Chennai Express : Movie Review

To put it very straight in the first sentence itself - I loved Chennai Express ! (So that you can decide to continue reading or not). Whenever there was a talk about Rohit's movies, I used to call them 'Shitty' movies. There were many reasons for believing that. Till date the only movie I liked of him was Sunday. Bol Bachchan was after all a remake, hence it was passable because it had tried and tested storyline.
What works here in Chennai Express is its stars. Tons of material has already been written about fall of SRK by doing this 'silly' movie. But hey ! This IS after all a Bollywood movie. A super masala entertainer that doesn't go for realism, antique frames or technically perfect. It is made for entertaining the audience and it does. Then why not SRK - the biggest entertainer of the country? (And no, my Aamir-bhakti is being deviated when I am saying this ;)). He charms you yet again when wearing those shades giving hand to the girl trying to catch a train. He charms you yet again when after saying I Love You, that cheeky smile he throws and girl is flattered. He goofs about his own movies. Yes, this is what SRK is all about. And for this movie - either him or no one else. Talking about irreplaceable one - Deepika is definitely the one too in CE. Though in safe zone she is, playing a Tamil girl, but sure it must have been tough getting everything right. And she shines through each frame. From looking drop dead gorgeous, to acting perfectly to the T. At places she reminds of Geet (after all, she has become iconic for 'free girl' portrayal), but leaves her own mark. Both, together, look great on screen. I would totally vote for a love story starring them together.
Despite of being a movie about South India, thankfully Rohit Shetty has stayed away from making cheap laughs out of it. The situational fun is very valid throughout the movie. Though there are garish, loud moments (a la Shetty) but being few and far between, it doesn't harm much. No forwarded sms jokes, no homophobic jokes, no dual meaning jokes - Thank You Rohit for keeping your dialogue writer in check. Picturised beautifully in Konkan, each frame is so colorful, though overdone, everything on screen looks lovely-celebratory feel. Contemplated by a fine soundtrack by Vishal-Shekhar, songs are fun. Specifically, Titli and Kashmir Mein has FANTASTIC visuals. Loved how they are picturised. And those majestic shots of Doodhsagar falls and Rameswaram.
Love SRK? You should see this. Hate SRK? You must see this. Yes its that kind of movie which you can't miss out if you are looking for fun ride.
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  1. I am glad that you liked the movie. Thought you would write it off.

  2. "Despite of being a movie about South India, thankfully Rohit Shetty has stayed away from making cheap laughs out of it" Which movie were you watching, certainly not the Chennai Express the rest of us watched

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  4. nice review :)
    i think the story could have been better :)
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