Tees Maar Khan : Music Review

'Bond' like tune is absolutely fun in the title track 'Tees Maar Khan' sung by Sonu Nigam, so is the collage of dialogues and loud loud band baaja sound. Setting perfect mood for out and out masala of Farah Khan.

Next track has an interesting name 'Sheila Ki Jawani' [reminds me of first porn I saw-Reshma ki jawani, don't ask how horrible that movie was :P]. Another 'loud' song with sound of thumping, Sunidhi Chauhan and Vishal join hands for this outrageous mad track which sticks to you only till its playing.

Then came the song I was waiting for - Wallah re Wallah. Why I was waiting? Because Farah has guranteed its biggest Qawaali-bigger than Tumse Milke [MHN]. Well, by first few listens, I don't feel so. Shekhar, Shreya, Kamal Khan and Raja Hasan all of them together - will take time to grow on me.

Sukhvindar Singh starts 'Badey Dilwala' - tribute to our very own desi Robin Hood. Shreya sounds trying too hard. Arrangements keeps one hooked and sets foot tapping. Not catchy enough. But, sure a treat to watch on screen - by lyrics I can tell that.

And the 'Idol' song - 'Happy Ending'. A typical Farah Khan style - end credit song. Sung by idol/saregama contestants - Harshit, Prajakta, Abhijeet Sawant and Debojit [well, from Saregama].Hard to identify them cause most of the part is sung in chorus. A Pritam'ish' track. Gah..

So, soundtrack didn't impress me much, but given a absolutely mad fun film, may be it can do better on screen. But given past record of Farah's movies, this is a downer.

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  1. Ah, this is too bad. I had such high hopes, considering I loved the OST from MHN and OSO! I do like the theme song though. Will have to look for it and give it a listen thoroughly when it hits itunes.

  2. wow im surprised that u many arent impressed by the album. my review has high praises for the songs!

  3. Anonymous08:06

    No Khelein Hum Jee Jan Sey Music review?

  4. Anonymous08:10

    Remember how people felt about the 3i soundtrack before the release?

    The film was written off because of it.

  5. Anonymous21:23

    Get a life you son of a bitch!
    I second you bollywoodtop10, the songs are just too good!
    You think of yourself as some critic or what?
    These days the bloody critics are also useless!

  6. Anonymous15:51

    songs r vry gud any1 who don't lyk dis album i don't think he/she knows much abt music.......5/5

  7. Anonymous19:25

    gr8 music, d theme music and lyrics of title song r superb....yet to listen to other songs....
    and m sure 'sheila ki jawani' will overtake the success of munni....!!!

  8. Anonymous11:22

    Thanks for the review. I will surely watch it.


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