Chashme Buddoor (1981) : Farooq Sheikh Film Festival

Perhaps the best product placement we have ever seen. 'Chamko' a detergent powder, a brand name which was just imagination. The way Deepti Naval says or say endorses it [luuuuv it], is so effective, no wonder she was called 'Miss Chamko' after this. 'Chashme Baddoor' (1981) had such interesting moments that makes it one of the most adorable comedy of bollywood. See below, how interestingly hillarious !!! [Leela Mishra]

[since pretty looong time I had made these screencaps, finally I am writing this. A 'Nicki''s trademark kinda review. Seriously Nicki, this is really tough]

Chashme Baddoor directed by female director Sai Paranjape is a story abot three students, friends, roommates. Sidharth [Farooq Sheikh], Omi [Rakesh Bedi] and Jai [Ravi Baswani] Living in a single room apartment somewhere in Delhi. And as bachelors are facing this, they also were facing their student time poverty [low pocket money, high consumption] so everytime they end up sharing things, room, bike and even a cigarette...

And for the supply of those smoke stuff, they have Lallan Miyan [Saeed Jafry] a tough man but with golden heart. Who runs his small shop around. Everytime he asks for money from this trio, somehow he ends up lending them another pack of cigars.

And one fine day, as a regular passtime of Omi and Jai, they spot a beautiful lady walking on road nearby their house. Adrenalin rush follows :-P and they instantly are deciding who's going first to Patao the girl. Then both of them decide by flipping coin and then one by one goes to her home. That's Neha [Deepti Naval] [Lovely, I wish I would have born in that time when she was doing much more stuff.]

Here she is. Through perception of all three guys. She 'does' meet them all. But everytime its a different story. See for yourself. First one is Jai, then Omi and then Sidhdharth.

While both Omi and Jai fails miserably in their tries to befriends with Neha, they come one by one with their own 'interestingly hillarious' versions of their 'Mulaqat'. See below, Omi - The Poet meets Neha.

And then Jai, who meets and takes Neha to movie. [in imagination ofcourse] And totally hillarious scenes follows. A compilation of all erstwhile hit songs recreated. Fun Fun Fun.

See here, Jai as intense Dileep Kumar and Neha as Reena Roy.

Or how about Feroz Khan and Zeenat Aman..Qurbani.

Deepti Naval doing Asha Parekh [Oooo Aaja aa aa Aaja....]
And ending of the sequence with Milan's song 'Hum Tum Yug Yug se...' is a blast. I was in splits by now..........

Then its our hero's turn. He meets her suddenly. Cause she is working as a saleswoman for detergent brand 'Chamko'. And to complete her target, she comes to this rather avoidable Bachelor House. And Sid is flattered from the very first sight. See here......

Love is in the Bubbles....

And our cute bookwarmish hero turns into real HERO. Now..

The girl, gets flattered instantly too. And both wonders how do people end up singing songs when they are in love??!!!!

Truly..................Madly......................Deeply love.

Aha......our story doesn't stops there. Then the story starts. There is a typical bollywood Dad of Girl. Who has something different on his mind. And want his daughter to marry only him. By the time, our cute little lovers are so deep in love that they can't let it happen.

Enter evil in other two friends, who lost in this game, they play their own card and things go different. Followed by a surprising yet hillarious climax, and then, 'they lived happily ever after'.

Here is a screencap of a beautiful song........"Kahan se aaye Badraa...". which was the best from the soundtrack. [thats Vinod Nagpal]

This movie was from Eighties. when action movies ruled and small movies started to come around. This was a breath of fresh air then. Farooq became instant hit among this circuit. And Deepti too got her share of fans. This is one of a few movie, by a Woman director. Which is a rarity in Bollywood. Hardly we can see a movie which is directed by woman. Recently Zoya Akhtar got rave reviews and it feels so nice that Bollywood recognize it.

I can easily relate to this movie cause right now I am living as a Bachelor. Though not with other roommates. But a while ago, I used to live like that too. Also during studies, rather than staying at hostel, I was living like this only. So this was like my own story [no, Miss Chamko was not around....sigh.............] And the comedy director has used, is so clean. If it would have been made today, I bet there would be more cheap jokes around. cause this is story about three guys approaching their youth.

I can re-watch this one on and on. And laugh again and again. The screencap above - Leela Mishra reading Playboy - is itself so funny. The whole scene was like awesome, I fell down from my couch while laughing.

Way back in feb'08 Onir told that he is making an adaption [say remake] of this movie. And he has bought official rights too. So dear readers, WATCH THIS before the remake arrives. And I've heard that Kareena is set to play Deepti's role. What's your opinion??

And finally, Three commandments for the bachelors.

1. Thou shalt hide your 'beautiful' collage walls from guests

2. Thou shalt open the doors - only after wearing pants :-P

3. Thou shalt always keep the 'ash tray' handy

[that's coconut :-D !!]
And Lastly, perhaps this intersting title sequence, can be a reason to watch this movie :-)

I was surprised, when most recently I read Memsaab's review of this movie, I found that I have made many similar screencaps to this. Just wondering....


  1. This is such a charming movie! It'll always be evergreen!

    And nice screencaps! :D

  2. Yup, charming is 'the' word. Love it in every moment. Love Deepti in this..

    Thanks for scrncaps. So glad you liked them. This time tBF's advice helped and I made only a few scrncaps and put most of them in here.

  3. Anonymous12:05

    A Farooq Sheikh fest - FAB!!!! He has so many cute comedies. What other Farooq movies have you got for us?

    Love your hilarious screencaps, and I wish more bachelors would heed your three commandments. When living in a hostel in Mumbai (it was a mixed hostel - guys and girls, both) I'd always be running into towel-clad guys coming out of the men's loo! :-(

  4. Bollyviewer
    Thanks. Each frame of this movie is fabulous. So any screen you capture, it has to be fantastic.

    Now I know how Sai Paranjape, even though she is a lady, she has done an insightful job in this movie about bachelors. She must had lived in such hostel you were living in. :-) That must be fun. So can I see your review on this, keeping in mind your own experiences??

    Ummm..I have only 4 movies right now. This and Rang Birangi, Ab Aayega Mazaa and Laakhon Ki Baat. Its hard to get his older movies. Most of his movies I have caught were on TV. Farooq is such a charming guy and has done some fantastic movies. Even loved him in TV series 'Chamatkar' on old SONY. Ahh..the golden days of TV.

  5. This movie looks hilarious, it should be flying into my collection very soon. Cute review :0)

  6. bollywooddeewana Thanks and Welcome to my blog. I eagerly want to know what you feel about this one. May I see ur review in nearest future??

  7. Interesting! Thanks for the wonderful screencaps. Looks like a fun film.

  8. I am so glad that screencaps' queen liked mine. :-) Watch this one. Its definitely one of the funniest.

  9. Anonymous21:01

    I love this film! :) It makes me die laughing at every viewing. I never get tired of it :)

  10. Hi Memsaab, Thanks for visiting. Recently I had been to your post about this and loved your writeup.
    Me too, I never get tired of this one. Even right now, I am watching its bits.

  11. The early eightes were a good time for these kind of movies. Low budget, great casting and intelligent screenplays. Sadly Ravi Baswani got a bit stereotyped with Chashme Buddor and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron kind of roles.
    It was time we were reminded of this comedy classic. Thanks.

  12. You are welcome Sujoy Yes, Ravi Baswani was typecasted. But still his every performance was enjoyable. The Eighties were fun in such movies. Some movies were having so less budgets, that the camera even doesn't move to another location for as long as 15-20 minutes. Still charm of the movie retains. And those simple things were most enjoyable.

    I am looking for more Eighties comedies to review. I have another lineup of 3 Naseer's movies in my busy I am :D

  13. Thank you for the link to the review, Darshit! Aww, I've just GOT to see this! Its on the top of the list of my next shopping spree!

    Love the screencaps, btw--that one with the Playboy magazine is hilarious!

  14. Anonymous10:26

    Hi, Nida You are always welcome. Can't wait to see your take on this one.

    Oh, that Playboy, the whole sequence is totally ROTFL. It was interesting that at 'that' time, director took kinda 'risk' by putting such scene :D

  15. Darshit, as an aside have you seen Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (Indian version of 12 Angry Men). Great , great movie. Excellent performances by Pankaj Kapoor and Annu Kapoor.

  16. Hey Sujoy, thanks for recommendation. Actually I have that movie since some time, but haven't touched it yet. I have heard really great things about it. So looking absolutely forward to it. But yes, maybe I would not put in review of it cause I am very 'bad' at reviewing classics. And right now I am on my way to complete my 'comedies'.

  17. I haven't seen this in a long time, but remember it in a great light. All the screen caps are fun. Chamko!!! LOL...

  18. Yeah, Chamko Baar Baar Lagaatar..Kapdo me chakachaundh roshni laaye...:D
    Thanks tBF for stopping by.


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