities, making them hiding from it. I don't care attitude developes there. Ranbir shows this mixed bag dillema quite well. I liked his earler both movies too, not a big fan of him but yes, he does act well. He is so sweet as Sid. Who is outspoken, tells whatever he feels.

Though Konkona is playing a little similar role to LBC, she is really good. I know this is a regular complement for her. Cause she is so consistent. Please give her all awards yaar, cause this year she has been so fantastic. [so was she in Metro too..]. How more 'droolable' it can get then having Koko on Marine Drive to chat with?? :)

Supporting actors -friends -Naved (Namit Das) and Nikki(Shikha Talsania) and Anupam Kher are quite ok. But Supriya Pathak won me over her touching performance. A mom who tries to learn English, just to befriend with her son! Loved her.

A huge credit goes to the production design [Amrita Mahal Nakai]. The movie looks Fantastic on screen. Thanks to cinematography Anil Mehta for some fabulous shots of Mumbai - the good 'old' mumbai. Baylon Fonseca's out and out fabulous sound design makes it worthy too. Dialogues and screenplay has kept the movie surprisingly simple. There aren't any preachy lines or typical situations which one expects from such movie. And that makes worthy. Overall treatment by Ayan Mukherji -the director is quite well handed, that it doesn't look like a first timer's flick.

[correct me if i m wrong] Amit Trivedi works WONDERS with his awesome background score. There are so many tracks in the movie which are not there in the Album. I loved all of them. I hope producers will come out with Background score CD too. The melodious 'Iktara' comes in a Punjabi version too. Its absolutely heart warming. Loved all the moments involving the song. And how can I forget my fav SEL! Their songs fits perfectly in the movie. They truly are the Guitar Kings of Bollywood.

All in all, its one heart warming story which inspires you without being preachy. Not a 'great' stuff but, nice commendable honest effort which haven't gone wrong. Must Watch it!!

My Rating : 3.5 / 5
Favorite scenes : Koko's B'day, Mumbai rains, Vey Malang tera Iktara...
Rewatch : Yes, but on DVD.

[and yeah, for all Mumbai lovers, who are not living in the city right now and missing it, you should not miss this :)]