Unofficial Filmcities of India: Jodhpur / Jaisalmer [and some pics of Sarfarosh]

UPDATE : I just have uploaded Some pics [of Jodhpur only] at my Picasa web album. See it Here. last, I am back to my beloved Blogging-world. I was again at sudden travelling. Sudden in the sense, un-planned. I always enjoy such trips which gets suddenly its place. This time I got a chance to go to magnificent state of India - the state of Rajasthan. Mainly two cities - Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. And how on earth i could refuse this? Cause they are Unofficial Film cities of India. Numerous, just numerous movies has been shot over the two cities. I enjoyed every moment out there.

I have taken 1492, yes a whopping 1492 photographs. Love to share some of them. [ofcourse, the filmy ones ;-)]

The picture above this post is of Golden Fort of Jaisalmer.[its a stitched image of 3 pics taken, open it in new window] Reshma aur Shera was shot there.

The following is Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur. Any guesses?? Yes, recently Awarapan was shot here. Also fabulous Dor, and controversial [deer hunting..] Hum Saath Saath Hain, too got a piece of the larger than life fort. This place reminds me of Minas Tirith of LOTR. What say??
Then, here is Patwon ki Haweli, which will soon be seen in Alladin -starring Riteish and Mr Bachchan.

Below, is a haunting place called Bada Bagh. These are the cenotaphs of the rulers of Jaisalmer. Remember this place in Kachche Dhaage? or in Awarapan?
And finally, the ONLY sand desert of India. Jaisalmer's majestic dunes. And now don't ask me which movies are shot here? Endless list. Sarfarosh,Meenaxi [thanks thebollywoodfan, for reminding these two] Border, Awarapan, Dor, Lamhe, Hum Dil de chuke Sanam,Hum saath saath hain, Rudali.....and many more. Whenever you see sand dunes, its confirm that it has been shot here. See below.....
And below is the reason, why it took some days for me to recover....[painful but so much enjoyable safari]

Update: 08.03.2009
By special request of theBollywoodFan; here are Sarfarosh pics.

Sarfarosh had been extensively filmed in Jaisalmer. From dunes to palaces. Everything is weaved in the movie, so seamlessly, that even a person who belongs to the place, sometimes can not identify it. That's magic of director. I still couldn't find out which place was shot as Naseer's home. Following are some pics I could identify after watching the scenes again.

Below is Gadisar Lake. Where this small scene about Mirchi Seth, was filmed.

Next is Mandir Palace. It has been shot as Mirchi Seth's house, or say, den. Little portion of the palace is a museum. Rest of it is beautiful hotel and a temple. Its a gorgeous place which offers majestic view of Golden Fort and has some extraordinary art on stones.

See below the front view of one portion of the palace. In the movie, see in screencap, beyond the entrance, you can identify the window design.

Here Aamir is entering in Mirchi's place. I have taken picture from his side. You can identify by stone of the stairs and shape of door. See....

Then, following are cenotaphs. Which featured as background when smuggling was going on. See.

And finally, open these images in new window. Absolutely outstanding artwork on stone.


  1. Dude, Sarfarosh and Meenaxi - Tale of 3 Cities too!!! Awesome pics, thanks for sharing, man.

  2. Oh Oh Oh my God...How can I forget Sarfarosh??? thanks a lot. Actually I even visited 'Mirchi Seth's Bunglow' too. I will put those pics later.
    And thanks for reminding about Meenaxi.

    Actually when I returned from the trip, I watched ALL scenes from movies related to these places. Sarfarosh, Dor, Awarapan, Hum Saath...It felt great.

  3. It would be totally cool if you could add pics of Mirchi Seth's bungalow to the post. Fantastic. Thanks so much.

  4. Wow! Amazing stuff! Why don't you upload some of the photos on FlickR or Picassa web albums, so that we can have a look at them? It'll be brilliant!

    Your photography skills are excellent! :)

  5. Yes, I will definately put them on Picasa, as always. But this time stuff is in laaaarge quantity. I have sorted from 1492 pics to 1214. Still it is 1.6 GB !!! I need to select some and resize then only I can put them up...[phew....]

    Also I am planning to put parallelly - images from movies and images I have taken. So Lets see..

    Thanks for your good words. Glad you loved this :-)

  6. Nice pics Darshit. Been to both Jaipur and Jodhpur and they are amazing.
    I think Tere Naam too has has a song picturised on Mehrangarh Fort.

  7. Welcome back! OMG, love the pics!!! Reasons why I should visit India!

  8. All I just have updated the post. And have put Sarfarosh Pics. Have a look.

    Sujoy I need to check out Tere Naam now. I think 'Odhni' has been shot there, am I right?

    Nicki: Thanks. I have another post for you. I know you love Awarapan. I was in Jodhpur fort, where whole flashback of the movie has been shot. Its fab place. I put on music of Awarapan in my ears while travelling there. Soon I will be putting detailed post on that soon.

  9. Awesome! I really need to visit Jaisalmer soon. Maybe sometime this year.

  10. All I have to say is WOW and THANKS! All the pictures are awesome, thank you so much Darshit! :)

  11. BhargavLooks like you are coming to India. Best luck for that. Tell me whenever you go to the place. I would help you out :-)

    theBollywoodFan :D

    All I have put some pics from Jodhpur at my Picasa Album Have a look !!!

  12. Hey, thanks a lot Darshit :) I actually go back to India every summer (I'm only studying in the UK, I'm from Assam!). I'll definitely let you know if I make plans to visit Jaisalmer.

    I just checked out your Picassa album. All I can say is awesome! And you make me to want to visit that place right now! :D Too good!

  13. Anonymous21:03

    Enjoyed the album. Thanks for posting. All the best!

  14. Anonymous21:03

    Enjoyed the album. Thanks for posting. All the best!

  15. Anonymous02:51



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