Book Review : Reinvention by Natasha Malpani Oswal


When I get exhausted a bit after reading pages and pages full of prose, poetry comes as a rescue. Something that I have started to read every now and then, ofcourse in small portions. So here, when Natasha Malpani Oswal's new offering was out, I immediately gave nod to get my hands on it. As I have read her debut work, Boundless, last year. And continuing previous tradition, the second journey with her poems is equally immersive with a sense of liberation of women. 

The first thing that strikes is the gorgeous cover. Bloomsbury has done a really impressive work continuing black theme. Equally beautiful illustrations are there inside, on each pages. Again, page quality is superior. Coming to the main part, the poetry. Powerful and at the same time, beautiful. This book tells her journey after she returned to India after ten years. And stage by stage, we are made witness to her experience : freedom, sparkle, settle, restless, longing and so on. Though my favourite part, is Princess. Where she shows mirror to those who think it is their right to make 'rules' for women. Calling them princess. 

Another beautiful section is sparkle. Sample this : 

'...but the allure, 

comes at a price, 

bloom is fragile, 

only lasts, 

a few days'.

Such words. It makes you feel the voice. A voice that wants to be heard. Voice that is voiced not by a single woman, but of all, for whom she is taking an effort. Effort to be boundless. To reinvent.