Jagao Mere Des Ko : Lyrics, meaning, translation : A R Rahman on Coke Studio @ MTV

Another FANTASTIC fusion. Taking this time, the famous 'Minds without fear' by Rabindranath Tagore. Translating the same poem and making it as a second stanza, by Prasoon Joshi. Flawless classical vocals of Suchi and whoa ! Finale rap by Blaaze and Sivamani. This track, a true delight. Wait ! And bass guitar by Mohini Dey ! Killer stuff.

Here are the lyrics and translation. Note that I haven't translated the Hindi part as it is the translation of Bengali lines after all. And yes, feel free to correct me !

Thanks to this blog for original poem translation. Thank you A R Rajib on ARRFansGroup for correcting Bengali lyrics.

Chitto jetha voi shunno , Uccho jetha shir,
gyan jetha mukto , jetha griher prachir,
apon prangon tole dibos shorbori,
bosudhare rakhe nai khondo khudro kori.

Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high,
Where knowledge is free, where the world has not been broken up
into fragments by the tireless efforts of men.

jetha bakko ridoyer utsomukh hote,
ucchosia uthe, jetha nirbarito srote,
deshe deshe dishe dishe kormodhara dhai.

Where words come out from the depth of truth,
Where the currents of tireless striving
originate and flow without hindrance all over.

ojosro sohosro bidho choritarthotai,
jetha tuccho acharer morubalu rashi,
bicharer sroto poth fele nai grasi.

Where the clear stream of reason and thoughts
has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand
of lowly habits and deeds,
Where the velour is not divided in 1000 different streams,
where all the deeds, emotions are blissful given by you.

pourushere kore ni shotodha , nitto jetha,
tumi sorbo kormo chinta anonder neta,
nij hoste nirdoi aghat kori pita,
Bharotere sei sorge koro jagorito....

My father, strike the sleeping India without mercy,
so that she may awaken into such a heaven.

(Hindi Part)
Jagaao mera des, Jagaao Mera des.
Mann mein bhay ki boond bhi naa ho,
maatha ooncha lehraaye,

Gyaan mukt aazaad le saanse
dharti bant na paaye, ho..dharti bant na paaye.

Sach ki kokh se shabd janam le,
karm ki dhaara kalkal, daude registaan cheer de,
nadi vichar ki chhal chhaal

chauda seena ho abhimaan ka, naa ho tukde tukde,
Bhaav soorile bandish mein ho aur soorile mukhde,
Prahaar karo, tum prahaar karo,
Jagaao mera des..... Jagaao mera des.

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  1. good work !!keep it up!

  2. This poem has also been translated into Gujarati by Nageendas Parekh. Here's the link - http://layastaro.com/?p=9065

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us with meaning.

  4. Thanks for the lyrics!! I find a bit difference in the Bengali lyrics from that given at the Video info on YouTube any ways i used this as a reference to make a cover of the song on YouTube . I think i be prepared to get some stick from bengali people since i font know any bit of bengali:)

  5. I find this lyrics a bit different from the one on Youtube info of the song. Anyway thanks i used this a reference to make a cover of the song on YouTube:)

  6. The name of the original poem by Tagore, as in Geetanjali, is "Where The Mind Is Without Fear"

  7. The name of the original poem by Tagore is " Where The Mind Is Without Fear"
    pourushere kore ni shotodha , nitto jetha,
    tumi sorbo kormo chinta anonder neta,

    Where the valour is not divided in 1000 different streams, all the deeds, emotions are blissful given by you.

    and this should be the break up of paragraphs

    and also.
    the poem in Bengali, it is one single sentence. This is the only poem by Tagore where the ENTIRE poem is one single sentence.

  8. no blaaze rap lyrics are there

  9. Loved the song and the lyrics coke studio has given amazing music


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