Forgotten Soundtracks (3) Grahan

Now this one is quite an incomplete write up. I have only a few tracks of this album. But again, they are so good that I want to share it.

Grahan (2001) directed by Shashilal Nayar was perhaps Jackie Shroff's first movie as a producer. Starring Manisha Koirala and Jackie Shroff. It had a sensitive subject about a rape victim for whom a lawyer fights. This movie got held for some commercial reasons as well as censor problems, so its music went largely un-noticed. Music was given by Karthik Raja [please correct me if I am wrong] and Lyrics by Mehboob.

'Kehte Hain Jisko' -a praise of beauty -sung by Abhijeet later joined by Kavitha Krishnamurthy. Refreshing sound makes this song unique. It has some southern feel to it. But its nice actually. I just wonder where Abhijeet has gone these days. And Kavitha, we have lost her completely from Bollywood scene. :-(

Next is bubbly - Asha Bhonsle !! At this age, she sounds so young in 'Aaj Main Khush Hoon'. Starting piece of music is brilliant. I love it. This is a fun song Asha sings with Jolly Mukherjee.

Again we get same pairing in next song 'Yeh sochta hai kya'. Asha ji again sings this young young naughty song. Next is 'Chup Chup'sung by Abhijeet and Asha ji. A song about desire. Perfect duet singing. And hot hot on screens too. Ashaji's trademark oomph song.

There...i know i am missing some tracks of this one. Help me if any of you has more tracks from this movie. I couldn't find link for online listening.


  1. I was a big Manisha fan in those days and I remember how excited I was about Grahan's soundtrack! All the songs are personal favourites are Nachoo Jaise (I love the arrangements in this track) and Aaj Mein Khush Hoon. The movie's release was very delayed though and maybe that's why the music went relatively unnoticed.

    I just hope Manisha makes a brilliant comeback in Mani Ratnam's Ravana! (she has always been awesome in Ratnam's movies!)

  2. Abhijeet is now sings songs at corporate events where most people are either exchanging card or too drunk to notice him.
    Quite sad for someone who was once the voice of Shah Rukh Khan

  3. you have that track 'Nachoo...'. I want it I can't find it anywhere...
    Yes, Manisha is missing these days. I loved her performance in Company. And this is now news to me-is she coming in Ravana? Wah...

    Sujoy Oh no...Abhijeet is facing this much? He was perfect as voice of SRK. Maybe he is facing because he became rebellious to some so called movie mugals. Some musicians. Can't remember the names. But I read that so long ago. Hope SRK will take him again, cause Udit is more Aamir's voice.

  4. Yeah, I have the mp3 of Naachoo. Should I email it to you?

    And yeah! Manisha is in Ravana!!!! :)

  5. I love Chup chup and Aaj Mein Khush esp the line where Asha says in her trademark style "Yeh kya baat boli, chalo maaro taali" ;-D

  6. Yeh sach hi kaha, Aai Yai Yo....., Yup, Asha's trademark. Love her.
    Thanks for stopping by Pituji.

    BharagavOh, please mail it to me. Thanks in advance :)

  7. Blogrolled you!

  8. Pituji, Its an honour for me...thanks.


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