Holi Celebration !! [Rainbows on Faces]

Finally, its the time of the year , when all of us forget everything, hug each other, colour each other in rainbow. Get them all wet by splashing buckets of water on them. And enjoy special food like Bhajiya and drink Thandai. Its HOLI......Enjoy some pics from my small celebration.

cute kids too...

Havin' some gupshup..

After buckets of water, splashed on each other, with my sis....

out apt.'s 'Holi Band'

Oops...this kid is scared....I have to wash myself now...:D


  1. Thanks for the gorgeous Holi pics!!

  2. Lovely pictures! Hope you had loads of fun! Happy Holi again :)

  3. Love the pictures! It's even better to see real photos than the Bolly songs I've been watching all day :)

  4. Nicki & Bhargav Thanks, Glad You liked them. I had good fun this time, rather than past couple of years.

    Beth: Welcome to my blog. Sometimes the Bolly songs are played so repetatively on such festivals all over on TV, it gets me off.

  5. So what was the Holi Band playing? I always miss India around Holi/Eid/Diwali (even Christmas) *Sigh* Every year here, a bunch of us get together over a weekend and play around with and in the colors, but it's nothing quite like the real deal.

    As always, thanks for sharing. They are all beautifully vibrant, just as they should be!

  6. Oh, the Band was playing start piece of 'Jeete hain Shaan Se...' song. Remember that one??

    And then the other guy started playing, what Gujratis are best at - Dandiya. With dashes of Guitar. Suddenly they mixed up dance beats and later with water flowing from 3rd floor, made it Rain Dance [couldn't capture all that, cause I also was getting wet]. So loved each bit of it.

    I know, you miss India's festivals especially. My 'best' friend is there, in Maryland, and he feels very same each time.


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