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No, I haven't played with with videos here, just some text I have put. Yes, I will be back with my Farooq Sheikh FilmFest [It will be posted every Wednesday, to be specific]. But its just, I have got this wacky thought in my mind, so couldn't resist to put it up here.

After Nicki's post about PCD remixing Jai Ho, And Rahman featuring in it, I thought how cool will be when our very own Bollywood Stars, would act in phoren ka music videos ?!! And this wacky thought came while I was going to my workplace, and my iPod was shuffling my favorite late nineties early 00's English tracks. So here are some...have fun !!

A new day has come [Celine Dion]: Lovely song by Celine. And imagine Kajol featuring in it? She has got beautiful babygirl Nyaasa, and now she is coming back on screen as usual, with SRK. Definitely new day has come for her, and for us.

Angel [Shaggy]: Kool...hip hop...etc. And instantly one name came to my mind - Akki-Akshay Kumar is just so perfect. And who is angle? Nah...not Twinky baby. But Kat-Katrina Kaif. And hey, that's not all. I want another 'hot' angle in here-Bipasha Basu would fit perfectly with beau John. And both Akki-John too, would jam up well together.

Cleanin' Out My Closet [Eminem]:
Amisha Patel !!!! Why? Remember, she was having so much legal battle with his own family? When she left her home for Vikram Bhatt. So here she is, cleanin' out her closet.

Colorblind [Darius]: Now who is this much in love that has become colorblind? its our very own hot couple these days, Saifeena. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena are so much in love. And the guitar strings of this song, perfectly identified with Saif's love for both, guitar and bebo.

Desert Rose [Sting] : Next up is my favorite of Sting. Love this one so much. And it is always, being played loud. But I have no idea this time how to associate this one to any of our stars. Any ideas?

Objection-Tango [Shakira]: Latino moves. No one can better it, unless Shakira is on the screen. And she is so much 'Bollywood'ish. But here I would love to take Sushmita Sen. Okay i know she is getting much healthier these days, but there were days when she looked fab with her 'patli kamar' in Mehboob mere, Dilbar and Tumse Milke. [I was thinking of Sameera Reddy here, but she is way more healthy to take this up]

Sacrifice [Elton John]: Now this may sound little bit odd. But Shahid Kapoor is perfect this one. I know this song is about marriage and all. But the mood of the song sets perfect picture on Shahid's heartbreak. Poor baby, he still have not found another girl to get recovered.

Summer of 69 [Bryan Adams]: about Magik performing this anthem?? Okay, I know Farhan can not pull this off, but it doesn't harm to imagine, is it? And other choice, my favorite band Euphoria does it fabulously.

Strength of a woman [Shaggy]: Finally, I would love this one if who's who of bollywood actresses would feature in this one. The power list. With Shaggy of course, the song is incomplete without him. Here is my list, one by one they feature in this video, would be best ever.

Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Rekha, Sushmita Sen, Kajol, Deepti Naval, Bipasha Basu [I strongly feel that this song would fit perfect in her Bachna Ae Haseeno, when she becomes top model]. Waheeda Rahman, Priety, Konkona Sen and Tabu.

Have I missed any name??


  1. Interesting! For Shakira's video, I would go for Mallika Sherawat or Rakhi Sawant (lol!). They'll absolutely set the screen of FIRE!

    I would include all the U2 songs in your list. Their last album (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb) was just too good! Once again, Magik will be perfect for those songs! But without Farhan Akhtar's voice. hehe. I would prefer Bono's original vocals..there can't be any match.

    What about The Corrs for some mushy tunes? If you haven't already, then listen to "When The Stars Go Blue" and "Summer Wine" (by The Corrs and Bono of U2). Perfect for Bollywood romance :) (Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao in them!?)

    By the way, I didn't like that Jai Ho remix.

  2. Oh, U2 by Magik would be fantastik. And ya, Farhan shud jus act in them. Good choice ther.

    Actually my list was compiled by songs i listened in that half an hour. So I didnt think abt others.

    I havent heard the corrs. Must work out on that now. (Mtv and V has become so much desi, uff. Thank God there is vh1)

  3. Anonymous14:42

    like the reviews.

  4. OMG!! This is hilarious!!!

    My fave is the Amisha Patel one. Not only is she battling her own family but she does tend to open her mouth about other actresses like Kareena and Bips.

  5. That's quite new perception about Amisha. i liked it. And know what? She is going to stand for election [next month] in my state-Gujarat !!!!!


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