Zariya (Coke Studio at MTV Season 3) A R Rahman : Lyrics Meaning Translation

Sung by Nepalese singer Ani Choying Dolma, Jordanian Farah Siraj and a wonderful chorus, Zariya composed by A R Rahaman, is such a wonderful song, you can't stop getting goosebumps at each twist in the tune. Brilliant fusion.

Thanks to Google, here is my effort to translate the lyrics. Any correction, please do let me know.

Tu zariya, Hoon main zariya,
Aur uski kitpaa dariya dariya,
Hain jo ankhiya nirmal,
Duniya nirmal,
Chhalka chhalka, chhal chhal chhal chhal

You are the medium, So am I,
and his kindness is vast like a sea.
If your eyes are serene
the world itself will seem serene,

Ho zubaan koi bhi,
Bol dil se tu bol,
Ya misri si ho,
Ya shahad si ho.

Language might be any,
but words should come straight from the heart,
Either it should be like sweet sugar,
Or, sweet as honey.

Anti al umm,
Anti il hayaa,
Anti alhob,
Antilee alduna, anti lee aldunya.

You are the mother
You are the life
You are love,
You are the world to me, you are the world to me

Reedaha Reedaha,
Kefima reedaha,
Teflatan ya halee,
Wil asaal reegaha.

I love her, I love her,
However it may be, I love her,
She is a young beauty,
In her voice there is honey.
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  1. man thank u for getting this lyrics., even appreciable that you converted into english..,

  2. Reedaha means "I want her"
    Kefima reedaha means "Whichever way it is, I want to be with her"
    This is the translation that the singer Farah Siraj tells in the teaser video (


      this translation is official.. so your translation is right.. but this one is not wrong too!! :)

  3. LOvely, thanks a lot

  4. LOvely, thanks a lot

  5. Awesome work dude.

  6. dude dont lie if u donno the meaning

  7. its great thanks a lot. i really need meaning of this song.and shruti ur thanks also. god bless u

  8. Guys.. the translation provided here is taken from the official Coke studio website...

    so Shruti.. you many be right.. but the translation here is also not wrong!!!

  9. It's kirpaa nt kitpaa....

  10. i think its "uski KRIPAA ... " not kitpaa

  11. Thank u thank u thank u thank u.... I love this songggg...

  12. Guys, lets not find typos here and just appreciate the effort put into this. Enjoy the song, music and words. After all, it is rare to find such meaningful lyrics in present music scenario.

  13. Thank for the lyrics

  14. Gr8 thanks for the lyrics

  15. Thanks to translatetion an nice song.

  16. thnx buddy for this beautiful lyrics

  17. thank you sooo much for dis lyrics ,,,,, Appreciate dis .... thanx for this beauuutifulll lyrics

  18. thanks for your lyrics, but there is one mistake that is kirpa, not kitpa.....

  19. thanks for ur lyrics...very nice..... but there is one mistake that is kirpa not kitpa....

  20. Beutyfull this song........

  21. i love this song

  22. Love this lyrics. Truly helpful.

  23. Hmm it

  24. Was this song made only for Coke Studio, or it had appeared any movie or album previously?


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