Get Ready for the Grand Finale !!!

That's wht this part of the series tells us. Yes, and what a way to tell that. Its a stunning combination of dazling special effects and human touch. So thrilling it is. when Harry casts his first spell in very first scene. I got goosebumps all over.

Sound effects are Thumping.
Acting is always a treat in the series.

I ran into tears several times. Once when in climax, Harry lying on the floor struggling with Voldemart. Simply Moving.
All in all a great one to set the ground for grand finale of the series !!

Life in a Metro........I'm Back

i have been so much stressed and busy this whole year to write something. Also my blogger account was lost due to NEW blogger service. also i dont have a new draft. but a review which i have written a month ago. of movie Metro. Hope you will enjoy it.

Make way, chopras and johars, Bhatts are here….
I m not a big fan of them, but they are doing exceptionally well since last some movies. Giving damn cool music and amazing movies.
Heard Metro soundtrack?

Just see the movie.
Whole movie is carried forward by rock artists. They runs and directs story at different stages of the movie. This concept is really appreciable. Band comes and goes with songs. Sometimes singer james looks weird, but its okay.

Ok then,
Talking about the movie,
Starts of really well. With scenes of rainy Mumbai. Local trains buses, crowds, churchgate. And there she is, shilpa shetty, hey there is kangna ranaut too. Man this girl I tell u, she's simply superb. I just love her. Anyways, one by one all characters are weaved in just one scene. Then shilpa and kay kay 's scene is there. Then comes rock, Rishtey to nahi. With band metro.
Ohhhh god. This is what I wanted to hear. Rock on big screen.
All songs are simply rock. Then comes In dino, And then Alvida……..oh we love you mr.bhatt for bringing some rock to bollywood.
Songs are really into the movie, they keep story going on track. And deep into the story.
Everytime a song starts I get goosebumps. Ohhhhh..

Ya one thing is there, I am not going to tell u about characters and story because I hate it, if I tell u all, you will have nothing to watch. So go and watch movie, OTHERWISE YOU WILL REGRET.
It's a must watch.

Now, sharman joshi and kangna share a difficult relationship. So are all other characters. Shiney ahuja, konkona sen and irrfan khan, kay kay , all.
But so sweet surprise package of movie is dharamendra and nafisa ali.
A very sweet scene in starting of movie when dharamji crosses railway tracks to meet nafisa. Then they meet after 40 years, ohhhhhhhhhh…soooooooo sweet………

Shilpa shetty is really commendable. She and her face expressions. Her body, everything talks. All confrontation scenes between her and kay kay are too good to watch out for. So is kay kay as her husband.
Sharman joshi, a silent lover, kangna a little girl who thinks lust of her boss is love, and repeats roles or gangster, and woh lamhe, frustrated girl. She is the best at it. But beware kangna, don't keep repeating.

Who steals the show?
Konkona and irrfan. In their strangest relationship. But still likable. One of the highlight scene of the movie when the go to top of a building and shouts……oh god…we just keep laughing and our eyes keep crying.

Really good dialogues, I wish I could write some of them, I have to watch the movie again. Light moments with irrfan and konkona and sharmaan are also very good.

Cinematography is just too brilliant like we are sitting in a mumbaiya window and watching everything come alive. In one scene, while shilpa and shiney are going to make out, there is no light in the room. The whole scene is performed under lights of neon, outside the building. And symbolic red color. Oh, too brilliant.

One other scene keeps repeating in mind, is make out place of kangna and kay kay……..with busy Mumbai road outside the window.
Lights and lights….they do the works.
Some silent scenes….kangna removing her leg which is touching kay kay, when she hears conversation between kay kay and shilpa on phone….so symbolic.
In climax, confrontation between kay kay and shilpa…………..
Sharman's scenes………
Top of the building scene……..
Local trains………
Dharmendra and nafisa……….
Seamless weaving of characters and stories……………..
Alvida alvida………….

Anurag basu, the director,
One of the best in new crop.

I bow to thee.

One of the best movie in 2007