Forgotten Soundtracks (2) Zakhm

After my first installment in this series, here comes a second one. Hope you are liking the series.

Zakhm [1998], arguably best movie of Mahesh Bhatt. Loosely based on his life (as always) had unforgettable & mesmerizing score. By M.M.Kreem. The guy who gave us gr8 scores after this, like Sur, Jism and Paheli. Whole soundtrack consists of such a painfulness. Lonesomeness of the characters. With notable vocals by Alka Yagnik. Movie starred Ajay Devgan [who got first National Award for this], Sonali Bendre, Pooja Bhatt and Kunal Khemu [as child artist].

'Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikla' is the best track of the album. Sung awesomely by Alka Yagnik. With amazing words put in by Pushpa Patel-an unheard name as lyricist. It is a song of departed lovers who meets after so long time. The pain of being apart for so long and at the same time, happiness of getting together - is superbly described in the song. And so melodious at the same time. Perhaps Alka's one of the best work. The song is also picturized so well that I always can see Pooja Bhatt whenever I listen to it.

Then the star of 90's, Kumar Sanu takes hold of mic. And sings lovely 'Hum Yahaan tum Wahaan'. The song has so different beats. It stays with you for long time with its haunting feel. And in-control perfect singing by Kumar Sanu. Wow !!

Then follows two situational songs 'Maa ne kaha' sung by Chitra and 'Padh likh ke bada hoke' by Alka Yagnik. Both has interesting lyrics. And worth listen after watching movie.

Album comes close to end with another song about longing. 'Raat Saari Beqaraari mein guzaari' sung again by Alka. This song has some remix kind of beats but its Alka's voice and lyrics makes it different. And unfulfilled desire of character comes in front of us. Album closes with sad piece of 'Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikla'. A perfect closure with different lyrics. And mention of 'Eid' is just so beautiful.

Listen this for Alka Yagnik and M.M.Kreem. At their best.


  1. The Bhatt's rule in the music industry! It's been so long since I've seen this film. I watched it without subs too. I do need to re-watch it.

  2. Brilliant choice Darshit! MM Kreem is such an underrated composer. He had done awesome work for Paheli and Jism too.

    I love Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikla and Hum Yahaan Tum Wahaan. Simple and beautiful songs!

  3. Nicki Oh yeah...Bhatts totally rule the instant hit numbers community. Will you believe? I haven't seen this movie yet. Everytime I miss this on TV. Now searching for DVD.

    Bhargav Yes, Jism and Paheli were awesome. How about Rog? 'Maine dil se kaha'...

  4. Sarah10:52

    MM. Kreem is the most quality composer ever. Since the Tu Mile to the Dhoka days, all his songs are some of the highest quality stuff ever. Zakhm is one of the best albums of 90s, what fantastic songs

  5. Sarah
    I loved his most of the works. His recent Paheli too was fantabulous. I loved Dhoka's music too. Zakhm has too less songs but fanstic ones indeed.

  6. Gali Main Aaj Chand Nikla was written by Anand Bakshi if I remember correctly. He even bagged Best Lyricist (Star Screen) award that year.


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