Firaaq : Movie Review

Like said in many reviews, Firaaq has such a shocking, hair raising opening scene, that assures this is not going to be an easy watch. And it is not easy to watch this movie and forget after leaving the hall.

Firaaq is a story set in 24 hours of few lives living in a city, which has just been burnt down by riots. A muslim couple [Shahana Goswami & Nowaz] , come back to their home after riots, only to find out ashes. Leaving both of them shocked and angry with life. A Gujarati Hindu family, two brothers [Paresh Rawal, Dilip Joshi] and traumatized wife of elder brother [Deepti Naval] who is still in shock cause she did not open her door to save a Muslim woman. An ageing Music maestro [Naseeruddin Shah], who loses his voice after seeing the tragedy, and a caretaker of him [Raghuveer Yadav]. A muslim businessman [Sanjay Suri] who lost his store because he was a partner in it. He is supported by his Hindu wife [Tisca Chopra] to save him from breaking down. And in between of all this, a boy who is orphaned by the massacre, Mohsin [Mohammad Samad].

The movie has such a dark tone. One can feel the tension around. At times, my heartbeats got raised just by the tension on the screen. Especially when Sanjay Suri's character is going to say something to Police. Or the chase scenes. Full marks to director Nandita Das for such live portrayal of the things. Also I would praise her for not putting even a single scene of riots. The movie is about riots but we don't see a single one but still feel the pain caused by it. The performances are top notch. Though I feel, Naseer could have been used much better.

Shahana Goswami in her second movie, wins accolades as Muneera, a woman who has lost it all and feels aggressive about it. Raghuveer Yadav is at his best. While Paresh Rawal does his bit of satirical style, Deepti Naval as his wife is woman of a few words. She tells everything by her expressions. The pain we can see on her face. Sanjay Suri has a role of guy who is frightened by things going around, and he plays it quite well. Though the script makes this one a little stretched, actor pulls it off well. Tisca Chopra as his Hindu wife also does her bit. Wished she also could have been used more. The child artist, Mohammad Samad, plays his role very skillfully. He puts audience in awe and let them feel what he has been going through. I was listening audience reactions around, and everyone was like 'felt' for the boy.

Direction point of view, the movie is excellent. Evey little things has been taken care off. I could not belive the movie has mostly been shot at Hyderbad. As a citizen of city, Ahmedabad, I was amused how my city was re-created in this movie. Nandita Das has made a unique effort by making a movie about riots, but still she has not included any political issues or religious comments. The thing I was worried about the most.

This is a movie, that can leave you disturbed. So watch it only if you do not get uneasy by such things. Though the movie doesn't sport bloodshed or burning flames but still there is something. I would go with 4 stars for this one. It is a must watch.

The Reality:
I was aggressive about this movie at first, when I heard of it. Because this had happend in 'my' city. And everyone, just everyone in the world was cursing 'my' city Ahmedabad, so it was but natural to be aggressive every time the city became target. But this time my perception was wrong. The movie holds nothing that I can go against of. Still at one corner of my mind, I feel that this is little biased being focused to just one community. But later I realize that 'that' community faced worst. Okay, the other community which I belong to, has also suffered the same trauma. But, Its always like two sides of a coin.

I remember, we were living at a place where the area of another community was pretty nearby. At the time of riots, there were shouts from that sides. Here, at this side, the same was enacted. Every pilgrim had their own share of loudspeakers, to make remarks to each other. [remember, Delhi 6?]The nights were sleepless. Women were worried. I overheard a woman telling this 'what would happen to us if the mob attacks here?'. Didn't another community felt the same at that time? I was thinking. Every community has their bad elements. And their own share of good elements. So why don't they choose the other way rather then catching the bad one? I thought. All this thoughts, I felt, are there in this movie.

Even, here it is shown that Sanjay Suri, a modern businessman-who is not at all into all this, is also not spared. That is story of Ahmedabad's very first super store's owner. Pantaloons, a store which was partnered by a Muslim, was robbed off just like it is shown in the movie. People came in cars to rob it off. All of this has happened in reality. Also shown the tense situation in night, the thing I felt many times. While we were out, everyone was worried back at hoem if i wasn't home at 9pm. I had visited another sensitive city, after 10 months, but still there was curfew imposed, and situation was damn tense. Why, it left me thinking, why do we need this? Isn't there enough hate in the world?

Ab Ayega Mazaa (1984) Farooq Sheikh FilmFest

Madness continues at my place with Farooq's fabulous comedies. Movies so simple and so funny. Here is second installment.
Ab Ayega Mazaa directed by Pankaj Parashar is another movie, where Farooq Sheikh plays loser. Who is not good with girls or even having problems with his work. [don't go by this hillarious screencap!! :D]

I had little bit high expectations from this movie, cause most recent movie I watched of same genre was Chashme Buddoor, which is a classic. So this one I felt, falling short, a little bit. But as an overall product, this is again, a sweet little harmless movie, that you can look forward to. Here are some here there caps and thoughts and summary of storyline.
The movie opens up with this funny sequence of a graveyard, where Ramesh [Raja Bundela] a colleague of Vijay [Farooq Sheikh] is trying to sell land for- Grave. Yes Grave :D

No doubt, it was a dream. Vijay wakes up, there is Rajju [Satish Kaushik] playing his housekeeper.And Vijay asks him a silly question, only to find silly answer !!

Just like Chashme Buddoor, here too he is dealing with his two wheeler, which doesn't starts at one kick at all. And a reason, he reaches his office late, daily.

Oh, our hero does a job too. And as always he is a bigtime loser. Vijay works for an ad agency, where Boss always fires at him. Ramesh, takes initiative and poor Vijay is left amazed.
[The entire setup of Ad Agency, reminded me of Jhankaar Beats, where the backdrop is used excellently]

While Ramesh, is not that bad at all. He is kind of a stud. Always looking for an excuse to meet with a girl. He teaches Vijay how to get a girl, and get a life. But Vijay, is always way above all of his talk.
[Raja Bundela had got great sense of styling, I must admit that]

See here, 'jahan ladki dekhi ki ho gaye lattoo...'

Even at hospital, he didn't spared nurse too. And see name of the nurse !! :D

Finally, his day has come. Vijay gets to meet a girl-by chance of course.

Dazed by beauty of Nupur [Anita Raj] !!

[man, what a time it was, buses were never on time, and so low frequency of buses, so much time to spend at the bus stops !!]
The ever confusing sequence. Whether to look at her or not........
See four different expressions of both.

And the result of above......Bang !! Vijay makes it up instantly that he has this childhood problem of getting weakness at times.

But somehow, Vijay gets to get with Nupur, who actually was waiting for her car. She gives him lift, and he goes blah blah about girls. Nupur invites him at her home to meet her dad-who is a homeopathy practitioner.

And so happy he is, gets home and tells Rajju everything. Totally losing his control.

Now it has started. Calls to each other, fixing meetings.
[to hell with mobiles, telephones rocked !!]

Vijay reches at her home. There a hillarious piece of dialogue. Spoken by servant of Nupur's home. See this...

Very first meeting, that too with girl's dad. Oh oh....this man has guts.. isn't he? Nupur's dad is quite a big businessman, living a luxurious life. Having much imported stuff around. And that, is a matter of concern for some people [in later stage]

Nupur does theatre as her hobby. Resulting regular visits of Vijay at auditorium.Here she tells one interesting line 'Everyone amongst us, acts in their lives. At office, he acts as an employee, infront of wife he acts as husband, in front of mother he acts as a son....'
And money, as always is a problem for our Vijay. See..

But how about this?? Nupur is quite shocked when Vijay asks him for a lift.....

Only to find out later...................this :D

Drumroll.......................there comes Sidey [Ravi Baswani] a foreign returned guy, son of Vijay's boss....

And childhood friend of Nupur ...[now that's what i call a connection !]. Both gel up very well together. And Sidey, is kind of glued up to Nupur....he goes wherever she goes.

And ends up in theatre as well. Where Vijay feels really insecure....

and jealous of Sidey....

And feels very same like the girl who is left out in this poster :)

Poor Vijay, returns home....where his friends cheer him up....

And story is going different way for sidey too.....though Nupur is a childhood friend, she prefers Vijay instead. And plays pranks on Sidey, to get rid of him.

And of course, run around trees and sing songs.............
[p.s.: what does 'Aabshaar' means?]

And not to forget...the all time favorite 'two' flowers enjoying each other's company :-P

But as it always happen, some misunderstandings takes place between the two, and both Nupur walks away from him....

Things are shaping up differently at other side. Vijay's boss is basically working with a smuggler Swamiji [Girja Shankar]. Who is keen on having a special idol, which is lying at Nupur's dad's place.

Boss tries lot. But fails everytime. So frustated Swamiji, finally takes out his last big card. that his daughter [sidey's sister] is alive and to get her back, he must bring that idol.

That's the story. Will Nupur get back to Vijay? What will happen to that idol? Is sidey's sister really alive?? That's the storyline, the movie goes further on. And resulting in funny sequences. Some hillarious dialogues. And finally..............they lived happily ever after [what else?!]

This is another film, from low budget Eighties comedies. It is not great as others. But it has its moments. Like the scooter ride of Vijay. The telphone talks. The bus stop sequences and much more. Anita Raj looks lovely in each scene. All actors does their job very well. Even a surprising but short role of Satish Kaushik is also promising.
By the way, this is perhaps my first movie of Anita Raj. I think I have seen her movies as a child, which I can't remember at all. But she looks really lovely. See her in following caps........

Some cameos were also there. See below, can you identify that girl in hands of Swamiji - young Himani Shivpuri??

Also, Pawan Malhotra, recently seen in Delhi 6....

I hope you all are enjoying these posts, as I am enjoying these sweet little classics....

Fun with Music Videos

No, I haven't played with with videos here, just some text I have put. Yes, I will be back with my Farooq Sheikh FilmFest [It will be posted every Wednesday, to be specific]. But its just, I have got this wacky thought in my mind, so couldn't resist to put it up here.

After Nicki's post about PCD remixing Jai Ho, And Rahman featuring in it, I thought how cool will be when our very own Bollywood Stars, would act in phoren ka music videos ?!! And this wacky thought came while I was going to my workplace, and my iPod was shuffling my favorite late nineties early 00's English tracks. So here are some...have fun !!

A new day has come [Celine Dion]: Lovely song by Celine. And imagine Kajol featuring in it? She has got beautiful babygirl Nyaasa, and now she is coming back on screen as usual, with SRK. Definitely new day has come for her, and for us.

Angel [Shaggy]: Kool...hip hop...etc. And instantly one name came to my mind - Akki-Akshay Kumar is just so perfect. And who is angle? Nah...not Twinky baby. But Kat-Katrina Kaif. And hey, that's not all. I want another 'hot' angle in here-Bipasha Basu would fit perfectly with beau John. And both Akki-John too, would jam up well together.

Cleanin' Out My Closet [Eminem]:
Amisha Patel !!!! Why? Remember, she was having so much legal battle with his own family? When she left her home for Vikram Bhatt. So here she is, cleanin' out her closet.

Colorblind [Darius]: Now who is this much in love that has become colorblind? its our very own hot couple these days, Saifeena. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena are so much in love. And the guitar strings of this song, perfectly identified with Saif's love for both, guitar and bebo.

Desert Rose [Sting] : Next up is my favorite of Sting. Love this one so much. And it is always, being played loud. But I have no idea this time how to associate this one to any of our stars. Any ideas?

Objection-Tango [Shakira]: Latino moves. No one can better it, unless Shakira is on the screen. And she is so much 'Bollywood'ish. But here I would love to take Sushmita Sen. Okay i know she is getting much healthier these days, but there were days when she looked fab with her 'patli kamar' in Mehboob mere, Dilbar and Tumse Milke. [I was thinking of Sameera Reddy here, but she is way more healthy to take this up]

Sacrifice [Elton John]: Now this may sound little bit odd. But Shahid Kapoor is perfect this one. I know this song is about marriage and all. But the mood of the song sets perfect picture on Shahid's heartbreak. Poor baby, he still have not found another girl to get recovered.

Summer of 69 [Bryan Adams]: about Magik performing this anthem?? Okay, I know Farhan can not pull this off, but it doesn't harm to imagine, is it? And other choice, my favorite band Euphoria does it fabulously.

Strength of a woman [Shaggy]: Finally, I would love this one if who's who of bollywood actresses would feature in this one. The power list. With Shaggy of course, the song is incomplete without him. Here is my list, one by one they feature in this video, would be best ever.

Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Rekha, Sushmita Sen, Kajol, Deepti Naval, Bipasha Basu [I strongly feel that this song would fit perfect in her Bachna Ae Haseeno, when she becomes top model]. Waheeda Rahman, Priety, Konkona Sen and Tabu.

Have I missed any name??

Chashme Buddoor (1981) : Farooq Sheikh Film Festival

Perhaps the best product placement we have ever seen. 'Chamko' a detergent powder, a brand name which was just imagination. The way Deepti Naval says or say endorses it [luuuuv it], is so effective, no wonder she was called 'Miss Chamko' after this. 'Chashme Baddoor' (1981) had such interesting moments that makes it one of the most adorable comedy of bollywood. See below, how interestingly hillarious !!! [Leela Mishra]

[since pretty looong time I had made these screencaps, finally I am writing this. A 'Nicki''s trademark kinda review. Seriously Nicki, this is really tough]

Chashme Baddoor directed by female director Sai Paranjape is a story abot three students, friends, roommates. Sidharth [Farooq Sheikh], Omi [Rakesh Bedi] and Jai [Ravi Baswani] Living in a single room apartment somewhere in Delhi. And as bachelors are facing this, they also were facing their student time poverty [low pocket money, high consumption] so everytime they end up sharing things, room, bike and even a cigarette...

And for the supply of those smoke stuff, they have Lallan Miyan [Saeed Jafry] a tough man but with golden heart. Who runs his small shop around. Everytime he asks for money from this trio, somehow he ends up lending them another pack of cigars.

And one fine day, as a regular passtime of Omi and Jai, they spot a beautiful lady walking on road nearby their house. Adrenalin rush follows :-P and they instantly are deciding who's going first to Patao the girl. Then both of them decide by flipping coin and then one by one goes to her home. That's Neha [Deepti Naval] [Lovely, I wish I would have born in that time when she was doing much more stuff.]

Here she is. Through perception of all three guys. She 'does' meet them all. But everytime its a different story. See for yourself. First one is Jai, then Omi and then Sidhdharth.

While both Omi and Jai fails miserably in their tries to befriends with Neha, they come one by one with their own 'interestingly hillarious' versions of their 'Mulaqat'. See below, Omi - The Poet meets Neha.

And then Jai, who meets and takes Neha to movie. [in imagination ofcourse] And totally hillarious scenes follows. A compilation of all erstwhile hit songs recreated. Fun Fun Fun.

See here, Jai as intense Dileep Kumar and Neha as Reena Roy.

Or how about Feroz Khan and Zeenat Aman..Qurbani.

Deepti Naval doing Asha Parekh [Oooo Aaja aa aa Aaja....]
And ending of the sequence with Milan's song 'Hum Tum Yug Yug se...' is a blast. I was in splits by now..........

Then its our hero's turn. He meets her suddenly. Cause she is working as a saleswoman for detergent brand 'Chamko'. And to complete her target, she comes to this rather avoidable Bachelor House. And Sid is flattered from the very first sight. See here......

Love is in the Bubbles....

And our cute bookwarmish hero turns into real HERO. Now..

The girl, gets flattered instantly too. And both wonders how do people end up singing songs when they are in love??!!!!

Truly..................Madly......................Deeply love.

Aha......our story doesn't stops there. Then the story starts. There is a typical bollywood Dad of Girl. Who has something different on his mind. And want his daughter to marry only him. By the time, our cute little lovers are so deep in love that they can't let it happen.

Enter evil in other two friends, who lost in this game, they play their own card and things go different. Followed by a surprising yet hillarious climax, and then, 'they lived happily ever after'.

Here is a screencap of a beautiful song........"Kahan se aaye Badraa...". which was the best from the soundtrack. [thats Vinod Nagpal]

This movie was from Eighties. when action movies ruled and small movies started to come around. This was a breath of fresh air then. Farooq became instant hit among this circuit. And Deepti too got her share of fans. This is one of a few movie, by a Woman director. Which is a rarity in Bollywood. Hardly we can see a movie which is directed by woman. Recently Zoya Akhtar got rave reviews and it feels so nice that Bollywood recognize it.

I can easily relate to this movie cause right now I am living as a Bachelor. Though not with other roommates. But a while ago, I used to live like that too. Also during studies, rather than staying at hostel, I was living like this only. So this was like my own story [no, Miss Chamko was not around....sigh.............] And the comedy director has used, is so clean. If it would have been made today, I bet there would be more cheap jokes around. cause this is story about three guys approaching their youth.

I can re-watch this one on and on. And laugh again and again. The screencap above - Leela Mishra reading Playboy - is itself so funny. The whole scene was like awesome, I fell down from my couch while laughing.

Way back in feb'08 Onir told that he is making an adaption [say remake] of this movie. And he has bought official rights too. So dear readers, WATCH THIS before the remake arrives. And I've heard that Kareena is set to play Deepti's role. What's your opinion??

And finally, Three commandments for the bachelors.

1. Thou shalt hide your 'beautiful' collage walls from guests

2. Thou shalt open the doors - only after wearing pants :-P

3. Thou shalt always keep the 'ash tray' handy

[that's coconut :-D !!]
And Lastly, perhaps this intersting title sequence, can be a reason to watch this movie :-)

I was surprised, when most recently I read Memsaab's review of this movie, I found that I have made many similar screencaps to this. Just wondering....