Guzaarish : Hrithik all the way !

The first thing I always watch out for in a SLB movie, is sheer visual delight. And he never disappoints. Guzaarish has stunning visuals of Goa the way it was never shot earlier. Was discussing the same with @rotikapadarum earlier in morning about how SLB would give a different take of Goa. Well, though being a man of Gorgeous sets, SLB do not go out for more shots, but whatever has been shot outdoor, it looks wonderful. Kudos Sudeep Chatterjee - the cinematographer.

So wonderful are the sets too. But somehow, I found it a leftover of larger than life sets of Saawariya. Even the color scheme. But must admit, all the magic sequences are outstanding. Tera zikr and Udi are the best shot songs of the year. Talking about songs [this review is going 'ulta' no?] there are hardly 'full' songs in this one unlike any other SLB movie [except Black]. Just a few lines here and there. Only two-Tera zikr and Udi are there. And man, what choreography ! I was literally clapping [and wanted to dance] to the beats of 'Udi'. Such a lively song on screen. 'Enjoyed' Aish's performance in that. Oh, and watch out for a 'real' song sung by Hrithik - Life is wonderful - did make everyone in audience cry. Bravo !

Performances are of course - great ! Hrithik steals the show with just his facial expressions. Just think - he does not have any opportunity to move any part of body except his face, how tough it is to act, to perform like that is really really tough. Credit goes to director too for such portrayal.

I am not a fan of Aishwarya, but somehow there are some directors who know how to present her such beautifully, how to get her act, and SLB is the one who knows that. She looks stunning in each frame [what costumes !!] , acts well in such short portions she's been given in otherwise 'all hrithik' film.

It would not be fair if we say Shernaz Patel-a supporting actress. No. She was 3rd lead in the movie. Flawless. And with a really short screen time, Monikangna Dutta catches eyes. And Aaditya Roy Kapoor- surprisingly good. Did I forget the always adorable Nafisa Ali? <3

Though having a serious subject, the movie does not have any dull moment. Even the climax which makes you cry, you have feelings of both - happy/sad ness. For fans of SLB [and even for non fans-for Hrithik], a must watch, who like great production values, good music score and superlative performances, Guzaarish is for you !

My Rating : 4/5

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Tees Maar Khan : Music Review

'Bond' like tune is absolutely fun in the title track 'Tees Maar Khan' sung by Sonu Nigam, so is the collage of dialogues and loud loud band baaja sound. Setting perfect mood for out and out masala of Farah Khan.

Next track has an interesting name 'Sheila Ki Jawani' [reminds me of first porn I saw-Reshma ki jawani, don't ask how horrible that movie was :P]. Another 'loud' song with sound of thumping, Sunidhi Chauhan and Vishal join hands for this outrageous mad track which sticks to you only till its playing.

Then came the song I was waiting for - Wallah re Wallah. Why I was waiting? Because Farah has guranteed its biggest Qawaali-bigger than Tumse Milke [MHN]. Well, by first few listens, I don't feel so. Shekhar, Shreya, Kamal Khan and Raja Hasan all of them together - will take time to grow on me.

Sukhvindar Singh starts 'Badey Dilwala' - tribute to our very own desi Robin Hood. Shreya sounds trying too hard. Arrangements keeps one hooked and sets foot tapping. Not catchy enough. But, sure a treat to watch on screen - by lyrics I can tell that.

And the 'Idol' song - 'Happy Ending'. A typical Farah Khan style - end credit song. Sung by idol/saregama contestants - Harshit, Prajakta, Abhijeet Sawant and Debojit [well, from Saregama].Hard to identify them cause most of the part is sung in chorus. A Pritam'ish' track. Gah..

So, soundtrack didn't impress me much, but given a absolutely mad fun film, may be it can do better on screen. But given past record of Farah's movies, this is a downer.

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Tees Maar Khan : Title song leaked.

As Farah Khan Tweeted : "Sm1 has unofficially downloaded tees maar khan title track guys.kuya yaar,that's not done!v were releasng it 7th in any case....The videos bn leaked!guess the buzz is 2 much.will officially put it on youtube 2mrrow (November 5) guys.taking this nonsense as a compliment.20000 hits!"

But I think this is a well planned leak, coz in that way they can have mucho attention and hits. Whatever.. but yeah, Vishal-Shekhar's signature theme sounds addictive.

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Favorite Southie Songs : A Beginner's Guide to Southie Music

Well, I have already explained in this post why do i like South Indian films, now its time for the music. Yes, its very tough to understand and loving the songs other than your language. So South Indian music took long for me to getting used to - and now I am addicted to find and listen music of many of the Southie languages. Thanks to friends on twitter @mad_nad & @FagunB for recommendations. Here I would like to list out some of my current favorite soundtracks - that anyone who's new to the genre, would love to listen.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya: [Tamil]

My first encounter with Tamil songs - and how I loved it ! I just can't get enough of gorgeous songs composed by A R Rahman, by far one of my most favorite by him. While Kannukkul Kannai is a foot tapping number, Anbil Avan is fab with its 'big' sound. Omana Penne - combined with Tamil and Malayalam lines -steals your heart at first listen, 'rock'ish Aaromale and soothing Title song are just fantastic. But there are two tracks which has stolen my heart - Mannipaaya and Hosanna.

Shreya Ghoshal and Rahman sings this gorgeous melody, Mannipaya, with continued strings of Piano, a lovely LOVELY track.

And hosanna...oh, HOSANNA !!! This track by Vijay Prakash, Suzanne D'mello and Blaaze - is simply out of this world [for me atleast :P] the strings, the flute, the rap ..ah the works !

Varanam Aayiram :

Harris Jayraj - I have many recommendations of him. The one I have heard is Varanam Aayiram. Breezy soundtrack. From traditional Annul Maelae and Ava Enna, to rocking Adiyae Kolluthey - its addictive.

While it has two versions of song 'Oh Shanthi Shanthi', my most favorite is the slow one. 'Nenjukkul Peidhidum' sung by Hariharan, the lyrics are just wonderful. calm strings and dreamy voice makes it so special.

Second Favorite is Mundhinam. Sprinkled with 70's fun beats- the duet is a -fun-romantic song.

Anwar : [Malayalam]

This latest movie from down south has some really good songs composed by Gopi Sunder. Njan is a commendable effort of rap in English as well as Malayalm. Vijanatheeram sounds like a warrior's song sung by Sukhwinder. Kanninimma is a really addictive tune with its breathless singing.

Kavithapol is a favorite - sung by Gopi Sunder and A V Uma. A haunting track.

while Kizhakku Pookkum was a surprise to me. Arabic vocals by Sabri Brothers, accompanied by sweet voice of Shreya Ghoshal - excellent fusion.

En Swasa Kaatrea : [Tamil]

Well, this is an old Rahman soundtrack, as old as 11 years. But still it sounds fresh as all Rahman songs do. This is the movie which has original sources of 'Que Sera Sera [pukar]' and Jumbalika [Thakshak] - my favorite 90's Rahman numbers. Kadhal Niagara and Jumbalakka. While title track is a silent slow number, Chinna Chinna is a Tamil Garba !! Only Rahman could think of such arrangements.

Theendai Mei Theendai - is quite an innovative track, with its 'Enigma'ish sounds and Church choir singing. Sung by the perfect pair - SP Balasubramaniyam and Chitra.

and Thirakkaatha Kaattukulle is a really sweet song with naughty singing by Chitra and Unni Krishnan. Arrangements are gorgeous.

and finally,

The first southie movie I had seen,

Bommarillu : [Telugu]

Love love love Genelia, and this movie, and Sidhu. And why not the songs? All songs are fun fun. Bommani Geesthe - the romantic song to We have a Romeo - a fun college song. Kaani Ippudu - hmmmm.... and a typical 'shaadi' song - Laloo Darwaja with the lines Love makes life beautiful.... What's there to not love this soundtrack?

And the most favorite of mine - just for its fabulous singing by Siddharth himself. Appudo Ippudo !! Love its choreography love the lyrics love Genelia !!

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