Bombay Velvet : Movie Review

What's wrong? I mean what is wrong with us - the audience. On one hand we cry out for 'lack of original' cinema. One one hand we shout about typical masala movies ruling the crores clubs. And here, on the other hand, moving ahead of all formulas, sticking to the script, Kashyap dedicates his everything to a movie so rich and fulfilling cinematic experience - we all thrash it out. Like its a sub-standard C grade movie ! Well, I am writing this not because I suddenly got symphathetic to one of my favorite director. Nor I am a bhakt or #inAnuragWeTrust guy. Nah. I don't even like a much acclaimed film from his stable - Udaan. But I am writing this because there is this trend on the rise - trend to start thrashing a movie, say killing a movie from Thursday night itself. To show-off how brilliantly we can influence things thru social media. How my handle / my blog / my reviews matter so much that I can even make Anurag Kashyap to type an FB update about moving on. Hah...

The movie, is surely a treat for me. For someone who love the city of dreams, it must be. Thankfully, I had read Mumbai Fables, a really well researched history of the city by Gyan Prakash. And it shows in the movie that every minute detail of the growing city is being taken care of. Even the very first minute has the Air India hording 'Nariman had a point... and we are at it'! You know what lies ahead. A riveting tale with absolutely sharp twists. Sprinkled with jazzy sexiness. The suave treatment shines throughout. The period setting is just too perfect that not a single thing skips away. Be it the Art Deco buildings or furniture, be it the warring tabloids, be it the mill chimneys or the 'secondary' headlines right below the major one. Everything is taken care of and it shows. The result - you are never bored throughout its (long) running time.

Music. Ah. The music. I never found the album much interesting, or say I had not given it many listens. But here, right from the beginning it gets you. From the opening shot to the end, Amit's score never leaves you. Be it the background score or the opulent jazzy tracks, with all those glamour and shine all around, it made me go Whaa! at places. There is a full song dedicated to Nanavati case, the most famous at that time ! Must mention here, Anushka's acts. She seems so natural as if she is really singing those song. Her 'Dhadaam dhadaam' being absolutely amazing, I would give all the awards to her just for those expressions.

Talking about performances, Ranbir ! How charming and raw goes hand in hand with his portryal of Balraj ! Earlier I had many doubts about him being in a role of tapori/fighter. But here he is totally convincing and plays his part so well, it seems he is perfect for the role for which he was third choice ! I can't believe there are people saying RK's performance is even bad than Besharam ! Ouch. Playing the Godfather of Balraaj, Karan Johar is surprisingly good. Even he couldn't have imagined himself. Jokingly not just people but even I told everyone how he is a bad choice as a villain (because, you know !) But Kashyap knows this and with his own control, the controlled moves and camera work, Khambhata makes a menacing villain. And Anushka, ah, she looks ravishing and the expressions makes each song perfect. Be it first song of Rosie's career - Fiffy or the one when she is star - Naak pe gussa or the situational - Sylvia !

Bombay Velvet is indeed a fine piece of cinema which has less indulgence (if you expect that from AK movie) and more dedication. But you have to have idea whats going on here. What went in making the seven islands into one-the densest city in the world. Bombay Velvet is that story. Story of Bombay !