Do pal ka ye jeevan hai
Kaisay yahan jeena sekhon
Dhundla sa yeh manzar hai
Sehmi si khamoshi hai

Yeh meri zindagii
Bus ek khwab hai
Ye meri bandagi
Han ek raaz hai...!

Kaisay bataon kis ko sunaoun
Hal apnay dil ka
Kaisay bataoun

In raaton pe aaney waley
ab kertay hain kyun kinara
In ahaton pe basnay walon se
poochay kaun hamara

Hum jiye ja rahay hain
Ghum piye ja rahay hain....!

So...the future is here??!!

Says movie's tagline. But is it so? I did find out in Lovestory 2050. This friday was a fest for me. Two big movies, anticipation was on high, competetion [sort of] was high, even budget for Lovestory was so high, naturally expectations were equally high. [not actually, i do judge movies by trailers, and i thought exactly what i m feeling after watchin movie].

So Lovestory 2050. There I was. It's a movie about poor little rich boy, havin mother in skies [dead] talking to her, complaining why business tycoon dad dont care about him, poor little rich boy, loves danger to hide his sorrows. Suddenly get to meet miss chulbuli Sanaa on a vacation, instantly falls for her. And so on..but there is always something in store for our debutant Actor. So there, he loses her and goes to the future through his uncle Ya's [Boman Irani] Time Machine, to find out her in her Re Incarnation. Enter 2050. Flying cars, serving robots [still xbox 360 is there !!!!!]. The imaging fest starts here. Things go on and on... its "kaho na pyar hai' in futuristic mode.

So this is what Lovestory have to offer. Talking about first half, introduction scene is somewhat different showing Harman Racing his dad's car. Ok ok, but i did find out what's in store by that scene itself. Bad dubbing was there. Lip sync was not in place. In first scene?? this continued in so many scenes. OK, THEN in next ten minutes you are watching more and more of Harman acts and more acts. Please, cant we be normal, and show normal things? Priyanka looks really out of this world [very fat, and not so bright]. Lovestory goes on and on. With some hummable music [at last,annu malik is on]. i personaly like Meelon ka jaise tha faasla. Audience waiting impatiencely for time machine to come, but hey relax. This is a hindi movie. you have to wait for intermission for main theme of movie. Just like krrish. Where krrish is seen only after intermission. Here also future enters just at the time of interval.

and we get goosebumps to see our very own mumbai in 2050. Yes, this movie makes score overhere. No doubt we have seen 10 times better SFX in hollywood movies, seen greater imaging about future, but hey, here they are showing our very own Mumbai- Gateway of india. there everyone, future is there, nice effort made by SFX people. Their sweat and blood we can see on screen, so i will never bully the SFX side. We are growing up in that, and this is an example. Sets are good and seems futuristic. Especially i did like Priyanka's room. Wher sanskrit shlokas are written over walls. So story moves on in future, showing new priyanka as Ziesha. Humming bad song 'Loverboy' as a world famous popstar. now its our hero's duty to remind of her 'agla janam' and he does it. Enter a baddy. just like darth vader. but finally, Hero wins over everything. Performance wise, Harman has a lot to learn. He just cant act. He looks like hrithik, dance like him and even Sounds like him. He has to find out something unique to show off himself. Priyanka is wasted totally. She is totally out of her form. She looks bad as a red haired popstar. and looks fat as a chulbully girl. You need a makeover baby. Chemistry between the two is purely missing.

Boman is wasted. Child artists are bad. Direction is out of place. first half is really bad. and second half is ok to make audience to sit on seats just because of SFX people. Not great but sort of good. Editing is not so well. Choreography is good. as well as songs, for a first timer, these songs are well made. This movie is solely a SFX and art director's film. Otherwise it has nothing to offer in it. Even the movie ends just in a second where we just cant expect.suddenly. And we come out having only flying cars in our heads.

There it is, future. NOt so bright for this movie. If it do well, then only because of the theme, that indian audience has rarely seen on bollywood screen. otherwise a bad debut for Harman. Take acting lessons from PC, dude. So its a popcorn movie, 2.5 stars out of 5 i would like to give. Just because of blood and sweat of SFX people.


Breezy Entertainer !! Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na ....

Finally, a movie i was waiting for so long, i got to see yesterday. And man, it fulfills all i desired. Jaane tu ya....jane naa!!!. is very Young, fresh, breezy, mushy romantic movie. The genre everyone always likes. This is a new genre started by Imtiaz Ali. Not in Jab we met, but in Socha Na Tha. That movie was so sweet that it inspired a whole line up movies like JWM and many more including JTYJN.Yes its a kind of Socha Na Tha movie, but hey storyline is little bit similar thats it. This movie has its own space. Its own attitude. Its own freshness. And that works like magic. [please dont remember Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic, here, yuck movie, Chopras wake up!!]. Everyone was comparing this to Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, surely that movie was great at that time, and all time romance, this is surely today's movie with elements that youth will just love. Jay and Aditi are so likable.

Well, JTYJN is a story about Jay [Imran Khan] and Aditi [Genelia]. Freinds forever. In a group of 6 mad people. Always togather. But don't know, is it love?? College gets over. Parents are thinking of marrying them. BUt hey, 'we are just good friends' both says. Even both searches for a perfect life partner for each other, and gets one for each too. But as the tagline of the movie, says, 'when do you know its love?' ya, that is main storyline. Which the movie follows very smoothly.

Title sequence is another unique one, by Aamir perhaps. Because in TZP we had seen wonderful clay animation, now its canvas over her. People in love, are shown in canvas filter at titles. Background music is title song. Humm...great start. A group of friends going at airport to receive somebody. Which is not declared at start. A girl dont believe in this love stuff and starts bitching about that. So here all friends togather, tells her story of Jay and Aditi. A simple, but very good idea of story telling. This airport scenes comes in between of whole movie, and though connects story really well. Well, story goes on with college moments, young moments, party and so on. Movie is quite engaging from the very first sequence. Even cameos by 2 actors [no names please] are so hillarious. Fun moments are really fun in movie. Also everyone acts so perfectly, you cant just imagine that most of them are first timers. In second half, movie still goes flawlessly. OK it becomes little slow at little sad times of these little kids. BUt that is to develop a relationship. So all in all the pace is really commendable. The climax is so good so good that i cant stop thinking of that. OK the climax is very common, but hey, still it is different. And worth.

Imran Khan acts very well. This is his first movie, but he has sort of genes may be, that he is very confortable in his zone. Girls will flatten over him. Though he is not a muscle man, or cant dance, but so cute and handsome he is. On the other hand, why bollywood is missing over Genelia?? She is wonderful. ya, this is not a first movie of her, but she manages to show her own space. Emotional and similarly rioting scenes, both are well played by her. As a wild cat, she surely suits the role perfectly. One surprise is over here, Prateik Babbar as Amit, brother of Aditi. Little bit inspired by Akshye's character of DCH. But very well written role. I personly liked his performance. Ratna and Nasir are fun to watch with each other. So is Paresh Rawal. Jayant Kriplani and [idont know the name] are also good in titbit role. Love interest of Jay played by [idont know the name-2] is also good. Some of my fav scenes are : club riot, aditi's birthday with jay, scene betw. both before climax, songs, nazerein milana, pappu's fight with jay, climax. Wow,,,,,,,,i need to watch this movie again.

As a director Abbas Tyrewala, does a comendable job. It is his past experience of writing, which comes helpful in here. Editing is also good. Not a single dull moment. No useless dialogues, thanx to good screenplay. Ok sad moments could have been better. It became little regular stuff. AR Rehman is always a treat. Especially i loved Nazrein Milana Picturization, where music grows slowly in guitar strings. Pappu cant dance but everyone must be dancing to those dance steps. I wished 'Kahin to...' would have picturised differently. And 'Jane tu mera kya hai' song should be included. But length of movie is as crisp as the movie. 2.45 hours are enough.

All in all, a crispy fresh movie, a formula which can never go wrong. And its true overhere. A thumbs up to the director. Lets see, whats in store for competition. Collegegoers will surely love this flick, over Lvstry 2050 maybe. I will not judge it without watching movie. Lets see.

Dont miss this one !! Aamir you dazzle!!! Keep making movies keep dazzling!!!