Forgotten Soundtracks (1) Filhaal

Some soundtracks, some albums or just some songs, are forgotten many times, just because the film didn't worked. Or victim of bad publicity. Or the movie is so underdog that the great soundtrack (like most recent Aamir) goes un-noticed. Or, just soundtracks which I love, but by time it is getting forgotten (cause we all have short term memory). And no, I will not touch the Old time classics, cause thanks to our parents, we all listen to them even today.

So I decided to bring those soundtracks on my blog. I will be putting some soundtracks / albums, (mostly every week) which are lost somewhere and needs revisiting.
And what a great start of this series, then this. Filhaal (2002) - directed by Meghna Gulzar. Starring Tabu, Sushmita Sen, Sanjay Suri and Palash Sen (the Euphoria guy). Music was by Anu Malik. Backed by great lyrics of Gulzar saab.

Album opens with refreshing piece of music. You just can't believe, is this Anu Malik?? The track is Title track. Sung by great Asha Bhonsle. Trademark Gulzar style song about Life. Followed by that, we are taken to beautiful white sea shore. Roopkumar Rathod & Chithra (what a pairing !!) sings dreamy song - as a marriage proposal !!.

'Sola singaar karke' is perhaps first song in bollywood about 'God Bhraai' [a ritual performed at 6th month of pregnancy]. A fun song sung by Jaspindar Nirula and Palash Sen. In next track, Palash goes single with his trademark style of singing [btw, he is lead singer of indian band Euphoria, one of my most fav]. And he sings 'Dil ke sannate' - a dark sad song.

Here comes my fav. 'Kyun Bar Bar' sung by Chithra. Gulzar goes to new heights and writes 'the one and nly' song about a mother-to-be. Superb lyrics.

Again we are taken to beautiful imaginary world in 'Naya Naya'. Awesomely sung by Chithra and Kay Kay. This was real Kay Kay, who is lost today in Pritam's peppy numbers. Then comes a dark dark song, which I dont like. 'Waqt ka Saya' sung by Sonu Nigam and Jaspindar. The only track I skip.

Overall, this is an album worth revisiting. Perhaps Anu Malik never have created such different music. OK, there are many like Refugee, Virasat and so on. But this album sounds so different that makes it unique.

Here is link to listen to the album. Waiting for your feedback....


  1. Darshit, this is a good initiative :)

    Personally, I loved Filhaal's soundtrack. What makes it more special are Gulzar's lyrics (Le Chalein Doliyon Mein and Naya Naya). Anu Malik makes great music when he works with Gulzar and Javed Akhtar. Looking forward to the other posts.

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  3. Nice initiative, would surely like to keep track of such entries!

    Gulzaar Saab is surely one of the strongholds of this music! and Kyun Baar Baar...which happens to be one of my all time favourites too, is one of his excellence. I think this song is much more about the feelings it dwell with for a mother-to-be than its technicalities! Undoubtedly, beautiful rendition by ChitraJi, of soothing unusual lines by Gulzaar Saab!

  4. I've never heard of the movie, let alone the soundtrack. Thank you for posting this; it's very interesting!

  5. Bhargav: Thanks for your kind words. Yes, Annu Mallik creates magic with the two. Nice observation. Refugee and Jaaneman are great examples.

    Krishna: Hi, thanks for visiting. Thanks for your kind words too.

    Truly, Kyun Bar Bar is such a unique song describing mindset of a mother-to-be. I think this song is much more about the feelings it dwell with for a mother-to-be than its technicalities - Well Said.

    Ajnabi: Its a good movie, you should watch it sometime. And tell me after listening to the soundtrack what you feel.

  6. Totally agree with Filhaal's soundtrack. To me, the film wasn't that bad either.

  7. Yup, Especially I liked both ladies, Tabu and Sush. And the look of the film.

  8. Sarah10:51

    THIS MAKES ME SOOO HAPPY! Filhaal is an amazing piece of work. The music, the tunes and the lyrics are fantastic! Best song is Le Chale Doliyan and Naya Naya.

    I'm not a big Anu Fan, but when he composes with Gulzar or Javed Akhter, he creates absolute MAGIC.

  9. Sarah
    I am so glad this made you happy. Yours are exactly my choices. Both the songs are lovely. That's well said about combination of great lyricists along with Annu.


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